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Are you looking for an effective way to generate more customers to your business? Given the sheer number of businesses in that compete for the same set of eyes, it can be really challenging to stand out from the crowd. But in today’s business landscape, its vital to understand that the reach of your business is largely determined by the strength of your online presence. This is precisely the reason why more and more companies enlist the services of SEO professionals. Keep reading to learn more about how SEO experts help take businesses to new heights.
SEO has come a long way over the years. There was a time when it was viewed as simply a means of optimizing the different elements of a website in order to increase its chances of ranking organically. Today, SEO is much more about search engine rankings. SEO experts also make sure that your website converts well. They even come up with different strategies that take into consideration other important aspects of your business. Such a comprehensive approach can be all you need to take your business to the next level.
Hiring SEO experts can prove to be an excellent business decision. This is particularly true if neither you nor any of your in-house employees are knowledgeable about this online marketing technique. Doing things incorrectly can lead to costly damages to your brand’s overall reputation. It’s much better to leave this task to the hands of professionals who have the knowledge, experience and tools to boost your online presence. If you’re in search for a reputable SEO company, then SEO Trust should sit high on your list. They are the leading provider of expert SEO services not only in Los Angeles county but in the entire state of California. With their experience and expertise in the field of SEO, you can start dominating the search listings and getting a leg up on the competition. For more information, please visit or call SEO Trust directly at 1-844-636-8676.

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Google Rebrands AdWords, Releases Indexing API, URL Inspector Tool & Speed Update New Details

– This week we learned that Google is going to drop the name AdWords after 18 years and switch it to Google Ads. Google also released an Indexing API, which right now only works with job posting URLs, they don’t have plans to expand it. Google Search Console added a new tool called the URL inspector tool, which is rolling out now. Google said the new Speed Update which is coming soon will grade speed on a gradual scale, which is unlike the old speed algorithm. Google says they ignore links in press releases. Google said all URLs in the Google index have a canonical URL. Google is showing “must include” in some search results snippets. Google knowledge panels can now be verified by the owner. Some Google knowledge panels are looking more and more like featured snippets. Google local pack is showing a filter for “your past visits,” also filters based on your queries which is cool. Google My Business has a new insights analytics report for subjective attributes. Google My Business said they launched performance cards, which is really old. Google sent me a indoor GPS beacon from Project Beacon. Google’s Danny Sullivan said he might work on a search engine style guide. Google AdWords added a new words and ad group shift cards to the overview page. Bing Ads is now powering their automate extensions using AI. And Danny Sullivan was profiled by CNBC about his new role at Google. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Rebrands AdWords To Google Ads After Almost 18 Years :
Google Releases Indexing API, Well Just For Job Posting URLs :
Google On Expanding The Google Indexing API :
New Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool :
Google Search Console URL Inspector Tool Is Still Rolling Out :
Google’s New Speed Update Works On Gradual Scale; Small Improvements Matter :
Google: We Ignores Most Links Within Press Releases :
Google: Every URL Indexed Has A Canonical URL Assigned :
Google Snippet Shows “Must Include” When Query Doesn’t Match :
Get Google Knowledge Panel Verification :
Some Google Knowledge Panels Looking More Like Featured Snippets? :
Google Local Pack “Your Past Visits” Filter :
Google Shows Dynamic Filters On Local Pack Results :
Google My Business Launches Subjective Attributes In Insights :
Performance Card In Google My Business :
The Google Project Beacon – Did You Get Your Beacon? :
Google’s Danny Sullivan Considers Writing A Google Guide to Search :
Google AdWords Overview Page New Words & Ad Group Shift Cards :
Bing Ads Automated Extensions Are AI Powered :
Danny Sullivan Profiled In His New Role At Google By CNBC ;

Simple SEO Steps To Rank #1 On Google Maps [Marketing Agency Part 6]

Make sure you watch this video and avoid these simple SEO mistakes. If you do, you will rank high in Google, if you don’t, you won’t rank #1 in Google.

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Today I answer a viewers question in depth. The question is stated in the video and is very important to know in depth for Local SEO.

The point is, Local SEO works very effectively. Primarily because the people who are searching in Google are looking to purchase something

But with such an advanced process, what are some simple mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to optimizing a local SEO website.

The answer to this is stated in this video, and you can watch it all above.

If you have a question or topic that would like me to cover, then please leave a comment down below in the comments section


Ruan M. Marinho

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Put Your Lawn Care Company on the Map! Literally! And it’s Google Maps!

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Key Takeaways: Put your business on the map!

There is no better way to let Google know where your company provides its lawn and landscape services than by literally creating a custom map in Google Maps. It is so quick and easy to do…it is a no-brainer. Just follow the simple instructions in the video to embed a custom Google Map of your service area on your website!

I also highly recommend you verify your business address with Bing and Google, as well as us Schema.org markup to markup your location and geo-coordinates. Getting yourself in local business directories will also help.

But just by creating your custom map, you can possibly have Google show this in the search results. It is pretty cool and really makes you stand out in search results!

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How To Rank Higher On Google Maps 2018 | Google My Business SEO

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About Ruan: Ruan is a digital marketing expert located in Connecticut. Ruan specializes in search engine optimization for small business’s and natural SEO for national companies. Ruan is an avid believer in free information to the public. He gives out as much free content as possible to inform his audience of what’s possible with internet marketing.

Ranking in the Google maps has become more and more important over time.

As the internet expands, more and more people become reliant on small businesses that they can depend on locally.

There are many benefits of being a local business in Google’s eyes. First and foremost you get priority in rankings when someone types in a local search.

For example, if you typed in, “painting company in X” your local business would appear over a business like a HomeAdvisor

So with that being said, how can you rank above your competitors in your local market with SEO.

In this video, I cover four very important ranking factors for higher Google map rankings in 2018


This has to be the #1 reason why I don’t see local business’s ranking. Their citations are all messed up. And when I say messed up, I mean that they’re not done.

Here are some tools to get the job done fast and effectively:

– Fiverr – search “local citations”
– MOZ Local

**Google My Business Optimization**

Is your business listed properly on Google? To check and correct this, simply type into google “google my business”, sign up and make sure to fill everything out.

Once this is done, add relevant images of your business and make sure that the title’s and tags of those images are labeled with a local intent.


In short, Schema mark up is a piece of code Google uses to read your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) more effectively.

The bad news – this code is only for advanced SEO’s

The good news – you can hire someone on Fiverr.com to take care of the whole process for you. It’s what I do and it is what I recommend you to do.


Google recently announced that they are closely monitoring Google myBusiness reviews as plenty of reviews are fraudulent or simply SPAM.

To avoid this, simply ask your clients to leave you a verified review on Google. You can even incentivize them to do this by giving away a small item valued at $5 like a:

– Starbucks Gift Card
– Discount off of your products and services


If you follow these steps closely, you will see your rankings climb.

Will it be overnight? No. But it will pay off when your business listing starts climbing and you start receiving more phone calls as a result of this.

If you were to ever have a question about local SEO and ranking in the local map packs.. just leave a comment below 🙂


Ruan M. Marinho

Google Maps For Dentists – Dental Search Engine Optimization

Google Maps for Dentists is the quickest way for dental practices to increase leads and sales for their practice.

A dental marketing priority should be creating and optimizing your Google My Business listing with the most detail possible. Including images of your dental office, highlighting your most profitable services, and making sure all your information is uniform across all search engines is required.

When your Google My Business listing for dentists is optimized properly, your business will rank for the most important keywords, terms, and phrases. Important means those that are going to attract new potential clients to your dental practice.

The goal of your dentist office should be to rank locally, in the city in which your office is located. We have identified hundreds of terms that every dental office can rank for on Google My Business. Imagine ranking for all of these terms in the city in which your dental practice is located:

dental studio
dentist in your city
dentist near me
dentist near you
cosmetic dentist
cosmetic dentristy
best dentist
best dentist near me
teeth whitening dentist
emergency dentist
emergency dental office

These are just a few. Imagine if your practice ranked at the top of Google maps for dentists in your area. How much additional business would that mean to your dental studio? How many additional clients per month would you service by having a well optimized Google Maps for Dentists? Contact us today and learn about some of the amazing results we have achieved for our dental clients. One local dentist was able to achieve 45 number one listings on Google Maps for their dental practice in just 30 days. You can do the same.

Contact our office today and find out why so many consider us the best seo company for dentists at 240-477-7085 to learn more.

How To Rank In Google Maps Quickly | Local SEO 2018

Today we cover how to rank on Google maps quickly.

Want to take the local SEO course? Head over to

Video Transcription:

What’s up!

Today I’m going to be talking to you about the easiest way to start ranking your Google My Business. Now, ranking organically is great, but in most cases when you start out a business you’re going to want to rank on the maps first. This is because you’re likely going to be ending up in the sandbox organically.

What’s The Sandbox?

If you don’t know what the sandbox is, it’s the place where Google puts new sites right after they’re made. And generally, this happens to most sites for the first couple months. If you guys want to actually see how to get out of the sandbox, let me know in the comments and I can create a separate video on the top ways I personally use to get out of the Google sandbox.

But either way, we’re here to learn how to rank quickly in Google Maps. So, we’re going to continue this…

Step Number One: Optimize GMB

So the first thing that you’re going to want to do is optimize your Google My Business location with pictures of your location and correct file URLs to match those pictures.


If you don’t have an actual location and you’re using a service area that’s just a general vicinity on the map, then you can still take pictures of your location, except of course, it’s probably going to be of a house, right? If you don’t feel comfortable taking pictures of your house, I’ve also done in the past taking pictures of plants or random things inside my garage that were ranking at one point when I was living in a garage, and I just named the picture “picture of plant.jpg” or “picture of plant in office.jpg”. I would try to get three photos of the outside of the location, three photos of the inside location, three photos of the team, and three photos of service photos.

Step Number Two: High Quality Citations

The next thing I would do is build high quality citations, hopefully local citations, to the Google My Business with the correct name, address, phone number that’s matching what is on your Google My Business location. It’s really important that you have consistency with your name, address, and phone number.

What Exactly Do I Mean By Consistency?

So, if your Google My Business says “Street”, but your citation on another site says “St.”, then you want to make sure that those match up. If you want to know where I actually get my citations, leave a comment and I can put that in the description. I’m actually going to be creating a page for citations on my website in the near future. So, until then I will be pointing to the person that I actually used to build my citations.

Step Number Three: Review Generation Strategy

The third thing I would do is come up with a review generation strategy. If you guys don’t have a review generation strategy, I would definitely look into starting to create content around your niche that you’re trying to rank locally for, take that content and then distribute it to people and capture those people that you’re distributing it to, whether you’re distributing it to them by ranking organically, sharing it on social media, using paid traffic, and then offer them an upgrade on the post.


So for instance, download the free checklist. Once you have them in controlled assets, for instance, if they download the free checklist and you get their email, you can email them and ask them for a review on the stuff that you’re teaching around your niche. It’s a great way to start building reviews, and don’t forget to respond to your reviews on your Google My Business location.

So those are the top three ways to start building your rankings on Google locally on your Google My Business page.

Extra pro tip: if you take the local course that I’ve been making which is going to be in the link in the description, I will be going over step by step how I rank on Google My Business but also locally, organically, how I set up ads and how I do a bunch of other stuff around local. I also go over how I’ve actually been able to rank tons of businesses; my own businesses and other people’s businesses with the local SEO that I do.

So, if you want to see step-by-step how I do these things, head over to the link in the description, get the course, and hopefully I’ll see you in the course.

Until I see you guys next time, Happy SEOing.

How To Rank In Google Maps (Step By Step Process)

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How To Rank In Google Maps Step-By-Step

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30 Day Video Challenge Day #11

In this video I break down How To Rank In Google Maps Step By Step. This is the exact process I have used to rank in Google Maps for dozens of clients and sites of my own and is what I use for my DFY Google Maps Ranking Service.