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In this video we are going to explain Digital Marketing, we are going to explain topics like, What is Digital Marketing, Its types, basics and why we need digital marketing into business, SEO, SEM, SMM, and SMO, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and social medial optimization.
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Money on SEO Bangla Guideline (Search Engine Optimization)

Earn Money on SEO and this Bangla tutorial about search engine optimization guidelines. You can make money by learning SEO international and local market.

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Thanks for watching!

Best Seo Tools For Small Business – Money Robot Best Link Building Software 2018

– Best Seo Tools For Small Business – In this video I’ll be reviewing the Best Automated Link Building Software which helps you to rank your websites on Google’s first page within a week or 2 weeks.

[Best Seo Tools For Small Business]

I get asked frequently, what are the best SEO tools for small business owners. If you want to see the best SEO tools in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide seo tools for small business.

If you optimize your website for search engines, you can fall back on a variety of tools that take a lot of hard work. Even if SEO tools do not replace an expert, they save a lot of time in analyzing your own website. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the tools.

With the Best Seo Link Building Software you can able to build a powerful link wheel automatically which helps to rank your webpages or youtube videos on google, bing and yahoo.

“Money robot submitter” is the Best Automated Link Building Software and has all these amazing features :

* High Speed Submission
* Smart Submission Process
* Artificial Intelligence
* No more search and scrape needed for website lists
* Article Spinning & Rewriting
* Backlink monitor feature

and much more…

If you do not want to deal with dozens of different tools or if you find many tools too expensive, you can use Money Robot SEO tools . These cover most of the fields of search engine optimization and often additionally the analysis of search engine advertising.

With this you can search for keywords, monitor rankings, analyze backlinks and have websites checked for onpage errors. In addition, many all-in-one tools also offer social media monitoring and Adwords reporting.

Why Money Robot is The Best Seo Tools For Small Business ?

Money Robot supports UNLIMITED website platforms. You can submit your backlinks/content to following main platforms with support built right in:

• Web 2.0 Blogs
• Social Network Posts
• Social Bookmarking
• Web Directories
• Wiki Articles
• Press Release
• Article Directories
• Web 2.0 Profiles
• Forum Profiles

So how much does Money Robot submitter costs?

Money Robot submitter costs about 67 US$/Month and also you can get the Lifetime license for 497 US$

In Summary, Money robot submitter is the Best Seo Tools For Small Business which helps you to rank your websites or youtube videos on Google’s first page within a 2 weeks.

Thousands Of Satisfied Customers Worldwide using “Money Robot submitter” you can read more real Money Robot reviews here :

So if you want to boost your page ranking with the Best Seo Tools click the link in the description above to check out the Best Link Building Software.

Please know that if you buy through our link we do receive a small commission from the referral. It doesn’t change the price, but it does help support what we do here. So if you feel like this video helped you out and you want to return the favour, this is a great way to spread the love, and we really appreciate it.

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Best Seo Tools For Small Business – Money Robot Best Link Building Software 2018

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Start Making Money Online! Learn these two skills in 2018 and Become Rich in Days| The Skill Sets

Every one of us wants to make money, but most of us don’t know the right way about! If you want to start making money online then watch this video because in this video trainer has taught you about some valuable and quickest way to make money online. If you don’t know how to make money online in 2018, then you have to learn these two Skills in 2018 to become rich in days. This video is the answer of your question about how to become rich in days without any investment.

The Skill Sets brings for you the best skills to learn and tips to make money online. Two skills for 2018, about which you are going to learn in about video are the search engine optimization and content writing. These are two highly demanding skills in 2018, and if you have a sound grip on these two skills, then there are chances for you to earn big money.

First and foremost in this list is Search Engine Optimization; which is compose of tools, technologies and methodologies to rank your website better in the popular search engines particular in Google and search partners. This is a million dollars skills which can give you a huge boost in your financial position just in days. Do you want to know how to learn SEO quickly? Don’t worry about that, just take our Search Engine Optimization course and start learning SEO. You can find here the link for SEO course:

Search Engine Optimization 2018 Course:

The second one is the content writing skill which also a highly demanded skill. If you are proficient in English writing, then sell you services online and start making money. You can charge handsome money for your content writing services. If you want to become a good content writer by polishing your content writing skills, then take our Basic English Grammar course and improve your English writing skills.

Basic English Grammar Course:

You can also Learn SEO online free. Watch our SEO tips and tricks videos on the skill sets YouTube channel and start learning SEO. Take our Free SEO guides online and become master of this skill. Furthermore, our SEO trainer online is always available to guide you in your every problem.

On the skill sets YouTube channel Free English spoken Training and improve your English speaking skill. If you are weak in English writing, then join free English grammar training and become a good English writer. Here below you can find some of our free SEO and English training Videos:

Watch English Learning Videos and speak English with Common English Expressions by The Skill Sets

Learn English through Correct Pronunciation of Common English Words in Urdu/Hindi

Learn English Pronunciation Rules in Urdu/Hindi to Speak English with M. Akmal by The Skill Sets

Common English Pronunciation Mistakes How to pronounce English correctly

The Skill Sets brings How to Learn Direct and indirect speech in urdu / hindi by M. Akmal

Common English words with meaning in Urdu Hindi Spoken English course by M. Akmal

How to speak English Fluently in 10 days like Americans | Learn Correct English Pronunciation

Learn to speak English with low vocabulary Spoken English course in Urdu from The Skill Sets

10 tongue twisters to improve your English Pronunciation and Speaking

What are Broken Links and How Broken links affects website? How to fix broken links | The Skill Sets

How to do Keyword Research using Google Keyword Tool & why it is important in SEO | The Skill Sets

EMD – Exact Match Domain and Brand Name: What is better to Do? Learn SEO | The Skill Sets

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Why You Need More Backlink Data to Get SEO Results

Want better SEO results? Read more about why you need more backlink data:

“Christoph, what’s the deal with the full backlink audit?”

“Why do you suddenly force me to pay more for more backlink data?”

“Other tools don’t have that, so why you?”

My answer to that is:

Simply, because this is our mission.

Our mission is to to provide you with the richest, biggest and best and most up-to-date backlink profile data to do your job right, to do your link audits right.

If you only have $100 in the bank, then we are not the right product for you.

You can go to Moz or in Germany to Xovi and buy some all-in-one suite for $100.

I’m sorry, we don’t provide that partial, incomplete data service that other products send you away with.

We did that in the past and I regret it.

We only provide full service, full backlink data.

And my guarantee is that every day I get up in the morning to make sure that this gets better and better and better.

So if you are in this for the long run, if you are in this online marketing game for the long run (and I think you are!)…

…Then we are the best possible product for you.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you.

Affiliate Marketing – Make/Earn Money From Affiliate Program (2018) What is Affiliation & How Work?

Affiliate Marketing – Make/Earn Money From Affiliate Program (2018) What is Affiliation & How Work.

Your Ans:
What is Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Bangla Tutorial
What is Affiliation & How Work
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
Affiliate Marketing Tips.

Affiliate Marketing Bangla Tutorial – What is Affiliate Marketing? How It Works | Best Networks

Affiliate Marketing is a process of selling some others company or people products. Affiliate marketing involves having your own site and sending your traffic to someone else’s site to buy their products or services. For every sale initiated by a link from your site, you earn a percentage.

There are 4 parties connected with affiliate marketing. Merchants or advertiser, Networks, Publishers, and Customers.

Merchants have many products they came to networks to promote their products.

Networks is a media that connect merchants and publisher. On networks, publishers apply to promote merchants products. If merchants approve publishers applications they provide unique links, banner. Most popular Affiliate Networks are Clickbank, Amazon associate, Sharesales, CJ, Market health.

Publishers promote the product through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, link building among the customers. Customers get information from publishers about the products. and refer to sale by publishers.

Finally, when customers buy a product fro merchants the track the information and they provide a commission to the refer.

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Fiverr bangla tutorial part-01 .How To Earn Money From fiverr Bangla tutorial 2018

In this video tutorial i will show How To Earn Money From fiverr Bangla tutorial 2018 Step by Step guide. Fiverr marketplace overview
Fiverr is a very good marketplace for a new freelancer.Just create a Gig and start selling.
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23. Graphics design Tutorial
24. SMM Tutorial
25. Social media Marketing,
26. SEO Tutorial
27. Search engine optimization Tutorial
28. Email Marketing Tutorial
29. content marketing Tutorial
30. google adsence Tutorial
31. google adwords Tutorial
32. google web master tools Tutorial
33. web master tools Tutorial
34. Article writing Tutorial
35. photoshop7 Tutorial
36. adobe photoshop cc Tutorial
37. adobe premiere pro cc Tutorial
38. sony vegas pro Tutorial
39. Twitter Marketing Tutorial
40. Blog Writing Tutorial
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AutoBloggin Yoast SEO: WordPress Best SEO Plugin Step by Step Configuration Urdu/Hindi Tutorial 2018

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AutoBloggin Yoast SEO: WordPress Best SEO Plugin Step by Step Configuration Urdu/Hindi Tutorial 2018
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2018 Best Legit Ways To Make Money Online! Make $1,000 A Week Online 2018

2018 Best Legit Ways To Make Money Online Make $1,000 A Week Online 2018 ! Join Here

Here’s a short brief of what I’ll be covering in my review based on my own personal experience with this pay per lead program:

The brains behind Yoonla™

How to make the green with the Yoonla™ pay per lead program
Is there a cost of joining?

All the tools you need to take part in the Yoonla™ pay per lead system And more importantly, I’ll tell you whether Yoonla™ is a good home-based business to invest your time in.

The Yoonla™ Foundation Affiliate Program

Yoonla™ was founded by Reno Van Boven – a kick-ass New Zealand based internet marketer – and officially launched in 2016.

On paper, Yoonla™ is a user-friendly CPA affiliate program which newbies looking for their footing in the marketing world can take advantage of.

CPA is basically a form of marketing where you get paid to generate leads.

To make money with CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing, you send traffic to an offer and get paid every time a lead/customer enters their personal information on a web form e.g their name and email. It’s really that simple.

How To Make The Green With The Yoonla™ Pay Per Lead Program

You first have to sign up for an account with Yoonla™ and become a verified member. Once your account is all set up, you’ll receive your affiliate link which you can now start promoting. ***** ***

You can then promote your affiliate link via search engines, posting on internet forums, social media, YouTube, or simply sending out emails to friends and acquaintances.

Now, if a lead/customer successfully signs up for Yoonla™ using your affiliate link, you will pocket a commission. And if the same lead upgrades to become a VIP member, you will earn a bonus commission. Straight and simple.

Do I have to Pay to Join Yoonla™?

Opening a Yoonla™ account is free for all new members.
Join Here

But getting free access to the Yoonla™ platform and immersive training guides is just one side of the coin.

To be successful with the Yoonla™ pay per lead program, you’ll need some basic marketing tools under your belt.

What tools do I need to take part in the Yoonla™ pay per lead program?

To get your Yoonla™ affiliate account set up and running, you’ll need to have these specific tools for the job:

A domain name – $22 for 1 year
Hosting – Approx. $2 per month
GetResponse Autoresponder – Free trial for the 1st month and $15 monthly afterwards.

If you’re on a tight budget, your total investment for Yoonla™ will be less than $50 – which you can easily recoup within a couple of days. For example, 20 qualified leads in a day will earn you $60 – $100. Get Free Leads Here

Perks of Joining the Yoonla™ CPA Affiliate Program
VIP affiliates at Yoonla™ – those who have claimed their custom set up inside their member panel- earn up to $4 for getting people to fill a simple web form. This is higher than what average CPA networks pay out to their affiliates.

Tier 1 countries that attract the highest commission ($4) from

Australia,Canada,Ireland,New Zealand,United Kingdom,United States

Tier 2 countries attract an equally generous $2 commission per lead.

Countries that won’t earn you a commission include:

Yoonla™ also provides a series of step-by-step training videos to help you get started with lead generation – which is at the core of the whole business.

What I Liked

High-value training and free products to kick-start your marketing campaign.

Reno Van Boven – the founder – has a good online reputation.
You learn about ethical marketing techniques without being spammy.

There’s potential to make good money promoting this offer as you slowly build your email list.

Reno only recommends high quality products and services in his training videos.

There’s no fluff or unnecessary hype common with many programs these days.

24/7 support from Reno and his team.

What I Didn’t Like

Getting your affiliate account set up can take 24-48 hours.
The bit on promoting the digital info products is not exhaustively covered in the video tutorials.

Final Thoughts
The Yoonla™ affiliate program is still in its developmental stages, but it still has a lot going for it. You get thorough training, quality lead generation tools, and a lucrative CPA offer to promote.

This program will show you everything you need to know to start a profitable work-from-home venture and it’s going to be interesting to see how things pan out in the near future.

Even if you don’t buy any of the tools recommended by Reno, it’s well worth your time signing up for a Yoonla™ account to bag all this value that’s being dished out for free and also to learn some new skills.

Join Here

Get Free Leads Here