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Are you ready for the real story of search engine optimization?

Told by industry pioneers, Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, Jill Whalen, Brett Tabke, Rae Hoffman and Barry Schwartz and narrated, produced and directed by John Lincoln, the movie covers the early days of SEO when people were “spammin and jamming”, affiliates vs main stream, black hat vs white hat, the unique and often rocky stories of the industries pioneers, how Matt Cutts changed the industry, the history of Google updates and even has commentary on the future of SEO from the industries top minds.

SEO the Movie also lists industry all-stars such as John Muller, Maile Ohye, Aleyda Solis, Cindy Krum, Will Reynolds, Brian Dean, Michael King, Bruce Clay, Loren Baker, Eric Ward, Cyrus Shepard, Bill Slawski, Garry Grant, Chris Sherman, Jim Boykin, Shawn Hogan, Mike Graham, Eric Enge and more!

SEO the Movie also lists some of the top software providers in the industry such as Moz, SEM Rush, Conductor, Rio SEO, Spy Fu, Rio SEO, Ahrefs, Majestic and More.

SEO: Using Video for Better Google Brand Exposure

Does it freak you out to do videos that will help with your online marketing efforts?

With YouTube being a major search engine, videos play a big role in SEO that will drive qualified traffic back to your website. Take advantage of the momentum video has right now and this video shares some ideas on how to do that.

I’d love to hear what you think! If you have any questions about SEO optimization or videos, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below and I’d be happy to answer.

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SEO: Using Video for Better Google Brand Exposure

SEO Content Writing Tips For High Google Rankings

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As business owners, we want our business to show up first on Google. This process is called search engine optimization (SEO).

When you think of search engine optimization, do you think about your content and copywriting? ‘Cause you should.

Think of all the things that you type into Google when you’re searching for services you might need, and now think of the things that people may be typing in to find your content. Are you showing up on Google where you want to be?

Here are five search engine copyrighting secrets you can apply to boost your search engine ranking:

Number one: keywords are the key. Keywords are the combinations of words or phrases that users type in search engines when they look for content. Think of all the things that you type into Google when you’re searching and now think of the things that people may be typing in to find your content and use those key words while writing your content. Using targeted key words is the key to make your content discoverable and drive traffic.

Number two: make sure your headlines are intensely optimized. Focusing on optimizing your headlines can make or break your discovery ranking.

Number three: Work on your tags and meta descriptions. Aside from your headlines, work on your meta descriptions as well. Tags are labels to categorize your content and meta descriptions are the summaries of the webpages that appear below the headline in the search engine result page.

Number four: link it up Page links make your page more discoverable and shows how your content is relevant. By placing links that people can access on your page and allowing people to click back, it means that your content matters. Links improve the user experience and helps build traffic to your site.

Number five: write compelling content. Optimizing your content with the right targeted keywords is one thing, but creating the best content will improve your search engine rankings even better. Google uses page links to analyze going through your site and those links are a factor in judging the credibility of your content. Applying search engine optimization techniques when you write your copy allows your content to be understood by Google and other search engines.

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Free SEO Reporting Template For SEO Clients 2018

Today I show you my free SEO reporting templates for the SEO clients I have. If you’d like help with your reporting process, get more billable hours, or need road maps similar to the ones I show in this video, please send me a message at or schedule a time to meet with me my website. If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, make sure you do so by heading over to:

The Startup’s Guide to SEO | 1871 Presentation with Solomon Thimothy

On May 24th, 2017, Solomon Thimothy had the pleasure to present, The Startup’s Guide to SEO, to a diverse group of marketers at the 1871 Building in Chicago, IL. This presentation will teach you everything you need to know to build a successful SEO strategy for today’s digital world so you can generate more ROI for your business. See what Solomon has to say about the latest SEO trends in 2017, content marketing strategies, keyword essentials, linking building basics, social signals, and much much more! In this video presentation, Solomon talks about SEO hacks that you’ll be able to utilize today. #StartupsGuideToSEO

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eBay Search Engine (SEO) Tip – How to Increase Sales with this Keyword

Always put color in the title! eBay’s title suggestion often says to use the word “multicolor?” But really, who searches for that? People search for the color they want.

eBay used to provide reports showing what keywords buyers searched for to find our listings, and color was a highly searched keyword. Watch the video to see which 2 colors are searched the most!

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12 Reasons Photographers Need Google Search Console | SEO For Photographers

Photographers NEED Google Search Console to succeed at SEO. Here is a little about Google Search Console:

Formerly ‘Google Webmaster Tools’

Sister product of Google Analytics
GA: Give you analytic information about people on your website
GSC: Give you analytic (& more) information about how people find and see your website

It’s Free at

Here are the 12 reasons photographers NEED Google Search Console:

1. Track actual positions of keywords (and trends)
2. Identify search volume
3. Identify top pages
4. Alerts you when you’ve been hacked
5. Identify page titles and meta descriptions that are ‘wrong’
6. Extra data in Google Analytics
7. Submit a sitemap
8. Identify if Google has you indexed
9. Claim your www or non-www status
10. Identify any crawl (404, etc…) errors
11. Identify links to your website
12. Identify mobile usability issues

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