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How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing | Ep. #180

In Episode #180, Eric and Neil discuss how you can get started with affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing and how can this benefit your brand and company? Tune in to find out how to be successful in affiliate marketing and the essential guidelines for setting it up. 

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing 00:35 – Affiliate marketing is performance marketing 01:10 – The commission will depend on the industry and products 01:39 – Affiliate marketing is getting other marketers to push your product 01:47 – Affiliate Marketing One Hour a Day by Evgenii Prussakov 02:06 – It’s about the traffic you can get and what you can promote that is relevant to the offer 02:52 – You can also do paid advertising 03:05 – Cheap traffic sources are Facebook and Pinterest 03:26 – LeadDyno and Getambassador are great tools 04:07 – Have specific guidelines set up so your brand won’t get destroyed by the affiliate 04:25 – Go to any popular affiliate network and see what offers convert the best 04:52 – If your conversions are not done right, you’re not going to have any revenue 05:24 – In Clickbanks,their metrics helps you guide your conversion 05:48 – Credit Karma tells you the credit score 06:00 – TPG or The Points Guy is doing affiliate marketing really well 06:27 – Make sure that whatever you do in affiliate marketing, it’s for the long term 06:34 – Look for long-term legitimate companies and not shady ones 06:56 – Use Pretty Link which is a WordPress plugin to cloak your links 07:20 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Affiliate marketing is performance marketing. Look for companies you can work with for the long term—don’t fall for shady affiliates that can possibly ruin your brand. Get your conversions right—do the work to understand everything you can about affiliate marketing. Leave some feedback:

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5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

– There are a lot of big SEO strategies and rules out there to help you gain some ground in the search engine rankings. That said, sometimes it’s the small things you do with SEO for your site that can make the difference so you can outrank a competing website.

Here are 5 Quick Mini SEO Tips to help you gain an edge over your competition and hopefully, in time, surpass them in the search engine rankings (and hold your position).

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