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Thanksgiving 2017 Special Edition | ReportGarden | Agency Software for Management and Reporting

ReportGarden | A Marketing and Advertising Agency Software for Management and Reporting. Seamlessly Manage Your Clients, Their Campaigns and its Reporting on a single platform – ReportGarden. Avail your 7 Day Free Trial Today!

Our Features:

1. Client Reporting
2. Custom Dashboards
3. Client Portal
4. White Labelled Dashboards
5. SEO Audit – Audit your Website Performance with Downloadable Reports
6. PPC Budget Tracking & Management
7. CRO – LeadGeneration
8. Approvals Dashboard –
9. Proposals Dashboard – Customized Quotations for Clients
10. Invoicing Software – Client Invoicing
11. AdFlow – Ad Generation Software

Google Adwords Optimization Tips – PPC Management Strategies

3 Google Adwords Optimization Tips: how to increase conversions and decrease cost in your Google Adwords account.

Google Adwords is a very powerful advertising platform that allows you to reach a wide audience in a matter of minutes, this translates in enormous possibilities but it also highlights the requirement to optimize your account in order to target your right audience.

Here I highlight 3 top tips for Google Adwords optimization and the recommended strategy to follow in each case.

Tip #1: Adwords Ads, Keywords and Landing Page Alignment
Tip #2: Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)
Tip #3: Negative Keywords

Find out what alignment means in Google Adwords and how do you align your Google Adwords account?

Discover the four elements that represent the fundamental part for optimizing your Google Adwords account.

With tip number two you’ll be able to increase your click through rate by dynamically inserting keywords inside your ads. This is a crucial tip because it allows you to increase in a dramatic way your CTR. You can see some real examples on how to implement this inside your account.

Tip number three concentrates on negative keywords. Negative keywords represent one of the most important aspects inside Google Adwords. They allow you to block unrelated queries and to decrease your cost per conversion in a progressive way.

Read the full blog post regarding Google Adwords optimization here:



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SEO SOFTWARE, Best SEO Software, Keyword Management

netmarkuk.co.uk/berkshire present to you our Patent Pending SEO Software Platform, doitseo.co.uk

Doitseo.co.uk essentially are Search Engine Marketing and Web Development Engineers that have developed a Patent Pending Search Engine Optimisation Software Platform primarily for Internet Marketing companies, Public Relation, Media Firms and Online Businesses.

Our SEO platform is available to the general public at no cost. Our clients would agree we have devised a powerful marketing solution that is result driven, allows business to drive customers to their domains and create awareness on the major search engine platforms. Businesses rely on our system 24 hours a day; our system has allowed businesses to sky rocket finding new customer hasn’t been easier.

We offer access to our system at no cost and even provide 5 free keywords. You have nothing to lose and all to gain, take a look at the system and start using it today at www.doitseo.co.uk.

For those firms that simply don’t have the time, we can do the heavy lifting for you and fully manage your keywords for you. We will compose the relevant content, build the back links and reciprocal links and all other tasks required to gain rankings on the major search engines using our system.


We can take care of all your web development projects large or small, we have successfully completed hundreds of web projects on behalf of clients, you can log on to www.netmarkuk.co.uk/berkshire
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We have satisfied clients from around the world and real testimonials available to see on any of our web firms.

We work out of 3 national locations based in the United Kingdom; we work out of Bedfordshire, Berkshire and London. We like to talk to our clients and fully discuss the requirements and are always here to give extra advice on how our client’s projects will be successful.

Talk to us now

Chris Wright (Web Development Supervisor)
01234 218 263

Abbey Bukhari (Business Development Manager)
+ 44 77952 935 93 (mobile)

www.netmarkuk.co.uk (SEO and Web Development)
www.doitseo.co.uk (SEO Platform, Use it today)