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The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong! Learn What The Real “Rule To Success Is” And Why!

Malcom Gladwell popularized the idea that you need to apply 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to gain mastery of something… But this is false. The truth? This video reveals it all!!

In this video you will learn why this is wrong and what the real approach needs to be in order for you to create the success you desire.

In the video I mention a study I thought was from Harvard that proved scientifically that Malcom Gladwell’s theory is wrong. I was incorrect, it is from Princeton, not Harvard!

Here is the study that debunks the 10,000 hour rule, to quote my source:

Really, the key lies in experimentation, not just the amount of time invested.

If you are trying the same thing that doesn’t work and you simply apply ‘deliberate practice’ to a flawed approach… You will simply waste a ton of your time.

The key is to experiment with different approaches, ideas, niches, strategies, etc… Continued experimentation is how you pivot and evolve your approach to where you ultimately find your unique process to creating value in the lives of others.

Maybe you experiment with drop-shipping first… Realize it is a race to the bottom and over-saturated with rubbish products… Then you adapt.

You experiment with several of my top 10 online business models as shown here:

Then, you decided to build a list and start marketing information as an affiliate… This gets you to start content marketing where you experiment with writing blog posts on WordPress, creating YouTube videos and a podcast…

Turns out you love writing blog posts, so you keep at it… Then you start to experiment with your titles. Focusing on getting them more compelling and search engine friendly.

You experiment with your layout and adding keywords to make the posts more SEO optimized.

You experiment with adding pop ups over your blog posts like I show here:

Now you have a list growing!

So you start experimenting with different opt in give-aways through split testing like I show here:

From here you keep the content marketing machine going because it is giving you DATA that PROVES it is working… And you experiment with email marketing… You start experimenting with different email marketing approaches as explained here:

And so on and so forth, the path to success appears!

Now, the best part is that I’m able to share with you my results from my 10,000+ experiments that I’ve run in finding my path to success with my online business.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to experiment, too… Because your path to success will be unique from mine.

You are a unique person… You have a unique upbringing, unique family, unique education and professional experiences, unique hobbies, etc.

Through experimentation you will find how all of those unique aspects of YOU can be combined and applied with the marketing and entrepreneurial tactics I teach here to ultimately offer value and service to an audience who you can help.

You will eventually find your unique path to success… As long as you keep experimenting and keep pushing forward!

Online Business Ideas To Make Money Online And Become A Successful Internet Business Promoter

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How To Make SEO Work for You in 2018

This is it, Scroupies!

The third and final part to our organic visibility episode series…and we’re rounding it out with the uber sexy topic of SEO.

Ohhh ahhhh!

I know. It may not sound like the sexiest of topics, but you know what it is?

Powerful AF.


Because people. search. Google. A lot.

And if you know how to show up on Page 1, you can claim a huge chunk of free search traffic that is targeted and use it to fuel your business.

But how the eff do you do that and is SEO really “dying” like some people claim?

We’re jamming on it all and walking you through our SEO plans in this episode.

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

{4:15} What the heck is SEO anyways? 

{6:55} Is search traffic dead?

{10:15} A glimpse into a recent wild Saturday night of ours

{12:10} WTF is keyword research and how to make it work for your site?

{18:20} Why we’re devoting a lot of energy to “pillar posts” this year

{23:50} How to get your posts ranking on Google

How To Start An Online Business Even If You’re Flippin Broke

How to Start an SEO Business with NO Technical Skills. All you need is a computer and cell phone to work from anywhere you want to. This is a real business you can be proud of.


Schedule your FREE One Hour Strategy call at
I look forward to speaking with you and help you start making money in the next 30 days. Imagine where you’ll be next year at this time if you don’t schedule a call. You will still be searching and struggling.

Also watch testimonial from former elephant handler who was making $19k a year to $3k in one week.

Written Testimonials:
I started Jim’s coaching and mentoring program in November of 2017, and it has been the best business decision I have made thus far in my career. I had no technical experience building website or performing SEO services prior to starting his program. Currently I am building two websites and I have four SEO clients. In less than three months I have generated $7,850 in income, and I am running my business full time. Prior to starting the program, I was providing social media marketing services for businesses, and I really struggled with the time it took to manage my clients AND prospect for new business. I reached a point where it seemed almost impossible to scale without hiring employees. Jim’s program has allowed me to scale my business, make more money, and actually have more free time.

Jim is a phenomenal mentor with life and business experience you will not find in many places. I have learned so much from him in the last three months that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be coached by one of the best in the industry. Thank you Jim, because if not for you, I would still be stuck trying to figure out how to grow my business.
Student: Craig Jarrell
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I work with individuals wanting to get away from the 9 to 5 grind and having the freedom to work in a business you own and that you’re proud of helping local businesses grow. It’s so easy and even easier to make 5 figures a month and land that 1st client in 30 days. It is so easy to make $5,000 a month starting out.

I have generated millions of dollars for my clients through my expert internet marketing techniques.

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Local SEO 6 Tips for More Local Business

In this video, I am going to show you 6 simple techniques to get more traffic and business to your website with Local SEO.

Local SEO can help get more traffic from search engines when people search for locality based keywords.

If you have a business and are looking to grow your local customers and have your business show up in Google Maps, Google Places and Google Local search, then doing these 6 Local SEO techniques will help increase your business.

Follow me for more how-tos, guides and tips on how to start and grow a business online.

SEO Chat with Sam McRoberts

SEO questions answered in a live setting with SEO expert, Sam McRoberts and Pat Flynn!

Sam was featured in Session #261 of the SPI Podcast ( and came on a live chat with me to answer various questions about SEO. This is a replay of that SEO Chat which happened on April 12th. The links mentioned in this chat are all below:

Building an email list? Watch my latest video: “How to Get More Email Subscribers (17 Lead Magnet Ideas)”:

How to get more visitors for free. The basic SEO checklist for getting traffic to your online store.

With Ecommerce sales increasing every year, you need great search engine optimization for yours to increase as well.
Google is your best friend when it comes to SEO because most traffic going to your site is coming from there.

If you want to rank the highest on Google to need superior keywords. Don’t use the same keywords as your competitors and don’t use the same ones repeatedly. Put them in the images you upload and make sure they’re in your headlines.

But there’s a lot more to SEO than just keywords and content. You need to keep in mind your click through rates, loading speed of your pages, quality links etc.


On this channel I show you how you can use Shopify or woocommerce and ecommerce to make money online. I share my best online marketing tips and how to guides.

If you are Interested in starting and growing your own eCommerce store.
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5 SEO tips for eCommerce websites

If you’re looking to increase your organic sales on your eCommerce website then having strong (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is an absolute MUST.
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