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How To Get Gift Guide Press For Your Products For Artist Sellers – Etsy – Kathy Weller Art

Hi there! In this video, I share ways you can increase your potential to get your product featured in those gift guides like you see on Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Huff Post, Pop Sugar and the like.
TIMESTAMPS – jump to where you want to go, in the video:

0:05 – What qualifies me to talk about this
1:12 – Factor #1 – Be Where They Look
2:08 – Factor #2 – Great Photos and Mock-Up Talk
2:58 – The TWO Caveats Of Using Mock-Up’s (and how to avoid them)
3:35 – Note To Anti-Mock Up Artist Sellers
4:06 – Factor #3 – Skip The LOGO
5:33 – Factor #4 – Trendy Themes
6:03 – Factor #5 – S.E.O. Optimization
6:30 – Finding Your Feature
7:08 – Final Thoughts


Mentioned in this video


Photo enhancement editing resources:

Adobe software

(this is what I use)




(I use this too)


SEO Related Resources:

The Merriweather Council

Abundant resources for Etsy sellers: ecourses, ebooks, a podcast, a Facebook Group. Danielle’s Etsy class teaches best practices for Etsy SEO. I recommend it!


Available by monthly subscription, this is a tool that helps with Etsy search terms.

Google Analytics:

(Sign up for this in order to track traffic and analytics to your shop or site)


Mock Ups

Creative Market for mock-ups

Shop at Creative Market for mock-ups:

11 oz. Mugs modeled in real life-

(this is an affiliate link)

(same thing but not an affiliate link)

15 oz. Mug mock-up bundle-

(affiliate link)

(non-affiliate link)

If you want to support my channel at no cost to you, please use my affiliate links .


Links to my shops and details mentioned in the video:

My shop’s press page:

All of my Etsy feedback reviews:

My Etsy store:

My Shopify store:


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SEO Link Building: Backlinks Still Effective? PBNs, Social Signals, Press Releases

SEO Link Building – Do you still need to build backlinks in order to rank on page 1 of Google. In this video, I talk about the truth of what is required to rank on page one of google, and some 100% white hat ways to build backlinks to your website.

I believe back linking is still incredibly important to good SEO rankings… and in this video I reveal 3 powerful backlinks for 2017: Including backlinks that increase social signals, press releases, and Private blog networks!

Legal Disclaimer: This video is intellectual property of Deadbeat Inc. We assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this channel. This content is for educational purposes only, and is not tax, legal, or professional advice. Always do your own due diligence. Any action you take on the information in this video is strictly at your own risk.

Video Press Release Service

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Video Press Release – Your Video on 100’s of TV Network Sites
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Many small or mid-sized businesses have a tough time getting in front of their ideal audience.
A video press release is a cutting edge strategy that is more affordable than you realize!
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We know that as a small or mid-sized business owner, you need to focus most of your time on the daily running of the company. Your priority is managing your product or service to increase the bottom line.

We understand!

Let us take care of your online marketing. We know you simply don’t have enough time, or perhaps you’re simply not that interested in keeping up with all the changing strategies that make up a successful online marketing campaign.

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A Video Press Release is an outstanding way to present yourself as the ultimate authority figure in your field. Get cited in the affiliated network websites of major channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. This will identify your company as an authority in your areas of expertise.

A Press Release With VIDEO Gets 55% More Views Than One Without

This kind of publicity can also cause your story to go viral. If your press release appeals to reporters or to those with a large social media following, your article gets even more free exposure.

We’ll produce your video with professional spokespersons – or we can edit your own footage.

Fast results. Your press release will be live days after the final video is approved.
Your video will be available to 1,000’s of journalists and news reporters.
Your high quality video will be viewed by those who can make an impact on your business.
Why publish a Video Press Release?

Wide Distribution

No matter the size, any business will benefit from press release distribution. Your news stories can get you coverage in blogs, news websites, trade journals, newspapers, magazines, and many other publications. Of course, you won’t get that kind of publicity unless you actually write about your business in the first place!

Extremely Cost Effective

Press release distribution gives wide distribution for a very modest investment. The additional SEO benefits it offers your website is also of great value. In fact the exposure provided by an engaging video press release offers much greater results than investing a similar amount into other forms of paid online advertising.

Spread your message Virally

An interesting article will be spread throughout the various social media channels which will amplify your message beyond the original websites it gets listed on.

Mass Publicity:
Your press release will be distributed to thousands of journalists.

Syndication to 300,000 journalists & distribution to major press release sites.

This increases the chance that your press release will be picked up by news publications and authority websites.

Instant Authority.

Become a cited expert in the major media and leverage this authority so that your business stands out from the crowd.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Visibility
You’ll also gain high quality backlinks from authority websites sites and video hosting sites.
Video Press Release as viewed on US TV Network websites.

Interactive Media Strategies recently launched a new marketing content program called Content4Marketers (C4M).

We’ll shoot your video with the professional actor of your choice

Creating a video to highlight your company makes a much bigger impact than plain text. Your video will be created using customized high-end production values which will reflect well on your business.

We’ll even add in an animated logo, 3D titles and ‘B-roll’ footage to help illustrate your news story. Of course, you will own the full copy-rights to the video content. This means you can also embed the video on your own website and distribute it on your social media channels. Depending on the keywords you use for your video title, there’s a good chance that your business will rank well in YouTube search results as well as in the regular search engines.

100% Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Delivery Guarantee. We will deliver the results as contracted in our agreement within 2 weeks of your press release being posted live.
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Search Engine Visibility: your business website will rank higher in the search results.

Video Press Release Service

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Press Releases and Public Relations [Webinar Recording]

Learn how to use search engine-optimized press releases to increase organic search traffic from Google to your website.

[Webinar Recording] Public Relations is Dead, Long Live Public Relations

Google’s recent “Panda” algorithm update triggered many SEO agencies around the globe to speculate that this was the end of the search engine-optimized press release as we knew it.

Here’s what happened: the “bad apples” in the SEO industry who didn’t adhere to Google’s Quality Guidelines saw their low quality, over-optimized press releases vanish from Google’s search results and the press releases that provide high quality and useful content started to show up higher in Google’s search results.

More than ever now, high quality search engine-optimized press releases are an effective and inexpensive way to generate quality backlinks to your website, improve your site’s visibility in search engines and to increase referral and organic search traffic to your site.

From a “conventional” public relations standpoint, press releases are your window to the world. They support your branding efforts, they keep your customers and stakeholders informed about your latest activities and they also reach potential new customers.

In 45-minute webinar recording, public relations expert Marc Gutman of WildStory Media and SEO training expert Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing discuss the ins and outs of how to get the most out of your public relations efforts.

You will learn:

– How to include search engine-optimized press releases as part of your digital marketing strategy
– How to draft and properly optimize press releases that will show up on Google’s page number one
– Ways to distribute press releases through free and paid online distribution channels
– How to monitor and measure the success of your search engine-optimized press releases
– What is Public Relations (PR)?
– Why a press release maybe good for SEO but not for getting media attention
– How to get free press coverage (earned media)
– 3 Tips on getting journalists to write about your company

About the Presenters
Marc Gutman is founder of WildStory Media, a Boulder-based, boutique Public Relations firm specializing in PR, media relations, corporate communications, reputation management, social media, and digital strategy.

Marc loves helping business of all types get more recognition and get their wild stories out to the world.

Chris Raulf is founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique online SEO training and consulting agency located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Chris and his team assist local, national as well international clients with all of their SEO, social media and content marketing needs.

Chris has 15+ years of digital marketing expertise under his belt and The Online Marketing Institute recently added him to their “Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014” list.

Guide : Auto Social Poster Pro v3.9 for WordPress / Free Download Free seo tools on bulkping for

Guide : Auto Social Poster Pro v3.9 for WordPress / Free Download Free seo tools on bulkping for Site Search engine optimisation Movie Auto, Social, Poster, Pro, v3.9, for, WordPress, full, free, download, hack, kacking, working, tutorial, 2011, best, word, press, bot, software, code Auto Social Poster Pro v3.9 for WordPress

Social bookmarking involves posting a link back to your web page or blog post from a social bookmarking website which stores the link. You enter keywords (called Tags) which categorize your bookmark and allow others to search, view and vote for your bookmark. You are basically sharing your sites with visitors and members of the bookmarking site.

There is benefit to this on several levels:

1. First you get direct traffic from people clicking on your bookmark and going directly to your web page. This usually won’t be a huge amount of traffic in most cases, but is is very targeted. Also, every once in a while you get a site that will take off and become very popular from this alone.

2. The next benefit is an increased potential for fast search engine indexing. When you post your bookmark to a bookmarking site, it will be displayed on the front page. Now these pages are usually a very high PR, ranging from PR5 to PR7 or PR8!

What this means is that Googlebot and other search engine spiders visit this page hundreds of times each day. When they visit and find your links there they will check out your site immediately. Think about this: Google is finding your page from a link on a very high PR site. This is the “best scenario” for getting a good search engine ranking.

Auto Social Poster Pro v3.9 for WordPress / FULL

Guide : Submit News and Press Release Distribution on TransWorldNews Online seo tools on bulkping

Guide : Submit News and Press Release Distribution on TransWorldNews Online seo tools on bulkping for Site Seo Video submit, news, press, release, distribution, website, site, yourfindit, transworldnews, finditt, commentary, analysis News and press release distribution is a vital component to delivering company and business information to a larger audience. Through distribution of press releases companies, businesses and individuals can effectively broadcast a wealth of information regarding corporate announcements, earnings, products and services and other important facets related to their message.

TransWorldNews offers a variety of news and press release distribution options for these companies, businesses and individuals, each designed to serve the specific needs of its members.

Web distribution for press releases start at $49.95 and includes placement on all TransWorldNews sites in 13 countries, RSS feeds, affiliate sites and is available for indexing by major search engines. Each press release is search engine optimized (SEO) to ensure proper indexing on web searches.

The single press release option offers the ability to upgrade distribution to include newsroom distribution which will include all of the above web outlets as well as direct submission to newsroom and media outlets for $99.95.

Creating an account on TransWorldNews is free and provides each member with an opportunity to utilize other services available through TransWorldNews such as uploading Newsletters, uploading Analyst Reports, and uploading Audio Interviews.

In addition to single press release options TransWorldNews also offers an Unlimited Press Releases for One Year package that enables a single company or individual to distribute news releases that pertain to their company’s news, announcements, products or their services. Public Relations firms representing several companies can contact TransWorldNews for pricing on multiple accounts.

As an added service provided by TransWorldNews, Inc. members can take advantage of the social and business networking community YourFindit. By simply signing in (using your same username and password) to

SEO Tip – How to build Press Release backlinks

See the full Tutorial here:
And part 2 SEO Basics Video Course -2- Backlink Building Strategies here:

How to build Press Release backlinks

Press releases are an often overlooked method to get backlinks because not many people have heard of them or understand how they work. Press release sites are news release sites that operate online and despite their traditional offline definition, you don’t necessarily have to submit any “news breaking content” all one needs to do is to write an article with an objective news style.

Here are a few ideas you can use to create press release articles:

New products or services
Industry developments
Professional association news
Corporate and Community Events
Newsworthy stories from your local TV or newspaper that relates to your business
For many press release sites you can include what’s called a contextual backlink. Contextual backlinks are the best type of backlinks to get and are characterized by being surrounded by text content. Use your main keyword as the anchor text of your backlink and link it back to the URL of the homepage of your website. However, you need to make sure that the press release site allows contextual backlinks before using them.

Examples of Press Release Sites:

An important thing to note is that you shouldn’t submit the same article to all the press release sites. Instead you should submit unique articles to each site. One of the ways you can speed up your press release submissions is to take one article and spin it into many different articles, and then submit each spun article to a separate press release site.

As you go about building press release backlinks make sure you keep a list of the URLs of all the press release pages where you submitted your press releases. This helps you to build a list of Press release sites you can use in the future and to also help you build backlinks to those articles since this will help get your content indexed faster.

SEO Basics Video Course -2- Backlink Building Strategies
9. 4 Tips on How to structure your backlinking campaign:
10. 6 Qualities of a good backlink:
11. How to build backlinks from Article directories:
12. How to build Press Release backlinks:
13. How to build blog commenting backlinks:
14. How to build blog network backlinks:
15. How to build guest blogging backlinks:
16. How to build forum backlinks:
17. How to build web 2.0 Backlinks:
18. How to build Edu and Gov backlinks:
19. How to Build Social Bookmarking Backlinks:
20. How to build RSS Backlinks: