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How to Find LSI Keywords for Better SEO?


LSI is the constant term in Search engine optimization and part of the Google algorithm. This is having crucial importance in its implementation as per SEO strategy. This post helps you how to use LSI keywords on your blog post optimization and Where to get these LSI keywords.

What is LSI? LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. This is the concept used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content.

What is the Difference between LSI Keywords vs Longtail Keywords?

There is a huge difference between LSI and Long tail keywords.

1. The major difference between LSI Keywords vs Long tail keywords is, LSI Keywords broaden the search with related keywords, but Longtail Keywords narrow down the scope of a search.

2. Long tail keywords are the lengthened version of a keyword combination used by searchers.

3. Long tail keywords show searchers intentions like “top”, “How”, “what”, “Why”, etc.

By adding long tail keywords, the optimized content gets better rankings for those exact search terms, and you will have a boost in your website traffic.

LSI Keywords helps search engines to understand page content.

Where to Use LSI Keywords?

These LSI keywords are beneficial for users and for Search engines if you are using properly.

1. In Title tag creating the compelling feeling
2. Permalinks
3. Meta tag
4. Within First and last paragraphs
5. Within the body content
6. You can use as Anchor text to link other pages or posts
7. You can use as alt text, as a file name, and as titles of images
8. You can use the page title to support your target keyword

What are the advantages of LSI Keywords?

Tha major advantages of these LSI Keywords are

1. Protects from Spamming content
2. A decrease in Bounce rates
3. Increase page spending time of visitor
4. Improve Search Engine rankings
5. To Increase Blog Authority
6. For better sales

What are the basic tools to find LSI Keywords?

1. LSI Graph
2. Google AutoComplete tool
3. Google Keyword Planner
4. UberSuggest
5. Keyword Shitter
6. Soovle
8. KeywordTool.io
9. AnswerThePublic
10. Mondovo

The WordPress Plugins to find LSI Keywords:

If you are running self-hosted WordPress platform, few plugins help you to add LSI keywords from your WordPress dashboard.
They are

1. SEOPressor connect Plugin
2. Best SEO Plugin
3. TwinWord SEO Plugin

How to Use LSI Keywords for better SEO?

1. Choosing good Keyword
2. Place the keyword naturally
3. Choose and add more targeted positions

Using LSI Keywords is an art of blogging. If you use it as SEO friendly and in a natural manner, the results will be surprising. Using more these keywords in the single content leads to content spamming.

The content having the same meaning or synonyms becomes readable content for both readers and Search engines.


Google Plus:

13 SEO Tips That ACTUALLY Work in 2018 and Beyond

Tired of hearing the same SEO tips over and over? This tutorial shows 13 evergreen techniques that will help you rank on Google in 2018 and beyond.

Google SEO is continuously evolving. With numerous algorithmic updates, things might seem confusing. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that Google tries to serve the best search results to their users for any given query.

This video covers various on page techniques, keyword research tips, and off page tactics (link building) that you can use to grow your organic traffic via. search engine optimization.

Here is a summary of the SEO tips and tricks covered in this video:

1. Get more traffic from your existing pages by covering subtopics that Google wants to see.

With algorithm updates like Hummingbird and RankBrain, Google is smarter than ever.

People used to create new pages for every single keyword they wanted to rank for. They would go as far as paying thousands of dollars for exact match domains in an attempt to rank faster in Google.

Now, a single page can rank for thousands of keywords.

This tip will show you a twist to doing a content gap analysis to find sub topics that Google wants to see.

2. Reverse engineer Quora and other forums to find low competition keywords (plus a bonus traffic hack)

Since Quora and other forums are powered by user generated content, it’s unlikely that people are intentionally building links to these pages.

You’ll learn a powerful way to find low competition topics by analyzing forums.

Also, you’ll learn the ridiculously simple traffic hack that Sam used to generate over 48,000 visitors and 15,000 leads.

3. Convert images into links back to your page.

Using this tip, you’ll learn how to turn your images into high quality editorial backlinks.

4. Why you shouldn’t ignore broken link building (and how to do it fast).

Broken link building is a strategy for SEOs at all levels. You’ll learn a simple way to find tons of new broken pages that you can recreate from your own unique angle and get some easy backlinks.

Plus, you’ll learn some pro tips on making your campaigns more successful.

5. Strategically use case studies and stats in your articles

Using data in your articles is a great way to gain more backlinks. You’ll see hard proof of this and learn some ways to ‘hack’ data (when you don’t have access to it).

6. Avoid “Keyword Unicorns” and consider search intent first.

Using this simple keyword research tip, you’ll learn how to identify keywords you should avoid targeting and what to look for instead.

7. Add modifier keywords to your titles

Modifier keywords are add-on words to a base keyword. You’ll learn an easy way to use these for your eCommerce product pages and rank for some long tail keyword phrases.

8. Monitor your competitors’ links (then steal them)

Timing is critical when it comes to link building. You’ll learn how you can use real-time notifications to automate finding link prospects.

9. Find low competition keywords that NO keyword research tool can find

You’ll learn a very simple trick to find low competition keywords with high traffic.

10. Claim unlinked mentions

You’ll learn a very simple way to find websites that mention your company or brand, but don’t link to you. In fact, this technique will allow you to find these sites without ever having to visit the page to check.

11. Repurpose your Best Content

If you have a blog post that has done particularly well by gaining social shares, links, or comments, then it’s worth repurposing so you can reach larger audiences on different networks.

12. Grab links from Wikipedia and make sure they stick

Wikipedia is one of the world’s most visited websites. You’ll learn how you can strategically get traffic from Wikipedia and make sure that your links stick.

13. Optimize for featured snippets

Featured snippets have been appearing more often in many Google search results. You’ll learn a few optimization tips you can use to make your website appear in the featured boxes more often.

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Seo Tutorial | On Page Seo Techniques for search engine optimization

Video Title : Seo Tutorial | On Page Seo Techniques for search engine optimization.

On Page Seo Techniques : search engine optimization Tips

Here I am Showing List of on page Seo techniques that really help to grow rank on search engine for website.Here I have given list of on page Seo Syllabus that need to apply for any new bies website for getting ranking factor :


 Essentials of good website designing
 HTML Basics for SEO
 Usability and User Experience in Website
 Onsite Optimization Basics
 Importance of Domain Names and Value
 Domain Selection
 Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization
 Coding Best Practices
 Filename Optimization
 Title Tag Optimization
 Keywords
 Keyword Density Analysis
 Keywords Research in Various Search Engines
 Meta Tags
 Meta Tags Optimization Headers Optimization
 SEO Content Writing
 Optimizing SEO content
 Page Speed Optimization Tool
 Anchor Links Optimization
 Internal Link Strategy

Learn Seo :

Here I am sharing one part of Seo that is On Page Seo Strategy.I think for Seo, That This is a best way to do good rank on Search Engine.

In the current Scenario Shortest url process is also most important topic for On page Seo. In this video I am not discussing this techniques. But I am telling you that is most effective for get good rank..

For Example :

search engine optimization – Keyword using in Url :

Here I am showing this example. Suppose I have blog website where 2000 thousand content is optimized.And The topic is “HOW TO LEARN SEO”.As per the topic is concern that is url should be like this :


It means i have putted keywords in the url permalink.That is also need to good optimization for Seo.

What is Keyword :

I am also telling you that Keyword is nothing but a words of accumulation.So This is a best processes to search good keyword by using Google Keyword Planner :


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Faceted Navigation and SEO

How to Avoid Pitfalls and Optimise Your Ranking Power

Faceted navigation, also known as filtered navigation, is a great way for ecommerce sites to empower their users to find the right product. However, it can be a nightmare for search engines to deal with, if it’s not handled properly. In this webinar Barry Adams will show real world examples of faceted navigation done right, and highlight some of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. You’ll learn how to configure a faceted navigation solution that works for both users and search engines and helps drive relevant organic traffic to your website.

Local SEO Erie | Local SEO Organic Marketing

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Using my professional service, you will…

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Local SEO, SEM, Video Marketing, Online Marketing, Local Advertising, Reputation Marketing, Streaming Media, Mobile Marketing, Door to Door Marketing, Cold Calling, Walking Billboards, Tradeshows

Top 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools l For New Bloggers l SEO l Startups l Hindi

Hello Dosto,
Mai Ek naye video ke sath phir hazir hu jisme mai aapko bataunga ki top 5 best free keyword research tools jinko use krke aap google mein rank kar skte hai to ummed hai aapko video pasand aayega thank you…..

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Free Research Tools :-

1:- Google Keyword Planner :-

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5:- SEMrush:-

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#1 Keywords You Should Google #1 Video Keywords

#1 keywords you should google, #1 video keywords
In this Video I’m going to show you EXACTLY #1 keywords you should google, #1 video keywords that you can use to optimised your YouTube videos.

getting your website to google first page is a not easy with all the competition and seo expert out there,keyword research can make improve google ranking

Try to use more than one keywords to rank for,make you videos longer because longer some watches your video is the more it will rank in the search engine

There are many creators and seo experts from website builders to seo company that provide seo services are trying their best to rank on the top of google

Google Keyword planner will give you many top search keywords that you can use as tags,titles and video description

Google adword planner is free to do seo keywords research for websites or product trends,you can find search volume and strong keywords with low competition.

The title of this video is how i feel about these keywords,there are more than keywords but monthly searches on these would seems as if they are all #1 keywords.

#1 keywords you should google, #1 video keywords
Top google seo keywords with low competition

#1 Google docs,#2 Google sheets,#3 Google,#4 sheets

# 5 docs #6 gmail,#7 YouTube videos,#8 google slides

These are some of the best keywords to rank for,as you know many content creators are not doing many article about the google or the features the search giant provide for free,so i would recommend you start learning about the search engine

andray florida

Five Figure Niche Site, KEYWORD RESEARCH, Amazon Affiliate, Project Management Tips

YOU ask questions about affiliate marketing and I’ll answer them! See the list of questions below… My course Five Figure Niche Site is open for enrollment until April 20, 2018.

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Link Building & SEO

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Let’s consider the following scenario:

The page A (on the domain A1) and the page B (on the domain B1) are both linking to my website.

Now if some different page from the domain A1 is then linking to the page B (which would just be a 2tier link for me) is this 2 tier link less powerful because the domain A1 is already linking to my website?

Because obviously if I get another link from the domain A1 directly to my website then it’s less powerful since the domain A1 is already linking to me but does this apply to 2tiers as well?

Best wishes Doug and please keep up to the great work!

I used different tools (SEMrush, ahrefs, ubersuggest, keywords everywhere etc) to find a list of 30000 keywords. After removing duplicates, ecommerce site searches, non-relevant keywords, and mass filters, I still have over 20000 keywords. I want to do KGR but this is just too much.

How do I go about it from here? What kind of filters do you use after generating a keyword list?
Hey Doug,
In your experience, when you evaluate a new project — how do you decide whether to go Blog or Commerce?

I ask because I’ve heard some folks with an affiliate model use a commerce layout (just click through to sellers) because they say Google will rate them better for buyer keywords. Your thoughts?
I have a website that is completely information oriented(Not amazon affiliate site). I am confused of selecting keywords in a condition like below.

I wanted to write an article on “”what are the uses of rivers”” which only had 110 volume search and have under 10 allintitle results. I thought of writing article on it. But later I found “”uses of rivers”” which is similar to “”what are the uses of rivers”” has more than 780 volume and more than 250 allintitle results. My question is should I go for writing article on “”what are the uses of rivers””. I am confused it may not rank because of its similar keyword (“”uses of rivers””) has got more volume and results.

Will it be able to rank although its similar keyword(“”uses of rivers””) has got more volume and allintitle results. And what do you do in this kind of situations?

16+ examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites (with 15,000 keywords):
About Niche Site Project:

DOUG CUNNINGTON, PMP writes about SEO, productivity, project management, and niche sites. His work has been featured all over the web, including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

I am an internet marketer and a Project Management Professional (PMP, certified in 2008 by the Project Management Institute).

My 15 All-Time BEST SEO Tips (That Get Results)

In this video you’ll see 15 of my best SEO tips. So if you want to get higher rankings in Google, you’ll love the actionable techniques in this video.

With that, here’s a preview of what I cover in today’s video.

First, I show you how to optimize your URLs the right way. Industry studies show that your URLs make a big difference in your Google rankings.

Next, you get to see two untapped resources for finding untapped keyword ideas.

Now that you’ve found a keyword, I go into two SEO tips to help you create SEO-optimized content around that keyword. Specifically, I show you real-life examples of how I rank #1 in Google for some super-competitive keywords.

Then, it’s time for link building. Yup, backlinks are still a big part of Google’s algorithm. And I show you one of my favorite link building strategies towards the end of this video.

And along the way I’ll show you a bunch of advanced SEO tactics and techniques… plus real-life examples of each tip in action.

In short, you’ll get access to a bunch of SEO tips that you can (literally) implement today.

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