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What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?:SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.You might have heard a lot about SEO and how SEO works, but basically what seo is,is a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google’s index. Visit today and order from our online shop or one of our monthly seo packages:

SEO Adelaide – Why do SEO agencies charge a monthly fee?

SEO Adelaide – Working with clients all over Australia, and also overseas, we do get asked why agencies charge a monthly fee. It’s something that is not explained with enough clarity to perspective clients, and a few months down the track, the client will be asking themselves, “Why am I still paying a retainer. What is this guy doing for me now I’m ranked number 1?” I’ll attempt to explain.?

We have been working in this space for around 8 years, which in real terms is a long time, as the term search engine optimisation has really on been around for that time. We have experience in social media, web design, ppc, and other forms of online advertising, and our experience tells us that all of these strategies do indeed work, but for long term ROI for your business or website, the best place to be is front and center in the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many of the other small search engines around the world.

The are a number of steps required to ensure you have the best change to perform well in the search engines. This includes on-site SEO, off site, and also it’s very important to ensure your social media profiles are set up correctly, working to your advantages, and leveraging the strength, authority and trust of these sites to help your website or web properties such as your blog or youtube channel, rank on the first page, and ultimately number 1 of the search engines.

The process of gaining better performance in the search engines is certainly not to be taken lightly, and there is no magic bullet that you can fire and be on the first page over night. It takes time, experience and patience, and that;s why the best SEO’s understand that to achieve the result, an on going monthly strategy is required.

Affordable Monthly SEO Service

Affordable monthly seo is what every website owner searches for. Being on the 1st page of google can make someone rich over night. Most seo companies charge you $350 per keyword (depending on the amount of traffic the keyword produces) with a 6 month contract promising results in 9 months. requires NO contract, unlimited keywords, unlimited pages, 24/7 running campaings, finds keywords that will be the most beneficial to your website and does this all for a low fee of $200! Astonished Rankings also has a wide array of other services like: Link Pyramids, Wiki Links, Forum Profiles, Social Bookmarks, Youtube Views, Facbook Fans, Twitter Followers, Targeted Traffic, Amazon Reviews and much more! Stop wasting your time on micro gigs are to small to create an impact on your rankings and that can potentially hurt your website and put it at risk for penalties and get it “sandboxed” for bad practices. Astonished Rankings is an affordable monthly seo service that get’s the job done, fast. Simple as that.

Domaining SEO Monthly Search Engine Optimization Update

– Do you want to learn exactly how you make money using the Domain Flipping by the Millionaire Society System? This system is all about using the strategy of flipping domains to generate a profit, usually by learning how to improve a site’s value significantly before selling it. This process of buying domain names first at a low price before reselling them for a bigger profit later is called flipping and is a really great method for making money if you have the knowledge to do it.

1. What Can You Expect to Learn by Following the Domain Flipping by the Millionaire Society Strategy?

Generally, this system will teach the methods of analyzing any particular domain that you may be interested to purchase and assess its potential for flipping before you go ahead and do it. Basically, you would need to do some assessment of the domain name and whether it targets any particular keyword.

It should preferably be easy to remember and short which will make it possible for more visitors to remember it easily and generate repeated visits. Also, you will learn exactly where to find the traffic statistics of any domain and how interpret the information to better understand its profit potential.

2. How Do You Profit From The Domains You Get Using Domain Flipping by the Millionaire Society Before You Are Able To Sell Them?

I have learned how to maximally monetize my domain names while waiting for the best opportunity to flip it for profit. This is normally done through advertisements on the parked domains. You should target domains in one particular niche first before you move on to others as some sites only accept members with a certain number of domain names, therefore you will want to leverage on more domain names in one particular niche first.

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