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4 Proven Ways to Get More High Quality Backlinks and Boost Your SEO Rankings

One of the best ways to grow your search engine rankings is to get more high quality backlinks. But, if your website isn’t linkable, no one’s gonna link to it, which means you’re not gonna rank. Here’s are 3 ways to make your site more linkable.

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The first thing you need to do is add a blog. This is definitely one of the best seo link building strategies that works today. People love linking to content and information, especially ones that educate or that are humorous or that tell jokes or anything that entertains. If you don’t have a blog, then you’ll never get any backlinks! Who wants to link to a contact page?

The second thing I have for you, and this works extremely well to produce a ton of high quality backlinks if you’re a B to B company, is to have case studies. When you have a case study, the company that you’re featuring usually will link back to it and promote it. So, if you’re a B to B company, head up all your customers and try to create case studies.

The third thing that you need to do is create detailed guides and content, like ebooks, white papers, advanced guides. This will boost your SEO because people love to link to them.

When you do this, people are like, “Oh my God, this information’s so amazing, “it could be a book. “I woulda spent 50 bucks buying it on Amazon, “but I can get it from your site for free now.” That’s what causes a lot of backlinks.

And, last but not least, create infographics. I know infographics have been out for a long time, but people have stopped doing them. I don’t know why. They still go viral, people love linking to ’em more than any other content type out there, but for some weird reason, people have gotten lazy and they’re like, “Eh, let’s not “create as many infographics.”

So, you know what, go to dribbble.com and you can find infographic designers.

Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords to Boost SEO Rankings?

If you want to rank higher in Google, having keywords within your domain name makes it easier.
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Just look at Hotels.com. They have the term “hotel” in their domain name and they rank really well.

But just because someone ranks well for a term it doesn’t mean they will be the leader in the space. For example, booking.com is larger than hotels.com and they don’t have a keyword in their domain name.

Now, you can still rank if you don’t have a keyword within your domain name. You can always add keywords within your URL structure, which is one of the reasons I rank for terms like “online marketing” even though my domain name is NeilPatel.com.

When picking a domain name try to keep it short and of course if you can fit in a keyword, great. If not, no worries. More importantly, your domain name should be memorable which will make it easier to brand.

Bulletproof Tactic to Dominate Google Search Rankings – How to Create Backlinks For SEO

One of the best ways to get higher Google search rankings is to know how to create backlinks to your website.
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But it isn’t just about link building and how many websites point to you. It’s also about how authoritative those sites linking to you are. And more importantly, how authoritative those web pages linking to you are.

One way to help boost the authority of the sites/web pages linking to you is to build links to them.

For example, if there is an article on Entrepreneur.com article that links back to my website, I then Google for articles that contain similar keywords.

Once I have a list of similar articles, I put those URLs in Ahrefs to see who links to them. I then reach out to each of those sites and encourage them to link out to the Entrepreneur.com article that mentions me.

By using the template that I mention in this video you’ll find that you can also build links to the web pages linking to you.

Over time as I build more links to the sites linking to me, my Google search rankings get higher. Why? Because the pages linking to me are continually growing in authority due to this tier 2 link building strategy.

If you do the same as I do, then you’ll have the best Google search rankings you’ve ever had before.

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Five Tips To Improve Google My Business & Maps Rankings: Search Control

Getting ranked high within Google Places comes down to Google verifying that your business is real, well reviewed and relevant.

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5 Free Tools To BOOST Your Google Rankings (WordPress Websites)

Boost your Google rankings with this 5 FREE TOOLS taht can help you climb the ladder to the very top of search queries. Get started now:

You won’t see results overnight, even if you’re doing everything correctly. That being said, if you arm yourself with these free SEO tools – and have a willingness to see the job through and choose the right keywords – reaching that coveted first-page spot might only be a matter of time.

Let’s recap the five tools:

0:33 Pingdom Speed Test: For analyzing your site’s speed.
1:29 Chrome DevTools: For obtaining more detailed performance data.
2:33 Alexa: Great for all-around ranking and keyword information.
3:39 Google Keyword Planner: A great tool for researching keywords.
4:15 Google Trends: A simple tool to refine your keywords using historical trends.

Are there any other free SEO tools that you would recommend to other WordPress users?
Share them with us in the comments section below!


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Dominate Local SEO Search Rankings – Local Internet Marketing Course 2017

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Intro:————————————–00.00 – 00.44
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Domain:———————————12.08 – 13.35
Pages:————————————13.35 – 16.54
Home Page & More Onsite:—-16.54 – 23.04
Siloing:————————————23.04 – 24.45
Backlink Factors:——————–24.45 – 26.15
Month 1 Backlinks:—————–26.15 – 29.12
Month 2 Backlinks:—————–29.12 – 30.40
Month 3 Backlinks:—————–30.40 – 31.49
Measure Progress:——————31.49 – 36.42

—————————– RESOURCES ————————————–


Competitive KW Research tool:

Competitive Backlink tool:

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XML Site Map:
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———————————— Measuring Progress ——————————–

Google Analytics:
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Best SEO Shortcut Trick in 2017 to Improve Your Website Rankings

Looking for the Best SEO shortcut trick to improve your sites rankings? View full step by step instructions here

We’d refer to this SEO strategy as how you can identify the low hanging SEO fruit on your website or your client websites, so you can get some quick gains.

Basically what we are looking to do is find those keywords your pages are ranking for that are outside the top 10 listings in the organic results. So this strategy allows you to easily identify those pages where you are ranking on page 2 of Google, so you can then optimise those pages to get to page 1 of Google.

We also show you how you can email 3 weekly reports to highlight all of this, so you and your team can stay up to date on what keywords you are ranking for.

In particular, you and your content team can identify pockets of SEO keyword opportunity to focus on, so you can work the long tail and achieve a number of page 1 rankings.

Is this SEO strategy drag and drop easy? No. You still need to do the work and make sure your on-page factors are in place, but it is bound to provide some fantastic quick wins for you and your company.

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