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How to Get SEO Clients Today – 6 Actually Proven Methods


Here’s how…
1) Job sites/job boards/facebook groups (1.56)
2) Traffic to a core content piece (4.58)
3) Cold calling the Dan Ray way (7.45)
4) White labelling to everybody that isn’t an SEO (11.30)
———- THE BEST 2 ———-
5) The suck Dans dick strategy (14.48)
6) The quick hustle strategy (19.26)
7) Bonus: Gary V Instagram DM strategy

My system to leverage my group
My monthly membership where I teach all of these methods in depth

In the monthly membership I show you:
My full client funnel
You get access to my cold email system
The quick hustle strategy
Over the should client training
Over the shoulder link building training
Weekly Q and A sessions
And plenty of other training

I teach you among other things:
1) how to sell seo
2) how to get seo leads
3) how to get first seo client

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Today’s Questions and Answers are based on one question: How to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sales?

Thank you Bank5z0rSqt for your question!

Hi Chris, I have few questions.

1. How do you explain SEO to your customers?
2. How do you convince them it is a good thing for their online business?
3. How do you explain the process of it since it’s has a time component, and what approach, mindset and words you use.
4. Do you throw in some statistics, examples?
5. What is the best sales pitch for customers that want your services?

If you find these questions “fun” enough to answer (or even read this lol) I would like to hear about it in some future video, or part of it 🙂

+ I love the “A DAY IN THE LIFE” idea.

I love your channel,
Keep up the good work.

If you have questions, leave a comment on any of my videos. If I feel like I can assist with a video answer I will do so.

I would also like to thank everyone for watching!

How to sell SEO services to local business – SEO sales software

Check out this simple SEO sales tool that will help you sell SEO services to local business with just the click of a button.

It can be difficult to sell SEO services to local businesses through cold calls and cold emails. Yet, not every seo agency has a steady pipeline of warm leads!

Often times, we are forced to reach out to local businesses without any previous contact.

Scraping the web for names, emails, and phone numbers is extremely boring, takes for ever, and is not a good use our time to begin with.

However, email outreach can be effective if done in large numbers. That’s why my SEO agency has decided to use scopeleads as a web scraper to find local businesses to market to.

This software allows you to do countless hours of web research in the matter of seconds. This way, you can focus on what really matters… making sales!

Once again, if you didn’t see it before, here is the link to start using scope leads today.

Get Local SEO Clients for Jazzro Video

Get Local SEO Clients for Jazzro Video

Are you trying to sell Jazzro Web Design and SEO Services and you aren’t sure how?

This online course teaches you how to find prospects that need your Search Engine Optimization services today and free tools to help you build relationships with prospects.

This course can be used to sell SEO services for yourself, for your employer or as an affiliate SEO. It is not exclusive to Jazzro.

Are you a SEO expert, online marketer or a marketing company affiliate trying to find more marketing clients?

Are you frustrated with cold calling or even worse prospecting your friends and getting denied?

Maybe it’s time you learn how the big time SEO companies are finding new local search engine optimization clients and why they never seem to run out of prospects in their sales funnels.

And definitely why they seem to be closing more sales quicker than you can find them.

I promise you this… There is an easier way

and while I’m an affiliate for many products, I’m not making a single dime off the services I’m going to be sharing with you today.

I have spent years using and researching the best tools and even built a few myself out of necessity.

So I understand the difficulty of getting local seo clients in this space.

The things I’m going to show you inside will remove all the effort of filtering out who needs your services and who doesn’t.

I’m going to show you a way to get endless leads for online marketing services and how you can add tons of value to your clients with some free tools that you might have never expected.

This course is 100% Value. There is no upsell! There is no other offer inside!

It’s just the best ways to find more clients without spending all your time looking at cold directories and calling friends.

So don’t wait! Order today.

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