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SEO services are Dead? The Alternative to an SEO Company

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Video Results for new and unique SEO services through video marketing.

Google has recently undergone many major changes that have caused uncertainty in previous SEO expert services. Websites that were previously number one for their chosen keywords in Google and YouTube are now nowhere to be seen and even the best SEO companies are struggling to recover.

This is where the video marketing and alternative SEO company Video Results steps in. A relatively new company in the video SEO world, they have established themselves as market leaders by creating exceptional ranking results for their clients. Using a mixture of unprecedented organic SEO services and video conversion expertise, Video Results know exactly what buttons to press to create a high converting video for your business and get it showing in the top ranking position on Google and YouTube.

Video Results is the creation of the combined expertise of Tom Breeze and Andy Frain who have fused together video creation and video SEO services to form a unique video marketing hybrid. “Nobody offers what we do” says Andy, “Not just the two aspects of creating a high converting video and then generating unprecedented rankings- not even the best SEO companies offer both services, and so there are no SEO company services that have the depth of knowledge and understanding that Video Results has.” His business partner Tom agrees, “There is no point in paying a fortune for an SEO company to get a video to a high position in Google or YouTube if it doesn’t convert viewers into customers. And SEO services pricing can be pretty steep too. Likewise, it’s a complete waste of your money to create a fantastic high converting video if no one will see it.”

Before and after the Google changes, Video Results have been achieving their joint promise, front page rankings on Google and YouTube AND’ high converting videos. As their client Neil Griffin says, “my auto-responder is bursting at the seams!” But unlike other SEO company services for websites Video Results rankings for client videos have been maintained or improved after the recent changes.

With their expertise in video organic SEO services, Video Results saw these changes coming and started their testing process in advance. Throughout the summer of 2012, Tom and Andy were locked away in Video Results HQ working on the new phase of video SEO services and video ranking. Tom says, “We’ve had a pretty exhausting yet exciting summer discovering these new video SEO expert services. The results we’ve had shocked us at first.” “It’s a total new era” adds Andy.

Before, Video Results’ strategy was pretty complicated and took a fair amount of time, patience and training to get results. Although this method achieved the desired rankings, their new programme gets the same results quicker and using simpler methods.As time equals money so the less time taken to achieve rankings means less money spent. This is the generation of Video Results 2.0.

“Our previous Video Results video creation and SEO services pricing was quite expensive as it involved quite a lot of time to implement our methods. Now, we can offer our SEO expert services fora considerably lower investment.” says Andy.

Video Results have two tiers of service. Their Video Results 2.0 training programme allows you to learn exactly how to create a high converting video for your business, and using their new video SEO strategy,that generates exceptional rankings and traffic.

The Video Results 2.0 programme teaches you everything that you need to know to make your video a success for your business. It covers video creation with tips and tricks on increasing your conversions and a great way to rapidly create 20 high quality videos, as well as a complete ‘how to’ of SEO services including how to ethically steal your competitors traffic. If you have already invested in video production and have a business video you’d still like to use, the programme will also teach you how to improve on these videos so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Their second service is a full ‘Done for You’ service. Here, Tom and Andy will do everything from keyword selection, video scripting, professional filming and editing, and the complete YouTube set up and full SEO services to ensure that your video ranks well is shared extensively through social media AND your business receives a high rate of viewers converting into customers. Throughout the process, Tom and Andy will keep in touch for your input at every stage.

To find out more join them on the exclusive webinar for Video Results 2.0.

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