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Selling Online: Products to Avoid With a Dropshipping Ecommerce Store [Oberlo weekly Q&A]

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own dropshipping business, you might have wondered which products are best to sell.

And one question you might have asked yourself already is: “can I sell branded products in my store?”

We’re here to help entrepreneurs succeed, so we’ve created this video to cover this topic and give you the peace of mind when you’re selling products.

Generally, it’s best to avoid selling any branded products from your store – you’ll need a retail license to if you wanted to go down that route.

Getting a licence can be a complicated process, and it takes the ease out of dropshipping.

Instead of trying to sell branded products, we recommend that you opt for unbranded products instead. There are thousands of suppliers and millions products that you can dropship that you can sell without having to worry about licensing rights.

If you’re looking for products to sell online, check out some of these resources below – we’re sure they’ll help you to find great products.

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How To Get Gift Guide Press For Your Products For Artist Sellers – Etsy – Kathy Weller Art

Hi there! In this video, I share ways you can increase your potential to get your product featured in those gift guides like you see on Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Huff Post, Pop Sugar and the like.
TIMESTAMPS – jump to where you want to go, in the video:

0:05 – What qualifies me to talk about this
1:12 – Factor #1 – Be Where They Look
2:08 – Factor #2 – Great Photos and Mock-Up Talk
2:58 – The TWO Caveats Of Using Mock-Up’s (and how to avoid them)
3:35 – Note To Anti-Mock Up Artist Sellers
4:06 – Factor #3 – Skip The LOGO
5:33 – Factor #4 – Trendy Themes
6:03 – Factor #5 – S.E.O. Optimization
6:30 – Finding Your Feature
7:08 – Final Thoughts


Mentioned in this video


Photo enhancement editing resources:

Adobe software

(this is what I use)




(I use this too)


SEO Related Resources:

The Merriweather Council

Abundant resources for Etsy sellers: ecourses, ebooks, a podcast, a Facebook Group. Danielle’s Etsy class teaches best practices for Etsy SEO. I recommend it!


Available by monthly subscription, this is a tool that helps with Etsy search terms.

Google Analytics:

(Sign up for this in order to track traffic and analytics to your shop or site)


Mock Ups

Creative Market for mock-ups

Shop at Creative Market for mock-ups:

11 oz. Mugs modeled in real life-

(this is an affiliate link)

(same thing but not an affiliate link)

15 oz. Mug mock-up bundle-

(affiliate link)

(non-affiliate link)

If you want to support my channel at no cost to you, please use my affiliate links .


Links to my shops and details mentioned in the video:

My shop’s press page:

All of my Etsy feedback reviews:

My Etsy store:

My Shopify store:


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How to research Keywords for Amazon products to generate Sales

How to research Keywords for Amazon products to generate Sales:

★★FOLLOW THE DATA. Learn what keywords and phrases your competition is using to rank their Amazon product listings high in search results.★★

I will conduct research and extract data for the best relevant information related to your Amazon product listing with low competition. Visit for details.

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

Golf SEO Michigan – Sell More Golf Products With Search Engine Optimization – Troy, MI

Would you like to rank your golf products on Google and not have to pay outrageous paid click costs? You can throw a fortune away on Facebook if you don’t know what your doing. This is going to put a serious dent in your business. I have been showing businesses just like yours on how to beat the system through simple tactics using SEO search engine optimization and social media strategies.

This is a great way to sell golf products by Titlist, Ping, Calloway and more. You can sell everything from hats, golf carts, clubs, drivers, irons, golf bags and promote country clubs. In fact, my best online email list I ever built was in the golf industry. I did that for a client. We generated 1500 leads in just a few days and even I was surprised. When it comes to promoting golf items the web is the sure way to go.

We put companies like yours all over search engines like google, yahoo and bing and in social media sites. Basically every corner of the web. In short, I make businesses like yours easy to find so you get more customers, contacts, and business… I have been doing this for businesses since 2001.

First let me introduce myself to you… I am Ted Cantu

There are many copycat guys out there who claim to do the same kind of work I do… But unlike those other guys I come from the advertising industry and have worked in several markets including Chicago and New York City. I have worked with big brands like Coca cola, Citibank, Capital Records, Ford, and the WWE.

So what can I do for you? I have put some of my dentist clients into early retirement. I have also taken no name beauty whole sale companies and have boosted them into high rankings and have created several brick and mortar store fronts. I have done this in health and nutrition, hydroponics, medical, and many more.

Get free tips on how to win seling golf products online at:


SEO on Shopify – Optimizing Product’s for the Search Engines

Get a 14 Day Shopify Free Trial Here!

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In this video I explain how to optimize your product’s seo on shopify. Shopify seo is very simple and you will have it down in minutes!

Interested in learning about drop shipping with Shopify? Check out this 5 part video series! Here’s the link to part 1:

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Amazon and Kindle SEO: How to sell more by ranking your books or products in Amazon & Kindle search

Amazon and Kindle SEO tutorial: How to make your books or products rank in Amazon search!

Here is my full course on how to promote your business:

Here is my full marketing book:

In this tutorial I explain how you can sell more of your books or products on Amazon by getting your items to rank well in relevant Amazon searches, and essentially leveraging Amazon SEO. A big part of Amazon’s search ranking algorithm depends on the conversion rate of the people who visit your product landing page to actual buyers. Obviously the more people buy your product the more money Amazon will make, and therefore it is important to Amazon that your product converts well into sales. So you must make sure to get your product or book landing page to convert well. Once you do that, this alone will help to increase your sales. But this isn’t it. You will need to do your best to drive people to your Amazon sales page and drive more sales so that those sales help you rank in Amazon. If you do this, over time, you should begin to jump over your competitors in Amazon. It might sounds simple, but it isn’t because driving sales and getting people to spend money with your business is quite difficult and will require a tremendous effort.

Another important component on Amazon and Kindle SEO the clickthrough rate of the people who search for a particular term. If your listing preview is more attractive than the listing previews of your competitors, you will have a higher clickthrough rate than your competitors, and that will also help you rank higher on Amazon. The only caveat is that your product sales page must convert people at a high enough rate because if they press the back button after landing on your page, that is a negative signal about your listing, and will prevent you from ranking higher. So make sure people don’t have a reason to press the back button when they find your book or product on Amazon.

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What is pagerank? Is pagerank still important and does it still matter to rank your website?

Blog commenting: Does posting blog comments and links help SEO?

Deeper look at what is white hat seo vs. gray hat SEO vs. black hat SEO

What is SEO link juice? Does link juice help your website rank in Google & should you preserve it?

Follow vs. no follow links for SEO:

What to do with out of stock products? E-Commerce SEO tip.

This is another video in series of our Magento / E-commerce SEO tips. Toni Anicic is explaining what to do with the out of stock products by using the e-commerce SEO best practices. Leave a comment at the article:

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Post Panda SEO | and the common mistakes beginners make

Post Panda SEO –

There was a time, not too long ago, when life was easy on Google street. All you had to do was produce content, build tons of links to it, and there you were, ranking among the big boys in a Google search result — and enjoying the fruits of it.

But things changed last year, when Google Panda hit. Some of the world’s largest websites, including companies like Ezine Articles, eHow, etc, went from dominating the SERPs to nowhere… overnight. And it was because of one reason: low quality content.

Low quality content affects two sides of your SEO effort: link building and content strategy.

Post-Panda Link Building:
(1) One of the most popular advice SEO gurus chant before Panda hit is to submit articles to article directories. The idea was to give these directories content, in exchange for a link to your website. It used to work for a while.

But here’s the problem: these directories have little — if any — editorial filter. So instead of real, useful content, you get lots of shallow, low quality articles. Google Panda hit them hard, and the link juice they pass disappeared.

The same is true with “web 2.0” websites. Don’t bother creating squidoo lenses, hubpages and the like in the attempt to build links. Not only are these sites stricter with spam control now, these also pass a lot less link value. There are — much — better ways to build links… which brings me to my next point.

So what kind of links should you go for today? Here are 2 great ways to do it:
(1) Guest posts on high quality websites. This article is an example of it. It’s like submitting an article to a directory, except this one you have to approach a blogger who is usually very selective of what he publishes on his website.

(2) Create great content and link baits. Then go out and build relationships with other bloggers so they link to your website, naturally. It’s not easy, but that’s the point. If it’s easy, it will also be easy for your competitors to duplicate your efforts.

Content Strategy:
What many big websites used to do is hire 100 writers across Asia and have them pump out articles at $3 each. With plenty of content on their website, they began to rank for lots of long tail keywords and enjoy untold amount of internal link power.

Of course, they were also the ones hardest hit by Panda.

Today, you need to publish only quality content, and that means asking yourself these questions:

(1) Will this article be fit to publish in a magazine?
(2) Does it have substance? Will someone reading this article learn something new?
(3) Does the article consist of mainly duplicated content?
(4) Is the article’s content substantially different from the rest of the search results?
(5) Would YOU trust the information in that article?
(6) And last, yes, grammatical and factual errors matter.

These are some of the things Google TRY to achieve so it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t rank if you don’t meet all of these factors. But even if Google doesn’t care about these things, you should, because these things affect your user’s experience. And a good user experience leads to more business for you.

Other than your content, here are a couple more ways you can increase user experience:
(1)Place ads only in strategic areas. Google frowns upon websites that have more ads than editorial content. And if that’s not a good enough reason for you, here’s one that might: a company I used to work with tested this and we were able to double ad clicks by reducing the number of ads.
(2) Invest in great design and usability. It’s arguable that Google knows more about your website than you think. Browsers who use Google Chrome, for example, pass their browsing habits to Google for analysis — and so Google knows, on average, how well your website performs. The same is true with Google Analytics.
(3) This doesn’t have to do with user experience but it’s crucial nonetheless: start building your social presence. Beginners like to ignore this altogether since it doesn’t generate immediate profits. But a large website with no social presence is actually a little suspicious. And according to SEOMoz, the highest correlating factor of high rankings is actually not unique C-Block links — it’s Facebook likes.

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