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How to Find LSI Keywords for Better SEO?


LSI is the constant term in Search engine optimization and part of the Google algorithm. This is having crucial importance in its implementation as per SEO strategy. This post helps you how to use LSI keywords on your blog post optimization and Where to get these LSI keywords.

What is LSI? LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. This is the concept used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content.

What is the Difference between LSI Keywords vs Longtail Keywords?

There is a huge difference between LSI and Long tail keywords.

1. The major difference between LSI Keywords vs Long tail keywords is, LSI Keywords broaden the search with related keywords, but Longtail Keywords narrow down the scope of a search.

2. Long tail keywords are the lengthened version of a keyword combination used by searchers.

3. Long tail keywords show searchers intentions like “top”, “How”, “what”, “Why”, etc.

By adding long tail keywords, the optimized content gets better rankings for those exact search terms, and you will have a boost in your website traffic.

LSI Keywords helps search engines to understand page content.

Where to Use LSI Keywords?

These LSI keywords are beneficial for users and for Search engines if you are using properly.

1. In Title tag creating the compelling feeling
2. Permalinks
3. Meta tag
4. Within First and last paragraphs
5. Within the body content
6. You can use as Anchor text to link other pages or posts
7. You can use as alt text, as a file name, and as titles of images
8. You can use the page title to support your target keyword

What are the advantages of LSI Keywords?

Tha major advantages of these LSI Keywords are

1. Protects from Spamming content
2. A decrease in Bounce rates
3. Increase page spending time of visitor
4. Improve Search Engine rankings
5. To Increase Blog Authority
6. For better sales

What are the basic tools to find LSI Keywords?

1. LSI Graph
2. Google AutoComplete tool
3. Google Keyword Planner
4. UberSuggest
5. Keyword Shitter
6. Soovle
8. KeywordTool.io
9. AnswerThePublic
10. Mondovo

The WordPress Plugins to find LSI Keywords:

If you are running self-hosted WordPress platform, few plugins help you to add LSI keywords from your WordPress dashboard.
They are

1. SEOPressor connect Plugin
2. Best SEO Plugin
3. TwinWord SEO Plugin

How to Use LSI Keywords for better SEO?

1. Choosing good Keyword
2. Place the keyword naturally
3. Choose and add more targeted positions

Using LSI Keywords is an art of blogging. If you use it as SEO friendly and in a natural manner, the results will be surprising. Using more these keywords in the single content leads to content spamming.

The content having the same meaning or synonyms becomes readable content for both readers and Search engines.


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SEMRush Review & Tutorial – How To Do Keyword Research 2018 Guide (Sem Rush SEO Tool)

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Keyword Research SEM Rush review & tutorial 2018 – Best Keyword Research Tool – Easy SEO Link Building – Start an SEO Consulting Business

This Semrush guide teaches you how to do keyword research in 2018. The video is a SEMrush review & a SEMrush tutorial for Seo consultants.

This video is for beginner SEO Consultants who want to learn an easy and effective way to do keyword research.

Particularly one of my favourite tools to use is SEM Rush. A lot of SEOs don’t really know the power of SEM Rush so in this video I show you a few ways to use this powerful software.

You can have a look at Semrush yourself at the link below:

(Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for this company, which means if you use the above link to give it a trial run, I do earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance if you do choose to go through the link above)

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to comment down below. I’ll be happy to help you 🙂

5 Powerful SEO Keyword Research Tips to Rank on Google in 2018

It’s not 2010 anymore. Keyword research and SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be. So what should you do? ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips:
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I’m going to share with you how to do keyword research in today’s world of Google.

It’s way more difficult to rank on Google today than it was back in the day.

Keyword Research Tip #1: Pick a niche.

Everyone’s talking about going after big terms like auto insurance, SEO, credit cards.

Yes, you can eventually get there, but it takes six months to see traction with Google these days, 12 months to start seeing your traffic go up, and two years to be crushing it on Google.

You want to go after and pick small niches.

Keyword Research Tip #2: Pick buzzwords that are trending.

Technology is moving so fast these days that things are continually changing.

Whether it’s cryptocurrencies or whether it’s new products that are coming out like the iPhone 100.

Go after new, upcoming words. You can find them using Google Trends.

Google Trends breaks down what’s hot and what’s up and coming.

You want to go after these keyword terms because they’re not that competitive yet.

When you create content around new and trendy keywords, you’re gonna skyrocket to the top way faster than if you went after old terms like “credit cards.”

Keyword Research Tip #3: Use Ubersuggest to find keywords.

These days people just don’t type in keywords like “dog food.”

They’ll type in keywords like “what dog food is best for my animal” or “what dog food is great to make my dog lose weight.”

These are really popular terms.

Ubersuggest will show you different variations of your primary keyword, and it’ll even show you how competitive they are, how much search volume you’re going to get, and how many people are going to click on your listing if you rank number one, two, or number 10.

Keyword Research Tip #4: Use Quora.

Type in keywords related to your industry, and you’re going to see the most popular questions people are asking.

When you start seeing the most popular questions, you’ll know what kind of content to create that’s related to your space.

By creating answers on your blog that are more thorough, more detailed, you’re not only going to rank for it, but you’re going to rank higher because you can create way more detailed responses than Quora itself.

Keyword Research Tip #5: Focus on a theme.

If you’re going after credit cards, you want to have a website all about credit cards, like Credit Karma. Or you want to have a site all about marketing and SEO like me on NeilPatel.com.

If you want to get long tail traffic, what you need to do is create detailed content about specific individual topics.

When I say detailed topics, I’m NOT talking about “how to start an e-commerce site: I’m talking about “how to start an e-commerce site with Shopify.” You see how much more specific that is?

You can create another article on how to create an e-commerce site using Magento. By getting very specific you can have a 10,000-word blog post and everything about setting it up with Shopify or Magento, you’re going to dominate.

By being specific, anyone who’s interested in that topic and even potentially interested in hiring consultants or buying products or plugins or whatever you’re selling related to that topic, they’re going to land on your website.

When Google releases an update, they’re going to rank the most thorough website.

That’s why Wikipedia does well. It’s not just because they have a lot of links or brand queries. It’s because Wikipedia has some of the most detailed articles on the web.

That’s what you need to do with your content.

Create pages that are super thorough and detailed are high in quality.

When you do that, you’ll notice that you’ll start ranking for all the keywords related to your industry. That’s how you do keyword research in today’s world.

If you’re still struggling to figure out what keywords to go after or how to do keyword research in today’s Google world, leave a comment below, and I’ll help you out.

Please subscribe, like, fan, share this video, tell other people about it. I would appreciate it.

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How to Find the Right Keywords to Rank #1 on Google | Powerful Keyword Research Tools for SEO

I rank number one for one of the most competitive keywords out there on Google. ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips:
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Can you take a guess what it is?

It’s online marketing.

Guess how much money that one keyword makes me?

Little to nothing. Why? Because I picked the wrong keyword to rank number one for.

Today I’m going to share with you how to find the right keywords to rank number one on Google.

The first tip I have for you is to put your top competitor’s URL in semrush.

Semrush will show you the most popular pages that your competitors are getting traffic for.

This will give you ideas of what your competitors are doing and how you can find the right keywords to rank for.

If your competitors are bigger than you, they probably know what they’re doing, and they’re probably going after keywords and traffic, that convert into leads and sales.

Once you’ve figured out their most popular pages, take those pages and put them into ahrefs.

Ahrefs will show you how many links each of those pages have, and you know what the hardest thing is to do?

Build Links.

What you want to do is look for the most popular pages that have the least amount of links.

Those are the pages you should be focusing on first.

It’ll give you ideas on all the keywords that your competitors are ranking for when they don’t have a ton of backlinks.

That’ll give you an idea of the right keywords you should be targeting first, because not only will they drive you a lot of traffic, but they’re the lease competitive because you don’t have to build backlinks.

The second tip I have for you is to use Google Search Console to find the right keywords to rank for on Google.

Did you know that Google gives you a free tool that helps you rank number one?

It’s called Google Search Console.

It breaks down all of your rankings, the keywords that your pages are getting traffic for, and even the positioning as page 1, page 2 and page 3.

It breaks down exactly where you’re ranking.

The cool part about Google Search Console keyword planner is when you dive deep into each of your pages using the search analytics, it shows you all of the impressions that you’re getting for keywords that you’re on the bottom of page one for.

You want to go after the keywords that you’re at the bottom of page one for because it’s way easier to rank number one for a keyword that you’re already on the first page for, versus going after a brand new keyword that you’re not even in the top hundred for.

Going after a brand new keyword that you’re not even in the top hundred for is a lot more work than going after one that you’re already on the bottom of page one for.

Google Search Console can show you keywords that you’re not even trying to go after, but yet they drive traffic, and they convert visitors into customers.

Go to your landing page, and make sure that those keywords are in your title tag, your meta description, your heading tag, and within the content of your page.

By doing that, you’ll slowly start increasing your rankings for those pages that you’re at the bottom of page one for.

The last tip I have for you to find amazing keywords is to use Google Trends.

It’s another free tool by Google.

It breaks down keyword traffic from web images, news.

This breaks down what keywords are climbing in popularity, and you wanna go after the keywords that aren’t popular but are climbing.

For example, Apple has a ton iPhones, right?

If they’re going to release the iPhone 100, you want to talk about it before everyone else is talking about it, because the moment you’re one of the first adopters, one of the factors that Google has when it comes to rankings is time.

It’s hard to outrank older pages.

It’s not impossible, it’s just harder, so why not be one of the first people to blog about new terms that aren’t popular yet.

Try to blog about new upcoming keywords, because you’re not going to get traffic from them right away, but in two, three months, or even a year, you’re going to be dominating, because no one else went after those keywords before you did.

Just think about green tea, and acai berries, and all of those hot crazy nutrition terms.

Yes, they’re really popular now, and they’re buzz words, but back in the day, no one was really looking at them.

If you’re not sure what keywords are up and coming, just tell me the keyword, or link in the comments below using the Google Trends link, and I’ll tell you if it’s the right keyword, or a negative keyword, if it’s up and coming, or it’s declining.

That way you’re not wasting your time writing articles on stuff that won’t be popular. And if you need help with digital or online marketing make sure to leave your questions in the comments!

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2017 – If you are beginner and can’t afford any of the paid keyword research tools, then you’re probably wondering, “What is the best free keyword research tool 2016 – Best SEO Keyword Research Tool – Easy but Genius Strategy + Plus how to Rank A YouTube Video after doing that research
This one is one of my favorite free long tail Keyword research tool
Best Keyword Research Tools 2017

How to Use KeyWord Spy for Rank #1 Your YouTube Video

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