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HTML Format for SEO – Improve Search Engine Visibility 1

HTML Format for SEO – Improve Search Engine Visibility 1

HTML Format for SEO – Improve Search Engine Visibility
HTML plays a big role in how your webpages are seen by people and search engine spiders. There are a few helpful tips in understanding what to do to get your HTML up to par so that it’s crawled properly and ranked highly in search engines.

Focus on this Points
#Proper Meta Title
#Proper Meta Description
#Proper Meta Keywords
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How to Improve your Video SEO! | Coffee Corner 021 | Video Marketing Insights

Welcome to Coffee Corner – Video Marketing Insights.

– Spotify is re-launching their video strategy
– YouTube is going to be launching a new service called YouTube Reels
– Google finally releases Google Posts

On every episode of Coffee Corner, Jordan will give you a Bi-Weekly updates on the latest and greatest video marketing topics & trends, showcase cool companies utilising video, and end with some tangible tips and tricks.

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Jordan and her team of video strategist are dedicated to all thing Video Marketing. With an ever changing digital landscape, they wanted to stay up-to-date and thought why not share this with the rest of the world with a weekly video blog. That was how Coffee Corner was born. Since then they have created different types of content all focused on that same things: VIDEO STRATEGY EDUCATION.
On this channel you will find answer to common video strategy questions, weekly updates and event wrap ups!

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YouTube SEO Ranking Factors: Tips To Improve Your Ranking

A case study on YouTube SEO Ranking Factors and the tips that will help you to improve your ranking.

While there’s plenty of videos and posts on the primary ranking factors Google uses for YouTube search results, I was interested in what really made things tick.

This video not only reviews what those primary ranking factors happen to be, but we put them to the test via this case study. What happens to your YouTube SEO ranking when you add a custom thumbnail with your keyword as part of the file name? What’s the right keyword density for the video description, and how many words should you include. And what really happens when your video gets a spike in views and likes in a short period of time? I’ll walk you through the results after each of these changes, and graph the result.

If you’re looking for some insight into YouTube SEO and how various changes may impact your rank, you’ll want to watch this whole video.

As a bonus point, check out my other video on the impact that buying views will have on your rankings.

How to improve SEO by Editing Search Engine Listing on Shopify | Shopify 2017

You can improve SEO – search engine optimization on your Shopify Store and encourage customers to click on search results by changing the Title and Meta Description in Search Engine Listing of collection.

This video demonstrates how to edit search engine listing for a collection on your Shopify Store.

Optimize SEO of your Shopify Store page for better ranking on Google.

It is a part of the tutorial series “Shopify Made Easy” by MLveda ( .


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SEO For Bloggers | 5 Tips to Improve Your Blog’s SEO

As a blogger, you have probably heard about SEO. You probably know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization and has to do with adding keywords to your website. But, do you truly understand how to use it in a way to grow sustainable, organic traffic to your blog.

In today’s post, I’m going to break down the basics of SEO for your blog. If you want to know even MORE about SEO for your blog, make sure to check out my e-book “Explode Your Traffic” – get it here:

What is SEO?
It has to do with how Google and other search engines decide what pages, posts, and websites they are going to show someone when they search a specific word or phrase. Search engines ranking pages, which we’ll also refer to as SERPs, want to show their searchers what they think will be the absolute best sites for specific queries at the top of the search pages. 

To do this, they all have an exhaustive algorithm that takes into account countless items when deciding which pages to show. Of course, they look at the content of the page to make sure it has the information that will answer the searcher’s query. They look at:

Content:  Obviously, they look for detailed content that relates to the search. They also want it to be well-written, new, and fresh.
Structure:  SERPs don’t want to send their searchers to shitty sites. If the site has endless pop ups, a design that can’t be read on mobile devices, or a slow load time, then they are going to be less likely to display it. 
Reputation of the domain: If a SERP has deemed this domain not to be reputable because maybe they’ve found nefarious things like spammy ads, non-kosher keyword stuffing, or cloaking, they are less likely to show this site to their teachers. Likewise, if they see things good for your reputation, like that other reputable sites are sharing links to your site or that your domain has been in good standing for many years, then that means they are more likely to show it. 

So, what does all this mean for your blog?

Well, every day millions upon millions of search engine spiders are crawling websites determining their content, keywords, and rank so that they can display or not display them to searchers. As a blogger, it’s good to have an understanding of simple things you can be doing every day to improve your blog’s visibility through SEO. 
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