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Quick Local SEO Techniques For Monday

Hey everyone,
It’s a great day today in Calgary and I’m on a conference trip right now but don’t want to forget to keep pumping out any valuable contents for y’all!

I’ll be revealing the 3 Best Local SEO Techniques that you can implement TODAY.

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SEO Android App. Mobile application for quick SEO Check. Sinium SEO Part – 1

SEO in your Android Phone – Sinium SEO App.
Check your website SEO from your phone! Fast and useful inside and over view on search engine optimization!

Sinium GooglePlayMarket:

My wesite:

Sinium SEO Tools is a collection of 50+ SEO tools to enable developers with one of the most powerful search engine optimization apps you will find in the market today. The app is completely FREE to use, the Ads can be removed for a small fee.
All of our SEO tools are completely free and require no signup. We strive to provide the best seo app with seo tools used by professional seo experts and consultants. For Advanced SEO and PPC Management services, please contact us via sinium.com/contact.

SEO Android App. Mobile application for quick SEO Check. Sinium SEO Part – 1
Sinium SEO Tools

I Highly Recommend The App, I Use it to see How My Pages and Post Effect My Website and I Also Use it To see where I can Improve. So I can Adjust My links and Backlinks as I see Fit to Improve my Index Rankings. Thanks For Such a Wonderful App.

Quick SEO Tips That Will Get Your Website Found Online – Wix Website Tutorial – Wix For Beginners

Weekly WIx Tips –
Wix Talks Podcast –
These quick and easy SEO tips will help your Wix website get to the first page of Google and get found online. Optimizing your SEO in Wix is actually much easier than it seems with the easy access to the page metadata and the Wix SEO Wiz tool. In addition, by creating quality content with a variation of media, you will begin to see your web traffic increase.
Topics Covered:
-Wix My Website Course
-Discussing SEO Best Practices
-Editing Page Metadata
-Using The Wix SEO Wiz Tool
-Tips On SEO
-Using Content To Improve Your SEO
-Wix My Website Conclusion
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This Wix series will have multiple Wix tutorials uploaded EVERY WEEK of 2017! Email me for any Wix troubles you may have.

Blogger SEO Tutorial – How to Quick index your New Blog Post in Google Search Engine – Part 12

► Complete Blogger Tutorial Series :
► Complete Blogger SEO Tutorial:

In this video i will show you the trick on how to quick index your new fresh blog post, new blog post will index in google.com but it takes a days or weeks, if you want to quick index your new blog post, this video video the right solution for you…

► Google Web Masters Tool

► Buy a domain name for your blog, just 1.00 USD only…

I strongly suggest watch all videos and don’t skip, stay tune.

This video will continue on part 13…


Next Part of Blogger SEO Tutorial Videos:

► Part 13: How to Submit your Blog XML Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools

► Part 14: How to Submit your Blog XML Sitemap to Yandex Webmaster Tools

► Part 15: After Submitted to Google.com / How many Blog posts for SEO impact

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Axl Mulat

How to Conduct a Quick 5-Min SEO Analysis with Ahrefs

Learn how to do a quick SEO analysis of your backlink profile, new & lost backlinks, and competitor analysis with Ahrefs.

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Quick Start guide for DIY Local SEO pt 1 Google Plus Local Page

Business Homepage

Business Guidelines

Connect Brand to local page

Verification Information

These websites below are not affiliated with RMX Digital studio but have great visual guides for you to use

Google Plus image guide for classic view

Google Plus Image guide for updated 2016 look

check us out at

Website Design and Development
HTMl Email Creation and coming soon deployment
Mobile App creation
Organic SEO setup
and more!

Thank you for watching, please let us know in the comments below if you wanted more detailed information in this video or if it was just enough to help get you started.

Future videos will include Facebook and Facebook ads, using twitter to connect to clients, how to use youtube to drive website visitors, setting up citation sites and setting up business directories.