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Reputation Management: How to Maintain a Positive Brand Image

As a business owner, you know how important reputation management is. It’s the key to growing and maintaining trust. In today’s digital age, there’s nothing easier to lose than trust from the consumer.

That’s because the web makes it easy for us to see the flaws in brands. If you’re not actively engaging in reputation management, then you’re setting yourself up to fail. The web is a friend and a foe to businesses, which is why it’s essential to use it to your benefit.

You can do this easily with the help of an SEO professional. It’s important to note that a lot of online reputation management has to do with search engine optimization. In this video, you’ll see different methods you can use to maintain a good image and turnaround negativity in your favor.

This video is a must-watch if you’re a business looking to gain control of your brand reputation in the digital world!

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Video Script:

You can’t control what customers say about your brand. However, you can control your response.

Often, reaching out directly to the person who made the online comment and openly admitting an error occurred is enough to make people give you a second chance.

Tell them how you plan to rectify the situation. Doing this publicly shows everyone your business is customer-oriented.

People are researching more about a company than just reviews and stats. They’re researching those who are involved in the company as well.

To protect everyone in your brand, develop a strong social media presence for all founders, owners, and executives.

While you may think that not having an online presence protects you, it’s not true. Instead, it can leave you wide open for anyone looking to defame you.

Make sure each executive has a dedicated bio page on your company website. It will rank in the top search results for their name.

Much of managing your reputation has to do with how many people believe what is being said about you.

Create a brand people love and respond positively to and it’s possible to weather nearly any storm you encounter.

Think about the celebrities who effectively manage their reputation online. No matter how many times someone like Charlie Sheen messes up, he tends to walk away with his reputation unscathed.

Keep reaching out to your fans, followers, and customers to let them do the fighting for you. It’s easier to manage your reputation when others feel connected to you and feel the need to defend you.

Sometimes, negative feedback is what a business needs to hear.

Without constructive criticism, you can’t improve.

If you’re getting the same type of online complaints or bad reviews, it’s time to consider that there are some weaknesses in your current process that need addressing.

Devise a creative way to give customers what they want without creating any further friction.

Monitoring online activity helps you understand what other people think about your organization.

Google and Yahoo both allow you to sign up to receive alerts. You can create a new alert for your business, certain keywords, and for any top executives.

You should also create a search for your brand, any handles and usernames, and any products you sell.

Be proactive and start asking your customers to leave reviews.
A whopping 84% of online shoppers say they trust the reviews other people leave. About the same number do an online search before they make a purchase.

Have a page built on your website so your customers can easily leave reviews for your products and/or services.

Set up an email to ask your customers to leave reviews on Google.

The more sites where there’s an opportunity for your business to receive a review, the better visibility your business receives.

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Because obviously if I get another link from the domain A1 directly to my website then it’s less powerful since the domain A1 is already linking to me but does this apply to 2tiers as well?

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How to manage SEO on a global scale | International SEO

If you’re interested in finding out more on international SEO, check out a selection of our guides and videos on the subject here:

Working in so many markets, Vodafone’s SEO strategy has to be very carefully constructed. Nick Wilsdon, Vodafone’s Lead SEO for Global, explains how it is important to share knowledge between markets, centralise reports and introduce automation. He also speaks about encouraging different teams around the world by being able to measure local successes.

This in-depth interview with Nick Wilsdon from Vodafone provides a unique insight into managing SEO from the perspective of one of the world’s biggest mobile operators.

Skip to:

(00:19) How many markets and languages is Vodafone operating in?

Key takeaways:
– Vodafone operates in 22 core markets and 65+ partner markets and has 438 million mobile customers.

(01:18) What are the fundamentals that you need to have in place as a centralised manager of an international SEO project?

Key takeaways:
– Vodafone built an SEO community within the company with social channels and webinars where all the SEO specialists can share their knowledge and expertise.
– Vodafone allows different markets to try different strategies and then present these case studies to the rest of the group. Successful strategies can then be adopted by the rest of the company.

(04:40) How do you effectively communicate with your global teams where they have to adhere to brand guidelines and where they have the freedom to be different?

Key takeaways:
– Vodafone has global brand guidelines and provides assets for a wide variety of things, for example for app store icons and for individual marketing campaigns.

(06:06) When it comes to reporting and analysing data, it must be a challenge if you’ve got teams in each market as they will potentially be collecting data in a slightly different way. What tips do you have for how to centralise reporting and make the process more efficient?

Key takeaways:
– All data needs to be automated in order for centralised reporting to work.
– Gamification has proven to be a successful strategy to motivate different markets.

(09:13) In your experience, what has been the most effective way to manage geo-targeting on such a large scale?

Key takeaways:
– Implementing hreflang tags has been incredibly useful and effective.
– You should also ensure that your content is specifically tailored to each market you are targeting.

(10:15) How do you deal with duplicate content on such a large international website?

Key takeaways:
– Many tools now allow you to identify where you have duplicate content.
– Having a dedicated process with regards to duplicate content within the SEO team also helps.

(11:12) A mobile operator needs to have a good mobile experience! How do you make sure that your mobile website and app are top-notch?

Key takeaways:
– Vodafone has been concentrating on mobile optimisation strategies such as app indexation and deep linking.
– The implementation of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) has also been important.
– It is advisable to use a tag management system as an SEO data layer. It is useful for running proof of concepts and getting around blockages.

If you’re interested in finding out more on international SEO, check out a selection of our guides and videos on the subject here: