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Creating a Marketing Campaign: Quick Guide to Local SEO in 2018

Creating a marketing campaign is the bread and butter for both online and offline companies. If you’re a brick-and-mortar operation or offer a local service, then digital marketing is key to your success.

Everyone today uses the internet to find products and services. And Google and other search engines are showcasing local businesses to these searchers, which makes it imperative that you use local SEO.

In this video, we discuss tips for creating a marketing campaign with the main focus on local search engine optimization. This is a bit different than general SEO, but it’s not hard to understand.

It does require persistence and some know how. If you’re considering hiring an SEO professional, it’s still important to understand the ins and outs of creating a marketing campaign. This way, you know when you hired a true professional.

Take a look at this video today to learn more about local SEO and how it can help your online marketing campaign.

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Local SEO is a great way to build a successful marketing campaign for your local business.

You’ll find that 90% of searchers haven’t made up their mind about a brand before their search. This means if you can rank in the top spot for your website, you’ll have a great chance of success.

Local SEO is an easy way you can build up your audience and expose yourself more to your local clients.


Ranking your Google My Business listing in Google could be one of the most powerful tools for your campaign.

If you can rank in the top three of Google My Business rankings, you’ll get a significant amount of traffic without buying ads.

It works by combining all your different Google platforms into one location. This includes your Google+ profile, Google Maps, your Google reviews and access to other Google insights.

This tool gives you immediate credibility online and a lot of visibility. If you run a local business, this should be your number one priority.


There are over 40,000 search queries a second on Google. So it’s no surprise Google AdWords is competitive, expensive, and powerful in making a real difference in your marketing strategy.

Even though AdWords is an ad network, the goal is always focused on the end user.

Google will assign a quality score to your ad based on different factors, such as click-through rates, relevance, and landing page quality.

This quality score factors into the bid price you’ll pay for your ad to display.


With long-form blog articles generating 9x more leads than short-form blog posts, it’s easy to see the value in content marketing for your business.

Content marketing ties itself into SEO and is one of the best ways to build a good brand for your business.

Content marketing very much focuses on generating long-term results not a short-term win like you might get with AdWords.

Content marketing isn’t easy though. It requires a lot of different elements to be successful, such as quality content, relevant topics, SEO, mobile optimization, and constant publishing.


Email marketing is the cornerstone of internet marketing for many marketers. Keep in mind, most people who visit your site aren’t going to buy from you immediately.

Capturing contact information for lead nurturing and additional marketing is one of the best ways to sell. In fact, email is still one of the highest converting mediums available for converting your leads into customers.

Once your customer subscribes to your email list, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver valuable content to them directly. This can then lead to you selling products once you’ve established their trust.

Now you’ve got a better understanding of creating a marketing campaign. It’s time to start growing leads and building exposure for your local business.

For more support on growing your local business online, contact us today! You can also visit our site for more tips and tricks.

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SEO Quick Wins – Chloe Bodard at BrightonSEO

Chloe Bodard’s talk on SEO Quick Wins From A Technical Check at BrightonSEO September 2017.

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Quick Local SEO Techniques For Monday

Hey everyone,
It’s a great day today in Calgary and I’m on a conference trip right now but don’t want to forget to keep pumping out any valuable contents for y’all!

I’ll be revealing the 3 Best Local SEO Techniques that you can implement TODAY.

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How To Promote A Beauty Business Using Video Marketing. Affordable & Quick Videos

More info:

How To Promote A Beauty Business Using Video Marketing. Affordable & Quick Videos

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I’m going to explain how you can promote your beauty therapy, skincare, wellness, hair, or nail business with video marketing.

For several years I was the webmaster for I used to update the site with new material each week and prepare the mailshots. You can read a testimonial from the owners, Jo and Sarah, on my business home page

For anyone already in the business of beauty or just starting out, getting known and attracting new customers is vitally important.

You need to establish a client base made up of customers who return for further treatments. But you also need to find new customers because people move on as circumstances in their lives change.

So your marketing needs to be effective and good value for money. A video in the format you’re looking at now is a very useful tool in your marketing toolbox.

It’s also very affordable and you pay for it only once. No more repeat invoices from the marketing agency.

You can embed your video in your website. You can share it repeatedly in social media. You can add a copy to your Facebook page. And of course, it’s forever there for anyone to find on YouTube.

You have complete control of the script and the images used. You choose the narration style; man, woman, and accent.

You could have one or multiple videos to showcase different services or product ranges.

So contact me now on ben@redspan.com or call +44 (0)1329 286 169. Let’s have a no-obligation chat and see if there’s some way I can help you to promote your beauty business.

Video marketing does work and it’s good value for money.


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How to Improve Your Ranking Position on Google Maps | Ep. #454

In Episode #454, Eric and Neil discuss how to improve your ranking position on Google Maps. Tune in to learn why citation is important for your local SEO and why your name and address need to match what is used on Google Maps.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Improve Your Ranking Position on Google Maps 00:34 – First, verify your Google My Business information 00:46 – Use the same name and address for your website that is shown on Google Maps 01:18 – Acquire Google reviews for your business by asking your customers to leave a review 01:41 – Integrate the Google Maps location onto your website 01:48 – Use citation tools like Moz Local, Yext and BrightLocal for local SEO 02:07 – Make sure you have great images for your locations 02:17 – Links to your site help a lot 02:56 – Run ads on Google Maps 03:03 – Marketing School is giving away 90-day FREE trial to Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool 03:14 – Go to SingleGrain.com/giveaway to get your FREE copy 03:18 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Google Maps can drive more traffic to your website. Have the same name and address on your website that is used on Google Maps so Google can read it properly. Ensure that you have reviews on Google as people rely on these reviews. Leave some feedback:

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Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Use Google Trends to Improve Your SEO 00:35 – Search for keywords that you are ranking for and Google Trends will give you additional ideas 00:58 – Google Trends will tell you what’s currently hot and integrate that content onto your website 01:25 – Eric is currently interested with cryptocurrency and he knows which keywords he needs to include in his writing 02:00 – Search for your brand on Google Trends to give you a better idea about whether or not you need to work on your branding 02:20 – Google Trends is free and easy to use 02:35 – Marketing School is giving away 90-day FREE trial to Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool 02:44 – Go to SingleGrain.com/giveaway to get your FREE copy 02:48 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Search your keywords to get additional ideas for your content. Find the trending topics and try to integrate them into your posts. Find out how your brand is performing by utilizing Google Trends. Leave some feedback:

What should we talk about next? Please let us know in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review. Connect with us:

NeilPatel.com Quick Sprout Growth Everywhere Single Grain Twitter @neilpatel Twitter @ericosiu

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