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How To Install – Free Divi Layout – About Us – Divi Den on Demand DDD

Get About Us Layout Get Divi Get DDD here: Submit your Divi Site and Win!
Divi Den on Demand is here with a Free About Us Page Layout – Your personal invitation to test the Divi Den on Demand (DDD) plugin. It’s a free plugin to help you manage your files. The plugin will allow you to install any of our freebies from the load layouts screen. Not anything we thought of first. We followed the mothership Elegant Themes for this great idea.
Here is an awesome freebie to grab for yourself and to try out with the new Divi Den on Demand plugin. If you already have some freebies no matter. All of the more than 50 freebies will be available with this plugin. Use the Divi Den on Demand plug-in for this new one and all of your others.

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Divi Den on Demand also works with Premium Products.
Download the Free About Divi Layout now. It’s a lovely one. Here are the components to this divi page layout.
Love this header module. The special wave effect shape draws the attention. Use for a special image and message
Text block – two column, two rows and image
Divi Blurbs Module with left sided paragraph and two row and two up blurbs to the right. – – – Funky icons and hover animation make this stand out
Divi Person Module with three up has a on mouse over animation
Divi Number Counter Modules are always fun and create an attention grabbing interactivity on the page
Timeline module with interesting 2 column layout
Divi Footer Module with space for business info and links to inner pages. Always useful for SEO

How to use this About Page Divi Layout?
View the How To video on our YouTube Channel to see how to work with this freebie. If you have any problems visit our extensive Knowledge Base to read up about bits you don’t know or have forgotten. If you get really stuck check in to our support. Yes, even for Freebies.

Total newbies might want to tread cautiously and not to get too carried away in restyling this divi layout. Use as is until you have gained some experience. Change colours, font and content such as images, video and copy to make it your own.

You will need the Divi Theme for this layout. Get yours here.

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The Divi Den is for Web Designers and Developers who use the Divi Theme to create amazing websites. The shop offers a range of well designed free Divi Layout Pages and Modules as well as a range of affordable Premium Products. Premium Products include the Mermaid, Unicorn and Pixie Bundles with the new Falkor Bundle adding himself to the selection. Also new are the Divi Layout Packs Jackson and Mozart. Smaller products are the 3D Portfolio and the Bambi Animated Icons Plugin. Come and visit us at

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