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eBay Sellers Guide to Estate Sales

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eBay Sellers Guide to Estate Sales

Are you intimidated by estate sales?

Never been to one but want to learn how they work?

Want to know what kinds of items to buy for resale on eBay, and more importantly which ones NOT to buy?

My eBay Sellers Guide to Estate Sales is for you! This 2-hour video course explains:

Why there are more estate sales now more than ever before

Pros and cons of estate sales

Actual items I have bought from estate sales and sold on eBay

Family-run vs company-run estate sales

How estate sales are set up

Room by room shopping and buying tips

Things to know before you go – estate sale etiquette

How to find and preview estate sales online

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Amazon SEO 2018 Update – What Sellers Should Know In Order to Rank In 2018

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How To Get Gift Guide Press For Your Products For Artist Sellers – Etsy – Kathy Weller Art

Hi there! In this video, I share ways you can increase your potential to get your product featured in those gift guides like you see on Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Huff Post, Pop Sugar and the like.
TIMESTAMPS – jump to where you want to go, in the video:

0:05 – What qualifies me to talk about this
1:12 – Factor #1 – Be Where They Look
2:08 – Factor #2 – Great Photos and Mock-Up Talk
2:58 – The TWO Caveats Of Using Mock-Up’s (and how to avoid them)
3:35 – Note To Anti-Mock Up Artist Sellers
4:06 – Factor #3 – Skip The LOGO
5:33 – Factor #4 – Trendy Themes
6:03 – Factor #5 – S.E.O. Optimization
6:30 – Finding Your Feature
7:08 – Final Thoughts


Mentioned in this video


Photo enhancement editing resources:

Adobe software

(this is what I use)




(I use this too)


SEO Related Resources:

The Merriweather Council

Abundant resources for Etsy sellers: ecourses, ebooks, a podcast, a Facebook Group. Danielle’s Etsy class teaches best practices for Etsy SEO. I recommend it!


Available by monthly subscription, this is a tool that helps with Etsy search terms.

Google Analytics:

(Sign up for this in order to track traffic and analytics to your shop or site)


Mock Ups

Creative Market for mock-ups

Shop at Creative Market for mock-ups:

11 oz. Mugs modeled in real life-

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(same thing but not an affiliate link)

15 oz. Mug mock-up bundle-

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Links to my shops and details mentioned in the video:

My shop’s press page:

All of my Etsy feedback reviews:

My Etsy store:

My Shopify store:


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8 Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase Sales

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You should really keep you updates on your Amazon Sales to increase it. Even, the sales promotion essential strategy by SEO.

Here have some of the important tricks to boost your organic sales every day.
On-site Optimization for your products page in Amazon is highly effective for getting natural search rank on Amazon. Some of the things make you are listing more visible to your customers naturally. Some of the things you should follow every day. Some of the works you have to do regularly. Then finally you’ll be able to increase your daily sales. So, here I’m gonna explain on 8 critical issue and their solutions.

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SEO for Amazon Sellers | Increase your Private Label Sales Rank 626 225 3002

Is a software tool for Amazon SEO and tells you what is wrong with your listings and what your competitor is doing

Amazon”s Best Research Tool are ASinspector Tool

is one of the best on the market for finding what your competitor is using for keywords on their listings and gives you the source of where to buy products cheap

Jungle Scout link for Amazon Research

Jungle Scout’s Extension will help you make decisions based on actual data, not intuition. With the click of a button, see a product’s estimated monthly sales, Best Seller Rank, revenue, or other criteria that is critical in identifying profitable opportunities. Filter, organize, and organize key data points to accelerate and inform your Amazon product research.

Free Sources

Through this keyword tool and keyword software, you can perform advanced keyword research and keyword tracking to study what your competitors have been advertising in their Adwords campaigns and Other PPC campaigns.

Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts.

– This is a Chrome Extension
To enhance your Amazon shopping experience we provide price history charts, price drop alerts, price watches, daily drops and browser add ons.

DsAmazon Quick View – This is a Chrome Extension

Rankings Tool – Track your rank and analyze the effects of on page optimization. Also allows you to do competitor keyword rank tracking. See what is and what isn’t working with your competitor’s SEO strategy.
Sales Tracking – Track the sales of your competitors and find the most profitable niches.
Negative Reviews Tool – Get notified of negative reviews immediately so you can take corrective action.
On Page Analyzer Tool – Analyze your on page optimization with one click, and see where you need improvement.
Keyword Research Tool – Find the best keywords to target for your product.
Super URL Tool – Teach Amazon which keywords to rank you for, win the buy box and get an edge on your competition.
Email Reports Tool – Set up & use email reports to get your data delivered straight to your inbox.
Amazon Review Club – Get more honest, positive reviews, and see your sales go up as a result. The Review Club has quickly become of the best and fastest growing website on the internet with over 100,000 members globally and we are keen to build on this success. You can offer product promotions in several countries, including the U.S., U.K, Germany, Canada and much more.

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Etsy Listings and Search Engine Optimization | Simple SEO Ideas for Sellers

I’m sharing some Etsy SEO tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my 6+ years selling on the platform. These are little things I’ve consistently done within my Etsy listings that I believe have helped my shop get noticed and contributed to my 25,000+ sales.

*NOTE* These are my ideas and personal practices. They are not officially tested or outlined by Etsy.com.


I outline the difference between Etsy’s search engine optimization and other e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify. Plus, ways I setup my Etsy listings to be favorable to Google and other search engines. Titles, listing description and tags are the three vital aspects of an Etsy list. I go over ways to optimize these components to be found by search engines.

Help your Etsy shop get found by Google + the Etsy search bar with these easy modifications and tricks.

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