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SEMRush Review & Tutorial – How To Do Keyword Research 2018 Guide (Sem Rush SEO Tool)

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Keyword Research SEM Rush review & tutorial 2018 – Best Keyword Research Tool – Easy SEO Link Building – Start an SEO Consulting Business

This Semrush guide teaches you how to do keyword research in 2018. The video is a SEMrush review & a SEMrush tutorial for Seo consultants.

This video is for beginner SEO Consultants who want to learn an easy and effective way to do keyword research.

Particularly one of my favourite tools to use is SEM Rush. A lot of SEOs don’t really know the power of SEM Rush so in this video I show you a few ways to use this powerful software.

You can have a look at Semrush yourself at the link below:

(Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for this company, which means if you use the above link to give it a trial run, I do earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance if you do choose to go through the link above)

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to comment down below. I’ll be happy to help you 🙂

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Focus on Your Marketing Strategy with SEO tools: Squirrly 2018 Briefcase

Squirrly Briefcase is here to help focus on your Marketing Strategy. It will let you decide on your Keyword Strategy and make sure you don’t forget about it and create content that doesn’t follow your marketing goals.

You can find more about it:

It’s also great if you collaborate with other content creator, freelance writers, or your own team. Everyone that has an account in your WordPress Site will have access to the Keyword Strategy and know how many articles or pages have been optimized on each keyword.

This will make it easier to decide on new topics that will reinforce the strategy you have in place.

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How to Find the Right Keywords to Rank #1 on Google | Powerful Keyword Research Tools for SEO

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Can you take a guess what it is?

It’s online marketing.

Guess how much money that one keyword makes me?

Little to nothing. Why? Because I picked the wrong keyword to rank number one for.

Today I’m going to share with you how to find the right keywords to rank number one on Google.

The first tip I have for you is to put your top competitor’s URL in semrush.

Semrush will show you the most popular pages that your competitors are getting traffic for.

This will give you ideas of what your competitors are doing and how you can find the right keywords to rank for.

If your competitors are bigger than you, they probably know what they’re doing, and they’re probably going after keywords and traffic, that convert into leads and sales.

Once you’ve figured out their most popular pages, take those pages and put them into ahrefs.

Ahrefs will show you how many links each of those pages have, and you know what the hardest thing is to do?

Build Links.

What you want to do is look for the most popular pages that have the least amount of links.

Those are the pages you should be focusing on first.

It’ll give you ideas on all the keywords that your competitors are ranking for when they don’t have a ton of backlinks.

That’ll give you an idea of the right keywords you should be targeting first, because not only will they drive you a lot of traffic, but they’re the lease competitive because you don’t have to build backlinks.

The second tip I have for you is to use Google Search Console to find the right keywords to rank for on Google.

Did you know that Google gives you a free tool that helps you rank number one?

It’s called Google Search Console.

It breaks down all of your rankings, the keywords that your pages are getting traffic for, and even the positioning as page 1, page 2 and page 3.

It breaks down exactly where you’re ranking.

The cool part about Google Search Console keyword planner is when you dive deep into each of your pages using the search analytics, it shows you all of the impressions that you’re getting for keywords that you’re on the bottom of page one for.

You want to go after the keywords that you’re at the bottom of page one for because it’s way easier to rank number one for a keyword that you’re already on the first page for, versus going after a brand new keyword that you’re not even in the top hundred for.

Going after a brand new keyword that you’re not even in the top hundred for is a lot more work than going after one that you’re already on the bottom of page one for.

Google Search Console can show you keywords that you’re not even trying to go after, but yet they drive traffic, and they convert visitors into customers.

Go to your landing page, and make sure that those keywords are in your title tag, your meta description, your heading tag, and within the content of your page.

By doing that, you’ll slowly start increasing your rankings for those pages that you’re at the bottom of page one for.

The last tip I have for you to find amazing keywords is to use Google Trends.

It’s another free tool by Google.

It breaks down keyword traffic from web images, news.

This breaks down what keywords are climbing in popularity, and you wanna go after the keywords that aren’t popular but are climbing.

For example, Apple has a ton iPhones, right?

If they’re going to release the iPhone 100, you want to talk about it before everyone else is talking about it, because the moment you’re one of the first adopters, one of the factors that Google has when it comes to rankings is time.

It’s hard to outrank older pages.

It’s not impossible, it’s just harder, so why not be one of the first people to blog about new terms that aren’t popular yet.

Try to blog about new upcoming keywords, because you’re not going to get traffic from them right away, but in two, three months, or even a year, you’re going to be dominating, because no one else went after those keywords before you did.

Just think about green tea, and acai berries, and all of those hot crazy nutrition terms.

Yes, they’re really popular now, and they’re buzz words, but back in the day, no one was really looking at them.

If you’re not sure what keywords are up and coming, just tell me the keyword, or link in the comments below using the Google Trends link, and I’ll tell you if it’s the right keyword, or a negative keyword, if it’s up and coming, or it’s declining.

That way you’re not wasting your time writing articles on stuff that won’t be popular. And if you need help with digital or online marketing make sure to leave your questions in the comments!

Keyword Research For SEO Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Keyword Research In 2017

In this video, we’ll be looking at a common sense approach to profitable keyword research. Learn the THREE characteristics you NEED a target keyword to have to be successful with an SEO campaign.

I take you step by step through the online tools I use to select the keywords that are going to make your website super successful.

I share with you the exact process I’ve used to identify hundreds of keywords I have subsequently gone on to rank websites #1 on Google for that deliver me passive income to this day!

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Will Coombe
Wilco SEO

Keyword Research – Best Keyword Research Strategy – SEO 2017

Free Video Ranking Course Below:

In this video I will be going over keyword research – even if you’re familiar with keyword research, you’ve never seen anything like this incredibly powerful research method, and it is great.

Do You Love keyword research?

Keyword Research is the make-or-break for your seo and content get it right and you get it wrong and no traffic for you! the keyword research process i’m using is pretty powerful

Does keyword research still work?

Keyword Research these days is very different than it was five years ago, and if we don’t keep up with the times we might end up doing more harm than good

keyword research – here’s how you do keyword research in in this tutorial i give you my best tips and tricks on all the different things you can do to start getting better keyword

How to do POWERFUL Keyword Research in ONLY 5 Minutes


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How to Do Keyword Research for SEO in Urdu/Hindi | Google Keyword Planner Tool

Learn how to do keyword research for SEO in urdu/hindi tutorial using Google keyword planner tools.
For more tutorials : www.bloggerhope.com
About the Video: (Video Script)
Hey viewers, I’m Aamir Saleem, and today in this video, I’ll discussed about how to do keyword research using google keyword planner tool in urdu/hindi tutorial.
Google provide the free keyword tool which is also known as Google Adwords. This tool specially designed for Advertisers who buying advertisements for Google AdSense and then publishers use these advertisements to their YouTube videos and on their websites and blogs and make money online.

Keyword Research is an important and powerful strategy for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that helps you to ranking well in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc as well as YouTube.

In this video, I tell you how to use Keyword Planner Tool for keyword research in urdu and hindi video tutorial. I hope you like this video and if you’ve any question regarding this tutorial, please be feel free to comment below in this video.

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Keyword Research Free tools Review part 2

Here are the free keyword research tools.I use then for my SEO.Dont Worry those are all free seo tools.
I ues them my work for analysis, keyword value, monthly search. Tools are very helpful.You can try those seo tools.
I list down the ten free keyword research tools and there link.These tools should be considered your best alternative to keyword planner.
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10 best free keyword tools
1.Google keyword planner-
9.Keywordeverywhere(crome Ex)-
10.Seo stack keyword tools(crome Ex)-
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My FB Id-

Quick keyword research hack in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer

Tim Soulo shows a cool keyword research tip using Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool to find topics that can rank a single page for hundreds of keywords.

This is a great SEO tip that proves search volumes for a single keyword is not a good indication of choosing topics to blog about.

You can find the details about Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer tool here:

For a more in-depth video, you can watch Tim’s “Complete Keyword Research Tutorial using Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Tool” here:

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Make sure you are not overlooking this quick keyword research hack in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer ( !

First off, instead of looking for the keywords a website is ranking for, you might want to focus on the Top Pages report of Site Explorer (

Why? Because a single page of a website can rank for many different keywords, which aggregate its traffic. The total aggregated traffic is not to be seen when you look at separate keywords, but you can see the total traffic potential of a page that is dedicated to specific topic by checking the Top Pages report.

The same tip can be applied to Keywords Explorer. It is always worth opening the SERPs for the keywords you analyse and checking all the metrics of the top ranking pages, including traffic.

So instead of just looking at the analysed keyword and its search volume, you should examine the pages that rank in the top 10 search results for that keyword and see how much traffic they get in total.

It’s a pretty powerful tip and it should be the last step of your keyword research.

If you have a short list of keywords that seem interesting to you and relevant to what you are doing, and you want to target them, the last step in identifying which you should target first is checking the SERPs and examining the total traffic potential of topic based on the pages that rank there. So instead of just trying to tailor your page to this specific keyword, you might want to research the page that ranks for it and tailor your page for a slightly different topic.

Don’t just look at the search volume of a keyword: check you ranks there, what kind of traffic they get and how many keywords they rank for. Focus on the pages over keywords and replicate the pages that bring in a lot of traffic!

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