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[Hot Tip] How To Create Content For Voice Search (Google Home, Siri, and Alexa)

How To Create Content For Voice Search (Google Home, Siri, and Alexa). Have questions, contact me at:

According to Google, 20 percent of all mobile search queries are voice search, and that number will only go up. Voice recognition technology is getting better and better: Google’s technology is now 95 percent accurate

The power of voice-enabled search is growing. Learn how content marketers should respond.

Use a tool like

From using keyword phrases that better suit voice search queries to nailing down exactly how to approach local SEO, these changes to your current digital marketing strategy can bring the results you want. What this means for you is that voice search should play a large factor in your digital marketing.

How will voice search affect marketing and the way things are found?

One of the biggest changes impacting the world of digital marketing today is the widespread adoption of voice search. Over the past several years, the use of smartphone assistants and smart speakers has skyrocketed. We’re here to break down some of the key things you should know about voice search.

We’ll take a look at Voice Search SEO, how its change is taking hold and why, as well as a few best practices along the way.

People are increasingly using voice search via their tablet, smartphones or voice assistant (like Google Home or Amazon Echo) to find what they’re looking for online.

If you find yourself prefacing questions with “OK Google,” or asking Siri or Alexa for answers, you’re participating in the growing use of voice search. In the fast-changing world of search marketing, the ability to be found in search results activated via voice is becoming an important part of a comprehensive search strategy.

If you find yourself prefacing questions with “OK Google,” or asking Siri or Alexa for answers, you’re participating in the growing use of voice search. In the fast-changing world of search marketing, the ability to be found in search results activated via voice is becoming an important part of a comprehensive search strategy.

Optimizing for voice queries is the future of search marketing. As technology improves so does the demand for voice query optimization.

Voice search and virtual assistants are emerging as the next big digital trend travel marketers need to embrace.

Voice search stands to live at the heart of how retail marketers guide the customer experience into the future. Behind every voice query lies data riper with real-time intent and context than perhaps any other source of shopper information.

Voice search currently accounts for 20 percent of all mobile searches, and by 2020, more than half of all consumers expect to use voice-activated and artificial intelligence (AI) technology daily. Nevertheless, 62 percent of marketers haven’t given voice search much thought, according to a study by marketing firm BrightEdge.

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How To Create Content For Voice Search

10 Home Based Business Ideas To Start In 2018 Full time Income

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10 Home Based Business Ideas To Start In 2018 Full time Income

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1. Kindle ebook publishing –
2. Social Media Manager
3. Network marketing
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5. Become a freelancer
6. Start a niche blog
7. Create and sell online courses
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9.SEO Consulting
10. Affiliate Marketing

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Survey Income Proof – Legitimate Paid Surveys Online – Make Money from Home

Survey Income Proof – Legitimate paid surveys online – Make Money from Home in 2018

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What Would Be The Best Way To Set Up A Home Improvement And Repair Site Serving 5 Cities?

In episode 171 of Semantic Mastery’s weekly Hump Day Hangouts ( one participant asked about the best way to set up a home improvement/repair site serving five cities.

The exact question was:

Happy Valentines crazy Semantics! I love you!!!

Got another client few days ago. They are in home improvement / repair niche.
They provide services in 5 nearby cities and offer 4 service that are related to each other. (e.g. painting, pressure washing – just examples)
Doing complete Fresh build out.

I am closely following Jeffrey’s site architecture using SEO Design Framework and SEO Ultimate Plus plugin.

BTW.. Recommend SEO Bootcamp to anybody!!

What would be the best way to set up their site.
How would I structure it to rank for each service in different cities.
Seems like having too many landing pages (each service in each city) wouldn’t be the way to go.

Potentially looking to setup multi-location business on G Maps.

Semantics… Any thoughts?
Jeffrey? ( I love you to bro!) LOL


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Selecting The Best Tools For Your Home – 2017 Tool Tips

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How To Get Local SEO Clients – 6 Strategies – Make Money Online From Home

Local SEO – How to Get Local SEO Clients – How to Start a Local SEO Company – Learn Local SEO

See the Top 6 Ways I get Local SEO Clients – No referrals – Pure Lead Generation Using 6 Different Strategies –

The Most Valuable Skill set you Can Have is Lead Acquisition. If you have several ways to acquire new, cold leads; you’ll always be in business.

In this video Local SEO expert, Dino Gomez, reveals 6 crafty local SEO lead gen strategies to help you land new clients.

Dynamik 365 is your resource or learning how to create a business a from home. We show you how to escape your 9-5 job and run a successful remote business.

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How to Make Money Online – SEO Guide for Beginners

HERE! The Link:
Now, let us get directly to the matter at hand, “How to make money online”. And, we are not only concerned with how to make money, but also how do we keep making it over and over. In internet marketing usually the first 3-9months are the most difficult, repetition and expansion of online marketing ideas is pretty straight forward and effective at growing profits.

So, what is On-page SEO?

Creating keyword targeted HTML tags, usually website titles, descriptions, captions, and keywords. These are pretty easy to add and if your using WordPress then downloading the “All-in-one SEO” tool is an excellent plugin. Also you will need to make sure that your content is correctly written and has keyword rich text throughout the body. Do not overdue the keywords, keep it natural and make sure the readers will get some use out of it.

Now you’ll need to practice a lot of Off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is the method of creating content, links, and other internet “footprints” that point toward your website domains address. Most of the links will be aimed at the main domain, but some will be pointed at deeper pages and posts which are more specific.

This is called “backlinking” and its sole purpose is to make Google and other search engines aware of the strength and popularity of your web page through all of the links from other websites. The more links you have, the higher rankings you will receive on the search engine page results.

So you’ll use search engine optimization to climb the ranks of search engine results. This is key to start receiving traffic for your blog or site. Without traffic, you cannot monetize anything online.

You have to put in a lot of effort in SEO to receive traffic.

No traffic, no online profits.

So how do you get started making money online??

Steps to success:

1. Go online and read all you can about SEO, affiliate marketing, CPC, AdSense, CPA, and blog platforms like WordPress and Joomla
2. Keyword research on search competition for the website you want to build
3. Write the website, add all on-page SEO
4. Publish good unique content
5. Start off-page SEO and wait for organic traffic

Obviously this is a basic outline that seems fairly simple but the details get pretty intricate. There is no doubt that there is a steep learning curve to internet marketing due to the difficulties of creating backlink opportunities and success. But, if you look around there is some great blogs about internet marketing and pretty much anything you’re going to need to learn, is out there. So get started, time is wasting, if you actually do something, you’ll be ahead of the majority of IM’rs. Good luck on your new hobby, and hopefully, passive income generator!

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