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2 Simple Ways to Get a Ton of backlinks – SEO Tutorial

In this SEO video tutorial, you will learn 2 Simple Ways to Get a Ton of backlinks. Im going walk you through how you can you use these 2 Simple Ways to Get a Ton of backlinks. How to get backlinks. Let me know in the comment if you are going to use this. (Yes/No)


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Getting Backlinks From Your Beloved Competitors – SEO Episode 6 | How to Get Backlinks

In this real world, your enemy is your enemy.

But in the SEO world, your enemy is your best friend.

You will make use of your competitors, put their sites on SEMRUSH, Ahref or Majestic and extract all their backlinks in the Excel file; then you will spend the rest of your day to see where they have made backlinks so far.

You will open every backlink, then you will ask the question to your heart, “May I make a backlink here?”
Your heart will say, “OMG, This Backlink is on Blogspot and it’s as easy as to Subscribe 😛 .”

You will follow the yesterday rule, make a blog like a real one. It would better if you Watch the Episode 5 (Link Given Below).

You will see other things too. Some backlinks will be on Tumblr, Reddit, and some other websites where you can make a free backlink or a paid one in the form of a guest post provided you’re working on the same niche.

If you want a real demo, then you can download this backlinks data of ProPakistani at

Check all the backlinks of ProPakistani (from the source URL section of the Excel file), create a backlink where you can if you belong to the same niche – some backlinks are toxic, check on Moz Site Explorer.

If it has a spam score more than 2, don’t make there. If you don’t have such an account, then you can comment the URL of your competitor below, I will send you the Excel file as I get time.
Make sure after commenting, remove the preview of the URL.

If I tell you the resources where you can create a backlink, half of the members of this group would attack the sites.

Use your common sense, follow your competitors’ path how they have made the backlinks by using the websites mentioned above. You just have to put the link, and extract the data in an Excel in one click, and implement for your site.

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Getting Backlinks From Your Beloved Competitors – SEO Episode 6 | How to Get Backlinks:

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how to create backlinks qiaas.com (seo services)

Welcome to savesfun backlink video tutorial. How to get backlink your website? We are exploring new website in all videos. and we are watching new website in every video.

1. Go to home page qiaas.com
2. Select submit link.
3. Select category and sub-category.
4. Select Price.
5. Fill all information.
6. Enter code
7. Submit.

You will get message on screen for successfull submission.



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How To Create QUALITY Backlinks YOUTUBE SEO

Create backlinks. Rank your website or Video on the first page of youtube and Google using this backlink generator.

If you’re trying to rank a video on Youtube or your website on Google this step by step guide will help you get your content ranked on the first page of the search engines.
Why do quality backlinks matter?

Imagine creating a piece of content such as a blog post that takes you hours to type up and as soon as you put it on your blog or upload a video to your Youtube channel it sits there for months at a time getting little to no views. That would be pretty frustrating wouldn’t it?

Trust me, I’ve been there… I would spend days thinking of an idea for a video or blog post and whenever I would upload it I got little to no traffic to my content. I was so frustrated that I began to search on google, “How to create backlinks” .

This will allow you to dominate and out rank your competition because you have a wide variety of quality backlinks out there on the internet and you’re content will be indexed by Google and Youtube as an “authority post.”

It’s very inexpensive to do and if you’re serious about getting on the front page of Youtube or Google you’re going to want to have a solid backlink generator that does the social sharing for you.

How to get backlinks – Fiverr Seo Service

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How to get Backlinks from google (2016)

Backlinks is most important for your website. Google is amazing place for drive to traffic your sites.
First thing you need to do if you haven’t already done so is to setup your google plus account. I am assuming most people have now because google plus is an amazing place to drive traffic to sites.
I will showing you how to get backlinks from google.

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Tiered Link Building SEO Newbie Guide | Link Pushing Explained

This is my video about tiered link building. I wanted to explain how it works for my followers. On our forums at the other admin has a great video about building links like this. I will also add the video below.

You can buy services mentioned in this video here:

What you are doing is building authority to your website though tiered link building and buffer websites. So first you would build the web 2.0 properties then you would build the tier 2 links to those. After that is done you then create tier 3 links to those tier 2 links. This creates a foundation of links to your website.

This eliminates the risk of getting slapped by Google because you are creating the spam links to the buffer websites. This method is very safe so you have nothing to worry about. Will this rank your website? The simple answer is yes however you need to make sure your website is fully optimised for the keywords you are trying to target. This is how I build or create most of my link to my money and micro niche websites. I have also included some services you can buy if you don’t want to do this yourself.

Useful Information

Hatred GSA Video:

Part 2:

How To Build Backlinks:



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seo promotion tools | Increase Search Engine Rankings | website seo promotion tools

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FREE SEO Tutorial How To Get Quality Backlinks That Actually Help You Rank Higher

In this free SEO Tutorial you will learn 3 awesome step by step strategies for getting quality backlinks that actually help your website get better rankings.
In these 3 video look over the shoulder of a very successful internet market get quality backlinks that work now and will continue to work great for years to come, regardless of any new updates Google may come out with.

If you want more traffic to your website, blog, video or any other web property then these seo techniques and will help you get better organic search engine optimization results faster and cheaper than probably any where else you will find.

There is no optin and put your credit card away these are completely free

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