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Student Review: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course

The main aim of this SEO course is to improve and enhance the technical knowledge of the students and the job seekers on the search engine optimization domain.

1. Introduction of WordPress
2. How to create Website via WordPress
3. Introduction to SEO
4. Keyword Research
5. Competitors Analysis
6. On-Page Optimization (Complete)
7. Off-Page Optimization (Complete)
8. Google Penalties
9. SEO Advance Level
10. Understanding SEO Metrics
11. List of Google’s 200 Website Ranking Factors
12. Mobile SEO
13. Local SEO vs Global SEO
14. Using Google Analytics
15. Using Google Webmaster Tools
16. Useful SEO Tools

Who Should Attend:
* Students, want to build their career in SEO or Digital Marketing industry.
* Freelancers, want to work on SEO projects, independently.
* Working professionals, want to make their career in SEO or Digital Marketing industry.
* SEO, Social Media or Digital Marketing professionals, want to learn advanced & technical SEO.
* Small or local business owners, want to implement SEO strategies on their websites.
* Companies or individuals, hiring SEO freelancers or SEO service companies to manage their website’s SEO.
* Startup companies and entrepreneurs, want to promote their websites organically on Google, yahoo or Bing.
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*Participants, who will complete the course will get PNY Trainings Certificate and referred in relevant industry for jobs and internships.
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How to add SEO to your WordPress Website

A quick tutorial for how to add SEO to your WordPress website. I am not an ‘SEO guru’ these are quick and basic tips for adding search engine optimization. I use a Yoast SEO plugin which I find helpful.

I also try to make sure to use H1 and H2 titles, add descriptions to my images, use internal linking, add images, and update my content and blog regularly. I share some other tools to help with your website too.

For more information about SEO for your website visit

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Google Webmaster Report, Title Tags Missing, AdSense & Facebook IPO

– This week at the Search Engine Roundtable I posted the monthly Google webmaster report. Google rich snippets are showing up from third-party sites. Google snippets are showing a lot of untitled title tags in the search results. A Google engineer explains why your AdSense earnings may drop. Google said most invalid clicks from from publishers. Poskanzer from ACME.com was banned from AdSense which caused a huge snowball effect. Facebook announced their IPO and outstanding numbers. France fined Google because their maps product is free, I kid you not. Local Paid Inclusion – yea, is that even possible? Turns out no and the ripple effect from it. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

February 2012 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Rich Snippets Showing 3rd Party Results :
Google Title Tag Bug Causing Untitled Snippets? :
Google Engineer Explains Why Your AdSense Earnings May Drop :
Google Says Most Invalid Clicks Come From Publishers :
Jef Poskanzer ACME Banned From Google AdSense :
Facebook IPO: Zuckerberg’s $499,999 Salary Cut :
France Fines Google For Not Charging For Google Maps :
Bruce Clay Lets The SEM Industry Down :