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Ecommerce SEO Audit: 3x Ways To Increase Search Traffic To Your Store

The easiest way to increase search traffic to your store is with an ecommerce SEO audit. So in this video I am going to show you 3 easy ways to perform a professional ecommerce SEO audit.

And not only that – I am going to show you how to fix each problem that we find together.

The first 2 methods are super easy that anyone can pull off.

But the 3rd method is where we get down to the real nitty gritty for the more experienced SEO.

So no matter your SEO experience, this video is going to teach you the right way to perform an ecommerce SEO audit to increase search traffic.

I have never had an ecommerce SEO client that didn’t have onsite problems, so if you have never audited your store – I GUARANTEE you have problems that are hurting your search traffic.

Whether you are running on Magento, Woocommerce or Shopify it is important that you do regular SEO audits on your store – you’ll be surprised at what gets through!

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00:43 – Easy Ecommerce SEO Audit Method #1
01:13 – Easy Ecommerce SEO Audit Method #2
02:03 – Advanced Ecommerce SEO Audit Method
02:36 – Internal Duplicate Content
03:29 – Missing/Duplicate Title Tags
04:20 – Missing/Duplicate Meta Descriptions
05:08 – Missing ALT Tags
05:27 – 404 Errors
06:09 – Noindex Tags
06:51 – Find & Fix Redirects
07:22 – Canonical Tag Audit
08:23 – Site Speed
09:42 – External Duplicate Content
10:36 – Increasing Search Traffic To Your Store

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Thanks for watching and don’t forget!

If you have ANY questions at all – please feel free to ask in the comments and I will answer them for you.

Performing your first ecommerce SEO audit can be daunting but don’t worry, I am here to help!

All you have to do, is ask❓

Magento 2 Extension Review – SEO Ultimate (Free Edition) by Mageplaza

► (SEO Ultimate)

This video is a Review for a Magento 2 Extension called SEO (Free Edition) by Mageplaza. Features of this SEO Extension include:
– Automatically avoiding duplicate content
– Advanced structured data
– Better breadcrumbs
– Custom meta tags
– Social sharing graph
– And Setting Meta Robot tags

During this Magento Extension review, I will be taking a look at Features, Documentation, Installation, Usage, Price and finish with my final reviews.

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How to Speed Up Your Magento Site – Performance Optimization Techniques

Watch this video if you want to know more info:

How to speed up your magento site for generating more traffic?
How to make website speed faster so that customers enjoy better UX?
How to increase speed of magento website for higher search engine ranking?
How to increase your website speed to reduce bounce rates to a bare minimum?
How to increase page speed in magento to achieve optimal loading speed?
How to increase page load speed in magento to take your sales volumes to new heights?

Proven techniques to speed up Magento website

1. Reduce HTTP requests by merging CSS scripts, images, etc. into a single script request
2. Opt for Ajax loading to reduce the taken to render visual content in following sections of the page
3. Use Sprite Images to merge all the images in the website into a single HTTP request for the image
4. Enable Magento Cache to store all cache files under one directory for efficient management
5. Set PHP settings from php_value memory_limit 128M to php_value memory_limit 256M
6. Use a popular PHP Accelerator like Zend Optimizer + or APC to minimize server load and to maximize PHP code speed
7. Tune PHP realpath_cache to maximum range for increasing PHP lookups
8. Activate Mysql server to trigger faster page loading times
9. Combine CSS and JS files together to save disk space and to make the page weight lighter

Magento speed optimization bears significant importance in the page ranking and traffic pulling ability of a website. In this video, I have tried to explain as inexplicably as possible the various Magento optimization steps that will help your website load superbly way under 3 seconds.

I have zeroed in on these Magento optimization techniques after due real-world research and after consultation with my Magento development peers. They have suggested these Magento speed optimization steps based on their relevance and utility in helping Magento websites load faster and smoother.

Apptha has been engaged in rendering professional Magento speed optimization service for the past couple of years. Our Magento page speed optimization services are tailor-made to eliminate the usual causes that result in the slow loading speed of Magento websites.

Anyways, with the techniques I have detailed in the above video, you can easily increase the speed at which your Magento website is loading.

Why Should One Even Wonder How to How to Make Magento Website Faster?
Like what benefits do accrue from it? By making your Magento websites load faster and quicker, you will be able to generate more traffic to the website, increase conversion rates, gain higher search engine ranking and do much more significant stuff.

How to Speed up Magento Site by Migrating to a Cloud based Platform?
Admit it, you know that cloud-readiness is no longer a luxury but a necessity of its own kind. Migrating to a cloud solution like AWS will make your Magento website load at faster speeds than ever before.

How to Increase Magento Site Speed using Varnish Cache?
Varnish cache creates a replica of the user behavior in the website each they time they log into the website. It reduces the need to raise queries for meeting every request.

How to Increase Magento Speed Through use of Sprite Images & JS File Merging?
Using sprite images, you can cut down the multiple sessions that will be created to load all the images in the website. By merging them all under a single image URL you can cut down the website loading speed to a bare minimum.

how to Increase Magento Website Speed Through Image Lazy Loading?
Image lazy loading renders an image to the user only when it is scrolled over. It saves time in loading those images which are not required.

How to Improve Magento Site Speed using PHP Accelerators?
PHP accelerators can do away with the need to parse scripts for each individual request raised when a visitor logs into the page.

How to Improve Magento Site Speed using a Dedicated CDN Network?
A CDN can cut down the speed at which static content is delivered to users and is hence a great way for improving the Magento page loading speed.

Magento SEO Agency: Go With the Best

Do you use—or are you considering using—Magento for your eCommerce website? If you want to get the most value from your site, you’re going to need a Magento SEO agency to help you to make a splash in cyberspace.

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Magento SEO Agency – Go With the Best
Are you considering using Magento for your eCommerce website? If you want to get the most value from your site, you’re going to need a Magento SEO agency to help you to make a splash in cyberspace.


Magento is the perfect solution for businesses that want to sell products online. This versatile content management system lets you build your online store, track your sales, accept credit card payments, and even create deals and promotions. In the world of eCommerce, there is very little that Magento can’t do.


Search engine optimization is one of the things that sets Magento apart from its competition. There are a lot of shopping cart platforms out there, and not all of them can grant you the optimum benefits in terms of crawlability and search engine placement.


Many of Magento’s SEO features are completely automated. For instance, you don’t have to know how to create site maps or organize your pages for optimum SEO value, because Magento does all of that for you, but in SEO, as in life, you can’t automate everything.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you need a Magento SEO agency that can help you create an effective SEO strategy tailored to your site and business goals.

Targeted keyword research.
Good SEO agency can help you to pinpoint all of the right keywords by balancing competition vs. traffic.

High-quality title tags and meta descriptions
Simply creating title tags and meta descriptions isn’t enough, if you want to get the maximum number of page clicks, your tags need to have just the right marketing savvy and keyword density.

High-quality content creation.
You need to consider the importance of keyword density, anchor text usage, spelling and grammar accuracy, search engine relevance and customer appeal.

Site testing
Every error, every piece of broken code, every line of duplicate content…these things can hinder your search engine value. That’s why a good SEO constantly scours and tests websites for anything that can potentially create a problem.

Competition research
SEO is about outdoing your competition in the search engine game. A good SEO knows exactly how to assess your competition to understand how they are achieving superior rankings and how to build your own SEO strategy accordingly.

Off-site SEO
Magento is great for on-site SEO, but automated off-site SEO is beyond the scope of any content management system. When it comes to link building and external marketing, you need a partner who can work on your behalf to create just the right buzz for your website.


At Coalition Technologies, SEO is our bread and butter. Our employees not only understand every aspect of SEO, but also understand the ins and outs of Magento. Most importantly, we won’t just edit your website and then leave you high and dry like some agencies. SEO is not a one-time project, but an ever-changing and constantly evolving process. We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan tailored to your business and your goals, all while working within your budget.

Give us a call today at 310-827-3890 and receive a free quote.