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Affordable Social Media Marketing on Facebook for Business Owners

If you are a business owner and need help with Facebook organic and or paid targeted ads, SEO, creating content, engaging headlines and need to keep your cost-per-click down on your Facebook advertising then reach out and text me today for an appointment for your FREE 15 minute phone consultation 4 2 5 – 2 7 3 – 4 1 4 1. I only work with Google, Facebook, Wix and I also train business owners on Facebook DIY ads. We collaborate and I share marketing strategies for your success. Check out www.businessadvertisingmedia.com for my other services and straight forward Facebook, Wix and Google pricing.

Piccolo Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Services

Piccolo Marketing offers search engine optimization services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and new companies. We can improve your search ranking results through organic content marketing, review request management, keyword research, original photography, meta tagging and website optimization, directory listings, and blogging.

SEO services do NOT have to cost thousands of dollars! You can start investing in your business for an affordable rate and little to no additional work on your part! Give us a call to see how we have built other businesses to the top position in Google search!


Web Design Cork – Tips for all Biz Owners

Website Design Tips To Ensure The Success of Your Business Online.
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This channel is dedicated to everything Web Design Cork.

The Digital Department is one of Cork’s leading Website Design and eCommerce companies. Our YouTube channel offers advice on high performance website design, how to make a successful online store, great online marketing, search engine optimisation & much more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and give your business a boost.

We are always here to help so if you like our content ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ for more.

Full SEO for Website Owners – Boost your Traffic Now!

You want to make your dreams come true and drive thousands of visitors to your website .In this course I teach how to hack SEO, starting from beginners level to advanced. So it’s super relevant for blog owners, business owners and freelancers.

The goal of this course is training the basics of SEO in order to boost your ranking with both onpage and offpage strategies, keywords users are searching on Google, data report, and audit your own site for technical SEO optimization aspects.

If you don’t have web coding experience and you are using WordPress or Joomla it’s ok! I’m teaching how to optimize your website using plugins and extensions like yoast and more.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners For SEO of Sites

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners for maximizing all your sites for the search engines. .

Unfortunately, getting new customers for your small local business is not easy. You deal with a LOT of “sales noise” every single day from the phone, internet and walk in. This video series will be a refreshing information solution that will just help and assist you in your customer acquisition across all the marketing platforms. Here is a short outline of what you will find on this video as it pertains to SEO for all your websites:
Tip 1. Claim Your Business Listing in major search engines.
To rank in local search make sure your business name, address, phone number and map location are all correct.
Tip 2. Be Natural .
Tie all of your digital marketing and offline marketing strategies together to create an extremely powerful blend that will help each of them perform better.Post your hours of operation, payment types, menus, photos and other data.
Tip 3. Optimize Visual Content
Use digital methods that PULL in customers, such as quality content, SEO, and videos, which are more cost-effective than PUSH methods.Select categories that that correctly describes your business and what you do and how you can help.
Tip 4. Create Shareable Content
Have no idea what your competition is doing online? This is a major mistake; Always pay attention to your competitors (it’s OK) and use your research to create a better overall strategy and digital advantage. Post often on Google+ as this will enhance your ranking
Tip 5. Check Analytics often
The beauty of digital marketing is that it is very easy to track results unlike traditional forms of marketing; so don’t make assumptions – use all of the available tools and platforms to get real data. Get lots of reviews from your customers. The more the better

Back in the “old days,” if you were a local business, then your ONLY shot at running a successful company was to spend hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on ridiculously expensive advertising in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book. That was the only way for your customers to find you…

But today, that is no longer the case. In fact, the Yellow Pages are rarely used anymore by anyone. Instead, people have turned to searching the internet for everything their heart desires, and that includes not just finding “deals” for products online, but for all of their local needs too!

Instead of spending time leafing through their phone books, consumers are ever increasingly turning to sites like Yahoo, MSN, and Google® to find companies like plumbers, contractors, restaurants, hotels, salons, and so on and so on. So rather than sifting through dozens of entries in their Yellow Pages, they just Google® “plumber in sacramento” and bam!… They’ll end up doing business with one of the first listings they see on their results page.

Is your company on the first page results for your community in a “mobile ready” format so your customers may be able to engage with you? If not, this short video, “Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners” may help you. If you are looking to maximize your customer acquisition efforts, visit our site for offered services or call us.

Little Rock Video Seo For Arkansas Business Owners

Little Rock Video Seo For Arkansas Business Owners
Although new as a dimension to Search engine optimization, Video Search engine optimization appears to a promising arena to discover. Search engine advertising agencies apply all feasible but ethical techniques to get a effective seo technique and they definitely do not appear to ignore the new and potent tool up within the marketplace.

Local SEO 101 (for Small Business Owners)

Local seo 101 – How to rank your business for local search results. The definitive guide to local seo rankings, including NAPS, links, on page optimisation and Google plus.

0:00 – Introduction to Local seo
0:20 – Introduction to myself
0:46 – What is local seo?
2:26 – Why and Who needs local seo services?
5:34 – How often users use Google to search for local businesses
6:57 – How STEP 1 – Keywords
9:37 – How STEP 2 – Metrics, traffic, sales, profit.
10:58 – SEO Myths
13:46 – The Method – part 1 – on-page optimisation
17:38 – The Method – part 2 – NAPs and citations
18:37 – NAPs continued
19:26 – Before we go any further
19:49 – Examples of citation / NAP sources
20:10 – Example of a perfect NAP.
21:27 – Why NAPs Rock – Huge ranking factor
22:14 – Part 3: Backlinks – The Power
23:13 – Part 4 – The Rest
24:22 – The PIE CHART
25:06 – Part 5 – Google Plus and Google my business
26:07 – A few warnings
27:30 – Contact Me Slide

For more information on local seo services or if you are a small business owner and would like to try some of our services at Ghost Marketing, contact me at:

Scottish SEO Expert & Public Speaker, Mike Berry, presentation puts business on 1st page of Google

Scottish SEO Expert Mike Berry (dynamicmike) selects a random entrepreneur from the audience and puts his business on 1st page of google within 5 minutes in front of a live audience at “illuminate” Edinburgh presentation, May 2014

During his 40 minute presentation, Mike explained to the audience of Scottish business owners, some of the myths of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and the ‘rules’ to stay within Google’s guidelines to dominate the natural Google search rankings without having to pay for ads.

in this live video recording, you will see that the computer wasn’t even switched on for the first 20 minutes, and within 5 minutes of work, and plugging in the projector to show the audience, the business was actually onto the very first slot on the first page of Google, above every other natural result, and with loads of paid ads trying to compete for attention within the same niche keywords.

Every business, no matter what they are selling, has to be found & marketing is usually an ongoing strategy for most businesses.

In the online world, it’s even more obvious if your business cannot be found.

How many of your potential customers are going to search the Google search results (other search engines are available) beyond page one?
a handful will search up to maybe page four, but nobody is going to search to page 40 in order to find your business. Your business MUST be on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE NATURAL SEARCH RESULTS!

Using a live example by choosing a random member of the audience, Mike explains how to break down the generic keywords into specific ‘buying’ keywords, and he shows us that it’s actually very easy & fast to be found on the first page of Google for the real buying keywords that your paying customers are searching for (and not those simply looking for FREE INFORMATION).

Before you think of paying SEO experts to rank your business onto the first page of Google, make sure you do your own research & due diligence, and ensure that they too know what they are talking about, and they can prove that they have hundreds of stunning results and testimonials as Mike has.

Mike wrote advanced SEO Guides and Video Tuition series in 2009, and because all of his advice follows the white-hat rules of Google & Youtube, all of Mike’s rankings are STILL on the first page of Google, and have never been subject to any of the Google ‘slaps’.

Scottish SEO Expert, Author & Public Speaker, Mike Berry, presentation puts business on 1st page of Google in front of live audience.

Making Money Online starts with being found!

Screenshots on facebook album here;

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Free Software – Freebie for website owners

– FREE SEO Software download for a limited time only. If you want this NEW software before I start to sell it, then you can now before I give away all my complimentary copies! It’s a very simple SEO software that let’s you SPY on your competitors websites, and get information on your own sites or blogs! Enjoy, and let me know what you think about it.