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What are SEO Services

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. It is a technical process of optimization and link building.

SEO includes, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO mainly focuses on optimization of a web page so that it correctly captures the targeted keyword (s). It usually involves the following:

Keywords research & Optimisation
Title & Meta tags optimization
Content Optimisation
Use of images and other media
Images & media Optimisation

Off-page SEO comprises of a large number of activities which are targeted towards sourcing of linking opportunities and actually acquiring backlinks. Some of the more common activities are as follows:

Business listing & Director submissions
Creating social profiles
Social bookmarking
Forums & niche communities participation
Classified advertisements
Guest posting & articles
Questions and Answer participation
Images & Video submissions

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White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO – Craig Campbell at Optimisey

SEO Consultant, Craig Campbell, speaking at the January 2018 Optimisey – the Cambridge SEO MeetUp.

Get the full transcript on optimisey.com
Transcript excerpt:

Thanks for coming along. Just about
myself – I’m Craig; I’m from Glasgow; I’ve been in
the SEO industry for 15, 16 years now and
started out as a freelancer in my
bedroom –
pissing in the wind, the same as everyone else [laughter]
and I built up my own digital
agency and I’ve changed direction since
then I do training and consultancy now, you
know, because similar to what Andrew said
that to start those stress levels that, you
know, once you get to there five or the
eight year period, or whatever it was, hundreds
of clients, not a lot of profit, whole load
of stress and staff and all that stuff
it wasn’t for me so… I revised my of
working which is obviously each to
their own – agencies are for some people,
dealing with clients are for some people –
it’s not for me there’s plenty of ways
and when you’re an experienced SEO
where you can make money and so I put
down a different route. I do speak a lot of
events: BrightonSEO I’ll be speaking at
in April 2018…? Still got to get used to
that one, spoke at SMX Milan in November, I
regularly speak on SEMrush, I’m a host
and feature in a lot of their webinars and
and I talk at a lot of other events aswell,
just trying to pass on some
knowledge to people. So my SEO career
you know everyone looks at people and
goes: “Why should I believe this guy?” you
know it could just be another dud SEO
there are millions of them out there
who’ve read a book – so I’ve done
a year in-house, training with a company
thought I was really good at it – which I
probably wasn’t – I really didn’t know
anything more than on page – but went out
as a freelancer started to charge people
money and and started to learn. Then I
started to build up my own agency and
that’s where the real learning curve comes.
You know you’re dealing with, you know, things that are outwith your remit
like, you know, the stuff you were talking
about:user experience and stuff like
that so you’re learning the whole, the whole
And now four years, the past four years
I’ve probably been doing what I’ve been
doing which is: training agencies
and the individuals who want to make money or whatever you know,
just passing on your knowledge and the
mistakes that I’ve made over the years
so… Agency life wasn’t for me you know I
was awarded, I won awards for being an
agency you see my name’s somewhere … about
there 2014, it wasn’t that long ago, won
an award: business leader of the year – but as I say, I had 17 staff at one point they
you know staff… are not reliable they, you
know they’re not skillful enough, and and
you know they let you down, or they
want to run away and start up their own
business [laughter] so agency life for
one reason or another wasn’t for me
and so, erm, but you know the main
question out of everything to do with SEO
– so I’ve been there, I’ve been in an agency, I’ve done

What is SEO and How Does it work in Layman’s Terms | SEO Tutorials

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Learn all about SEO and what SEO is. This is a good SEO tutorial for beginners that really helps you get a better understanding of what SEO is and where to you hire a company for your website. Learn what SEO is and how can SEO work for your website.

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How To Remove Plagiarism Within Minutes||Small SEO Tools||0% to 100% Unique in Minutes||

Hey Guys thie video is for all the college students professors who are working on some reports and they have to give the 100 percent unique content of their own this video may help you
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The Bare Minimum You Need to Know About SEO

During this webinar, search marketing expert Lee Benning guides you through what you need to know about SEO. You’ll get an overview how search engines work, how organisations can choose and select the right keywords as well as identify any technical issues. You’ll also find out how businesses can attract links, providing a checklist for content publishing.

What is SEO SEM SMM Different Strategies to Promote Website

Do you want to promote yout website, then you have to follow some strategies like seo,sem,and smm
seo is the search engine optimisation. if you want anything then you will go to google and search for that, if your website comes in first page of google search results that is the seo search engine optimisation. it generated organic traffic for your website. but it need long time to work. for doing seo you have to follow some strategies like on page seo and off page seo. on page seo is optimising your content with keyword. off page seo is the creating backlinks to your website. this is known as link building. there some strategies in on page seo. you have to do keyword research and competitor analysis.so for seo you have to follow this type of strategies.
sem is searcch engine markeitn you have to pay some bucks to google to come in first place of google search results. smm is socail media marketing. social media marketing is the marketing over differnet social media like facebook,twitter and youtube.

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Search Engine optimization for WordPress Websites

The Best WordPress Seo Plugin is provided by Yoast, this plugin forces you to choose a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles and then makes sure you use that focus keyword within your article page.
you will also be able to see what your description will look like in the search results, whether your title is too long or too short and your meta description makes sense in the context of a search result. plus a lot more features to make your wordpress website get noticed on the web.
Search engine optimization /SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of ones website in a search engine, this will attract more visitors to your site.
learn how to use the Yoast WordPress seo plugin to have your website pages seen by the major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Adalah

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Video is better for:


What most people don’t realize is that Youtube is the 2nd biggest Search Engine behind Google.

20 Video Marketing Statistics

Have you climbed on board the video marketing train yet? If you own a small business or are in business for yourself, there’s a lot of compelling evidence suggesting that online video marketing should be a major focus of your advertising and marketing budget. Here’s just one big number that should make you sit up and take notice. Read more –

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Scottish SEO Expert & Public Speaker, Mike Berry, presentation puts business on 1st page of Google

Scottish SEO Expert Mike Berry (dynamicmike) selects a random entrepreneur from the audience and puts his business on 1st page of google within 5 minutes in front of a live audience at “illuminate” Edinburgh presentation, May 2014

During his 40 minute presentation, Mike explained to the audience of Scottish business owners, some of the myths of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and the ‘rules’ to stay within Google’s guidelines to dominate the natural Google search rankings without having to pay for ads.

in this live video recording, you will see that the computer wasn’t even switched on for the first 20 minutes, and within 5 minutes of work, and plugging in the projector to show the audience, the business was actually onto the very first slot on the first page of Google, above every other natural result, and with loads of paid ads trying to compete for attention within the same niche keywords.

Every business, no matter what they are selling, has to be found & marketing is usually an ongoing strategy for most businesses.

In the online world, it’s even more obvious if your business cannot be found.

How many of your potential customers are going to search the Google search results (other search engines are available) beyond page one?
a handful will search up to maybe page four, but nobody is going to search to page 40 in order to find your business. Your business MUST be on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE NATURAL SEARCH RESULTS!

Using a live example by choosing a random member of the audience, Mike explains how to break down the generic keywords into specific ‘buying’ keywords, and he shows us that it’s actually very easy & fast to be found on the first page of Google for the real buying keywords that your paying customers are searching for (and not those simply looking for FREE INFORMATION).

Before you think of paying SEO experts to rank your business onto the first page of Google, make sure you do your own research & due diligence, and ensure that they too know what they are talking about, and they can prove that they have hundreds of stunning results and testimonials as Mike has.

Mike wrote advanced SEO Guides and Video Tuition series in 2009, and because all of his advice follows the white-hat rules of Google & Youtube, all of Mike’s rankings are STILL on the first page of Google, and have never been subject to any of the Google ‘slaps’.

Scottish SEO Expert, Author & Public Speaker, Mike Berry, presentation puts business on 1st page of Google in front of live audience.

Making Money Online starts with being found!

Screenshots on facebook album here;

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