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SEO Audit: How to Fix Your Website’s Technical SEO Issues (Tutorial)

This tutorial goes through a full SEO audit using Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool. The example website is a VERY popular website where we find and analyze thousands of technical SEO issues.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

» how to conduct a website audit for over 100 SEO errors, warnings, and notices
» how to analyze your website’s SEO health
» how to read through Ahrefs’ SEO audit reports.
» a simple workflow to correct your website’s issues.
» how to automate your audits and monitor it over time.

Technical SEO is one of the rare things in search engine optimization that you have full control over.

And it’s something that you shouldn’t ignore as it could prevent your website from reaching its full ranking potential in organic search.

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2 Simple Ways to Get a Ton of backlinks – SEO Tutorial

In this SEO video tutorial, you will learn 2 Simple Ways to Get a Ton of backlinks. Im going walk you through how you can you use these 2 Simple Ways to Get a Ton of backlinks. How to get backlinks. Let me know in the comment if you are going to use this. (Yes/No)


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SEO Bangla Tutorial by Md Faruk Khan | Part-10 | FREE SEO Course

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This is Md Faruk Khan’s SEO Live Class video tutorial for all SEO lovers. If you follow all the videos in my channel then you’ll get a sound knowledge on Search Engine Optimization techniques.

In this video tutorial I’ll tell you about those topics:
★ How to install WordPress?
★ How to create Webmail?
★ How to use Webmail?
★ What is SSL?
★ Discourage you website from Search Engine.


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Best Theme Setup For Blogger Blog |Blogspot Template Tutorial | SEO Tips No 2 in Hindi

Best Theme Setup For Blogger Blogspot Blog Tutorial | Blogspot Template SEO Tips No 2 in Hindi
Best Theme Setup For Blogger Blog |Blogspot Template Tutorial | SEO Tips No 2 in Hindi
This vidoe contain how to setup theme of a blogger blogspot blog and which one is best for google indexing. Watch this video you seen all the detail of SEO Tip no 2 for you. These are the major SEO tip how to use Blogspot theme and how it is helpful for blogspot bloggers.
How we choose best theme for blogger full tutorial and SEO Tips for you. If you need or search about blogger theme and need to know which one is best from all of the themes and how it is helpful for SEO and Google indexing no one them watch full video you got your answers.
Blogspot template setup guide for beginners. How we setup blogspot template and how it is helpful for SEO watch this video and got your answer. In the previous video we discuss Blogspot SEO tips No 1 which is very helpful for everyone these tips are with the help of practical example everyone like and learn from the results like those today we discuss blogger theme how it is helpful for SEO. Blogspot Template is the look and view design for blogger how to setup professional blogger theme and how to index your blog on the top of the Google Search.
Blogger Theme designs are free and easy download from internet. Blogger Templates are very helpful for SEO of your blog learn from this video totally free.

[Series tutorial] 12 ways to make money online – Difficult choices when MMO – PhanTuan Channel

[Series tutorial] 12 ways to make money online – Difficult choices when MMO – bocuahus Channel

+ Make money online (MMO) by the way:
– Product Launch
– Accesstrade Network
– Niche site Amazon
– Authority site affiliate
– Clickbank network
– T-Shirt platform
– T-Shirt shopify store
– Merch by Amazon
– Youtube partner
– Google adsense
– Fulfillment by Amazon
– Dropshipping

Hope you’ll choose a right way to make money online for yourself.
Next video, i’ll talk about the topic: “Make money online with Google and why did you choose Google”

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How To Launch A Twitter Ad | Tutorial 2018 (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced)

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Mike Dejohn, the Online Launch Agency ad manager, breaks down how to launch paid advertising on Twitter.

Using paid ads on Twitter in 2018 can actually get you cheaper traffic than other platforms such as Facebook, due to less competition on the platform.

Look for more training, tutorials, marketing tips and tricks from the Online Launch Agency!

How to Make Money on Amazon FBA with Private Labeling in 2018 (Jungle Scout Tutorial)

Watch our Jungle Scout tutorial to learn how to make money on Amazon FBA with private labeling.
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STEP 1: Research a List of Potential High-Profit Items

Use the Jungle Scout Web App to uncover a list of products that have the potential to make money on Amazon. To do that, use the following criteria with the Product Database tool:

1) They have 50 reviews or less.
2) They are selling 300+ units a month.
3) They have a price point between $20-$50.
4) They weigh 2 pounds or less.

The reason why we want products that meet this criteria, is because we want to find items that are making lots of sales (300+) despite having low numbers of reviews. This is so that we will still be competitive when we launch our own product which will also have low numbers of reviews (as it will be new).

The reason we want to find items priced at $20-$50 is that when we launch our product, we want to price it at least $20 so that we have have at least a 30% profit margin after production costs/shipping costs/Amazon FBA fees. However, if an item is priced at more than $50 it usually indicates that it is quite expensive to manufacture, and as a beginner we don’t want to have to spend too much on our start-up costs, which is why we set a maximum price point.

And of course, the reason why we set the weight to be 2 pounds is so that we can keep shipping costs low (and profits high).

STEP 2: Pick the Best Products to Analyze

Once you’ve used the Jungle Scout Web App to find products that have potential to make money on Amazon, we now need to go through the list and add products that meet a new sit of criteria to our product tracker. Here is the criteria we are looking for:

1) It’s not a big brand product.
2) It won’t be easy to break on transit.
3) It won’t be bulky or hard to ship.
4) It doesn’t require variations.

The reason we want to rule out items that are big brands is because, most likely, the reason why they are making lots of sales despite low numbers of reviews is because they have a lot of authority from their brand. So it’s not a fair comparison to say that we could do the same if we enter the market with our unknown brand.

We want to avoid items that are made out of easy to break materials like glass. Not only would this cause loss inventory costs and refunds, but the bad feedback will hurt our product reviews and our seller statistics – which is not good. And we want to avoid products that are big/bulky when shipping because this will increase our shipping costs.

It’s also important to avoid products that require variations, such as t-shirts which require us to product multiple sizes. Variations can improve conversions of a product, but they are expensive to manufacture. So in the beginning when we have a limited budget, we want to avoid products like this.

When you find items that meet this criteria, add it to the Jungle Scout Product Tracker.

STEP 3: Analyze the Competition

Now it’s time to use the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to see whether a product has the perfect level of competition for us to make money on Amazon by selling it. Here is the criteria to look for:

1) The price on average is $20 or more.
2) The top 10 competitors should be selling 3000+ units.
3) At least half of the top 10 competitors should be selling 300+ units a month.
4) There should be at least 1 seller in the top 5 with less than 50 reviews.
5) There should be at least 3 sellers in the top 10 with less than 50 reviews.

If an item meets this criteria then that is great: it would be a fantastic product to manufacture and make money on Amazon. If it doesn’t meet this criteria, then we don’t recommend pursuing the product.

BONUS STEP: Analyze the SEO Competition

The way to sell products and make money on Amazon is to rank your product listing in the Amazon search results. And to do that, you want to pick keywords where your competitors have listings that are poorly optimized for conversions. The best way to quickly analyze which keywords are the best to target is with the Jungle Scout Niche Hunter, which is included in the Standard & Business editions of the Jungle Scout Web App.

Learn SEO: Free SEO Training & SEO Tutorial for Beginners (2018)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important.

This is part 1 of SEO Training and in this video, we are going to Learn SEO basics.

Google looks for 3 Tiers of information (on a larger scale) in the process it decides to show your website on the first page.

All the SEO activities you do, fall into 3 Tiers that need to answer 3 questions for Google:
– Does your website/blog post exist?
– What is the website/blog/blog post about?
– How credible is the content?

All the SEO activities you would do, need to cater around answering these 3 questions for Google

In this tutorial, I share how to go about doing that.
What is the difference between Keyword & search query &
What is the difference between Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO

Use this SEO tutorial as a starting point when you begin your SEO practices. And it will keep your tasks in check and keep on you optimizing your website for SEO in best possible way.

Rank YouTube Videos Higher In Search – 3 Video SEO Hacks

Follow these 3 proven YouTube video SEO tips to quickly improve your videos ranking to increase the chances of getting onto the first page.

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0:32 – Tip 1) Title SEO Hack
0:45 – Tip 2) YouTube Description Keyword Hack
1:06 – Tip 3) Engagement Jumpstart Hack

People wonder how to get your YouTube videos noticed and how to get your YouTube videos viewed so check out these tips on how to rank videos high on YouTube.

When it comes to ranking YouTube Videos, there are no hard and fast rules. Why? Simple. YouTube is never really all that clear on how one video beats another. All you have to rely on is this: YouTube wants to serve the best videos possible. The better the video matches an audience, the more likely it is to get ranked.

We collaborated on this video because of people asked me how to rank YouTube videos fast explains how to achieve top YouTube ranking results for your videos quickly. So if you are looking for some YouTube ranking tips and a quick how to do video SEO and rank high in search results then this video is for you.

The real reason you want to rank YouTube videos higher in search is so you can get more views and subscribers on YouTube faster! All the YouTube SEO tactics in the world won’t help you if the content isn’t’ good. Remember that people will subscribe to your channel and click on your video because of the value it provides. The 3 YouTube SEO tips you’ll learn in this tutorial to rank YouTube videos higher in search; only helps if you have a great video.

But if you still don’t know how to rank video on first page of YouTube then please just watch the video again and also check out Michel’s channel for more videos where he will show you how to rank videos high on YouTube.

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