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How to Get High Rankings in Google – SEO Video

If you want to dominate the web, then you must spend some time with Google. Start by dating Google. Get know each other and patterns will appear. This video takes a look at what universal search is telling us about how to market our businesses online. Getting to Page of of Google is not tough when you know where to focus your efforts and which web 2.0 properties to use.

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Search Engine Optimization Interview: SEO Advice & Tips

Get Connected host Mike Agerbo interviews SEO consultant Tony Hutchcroft during the 2008 Vancouver Massive Technology Event about website search engine optimization strategies.

Various topics are covered offering tips and advice on a variety of SEO services like search engine friendly website design, site & server analysis, key word research, optimizing website content, Meta tags and analytics. SEO services are designed to increase online visibility by attaining top rankings and listings on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Hutchcroft is with 1st on the List Promotion Inc, an Internet marketing company out of Vancouver, Canada that provides search engine optimization and online marketing services to businesses throughout Canada and the United States. For more information on their search engine optimization services check out 1st on the List at

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – Los Angeles Companies

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