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Install AtoZ SEO tools | Explained in Urdu

Hi there, in this video I am explaining how you can install AtoZ SEO tools on your website. These SEO tools include many tools like Article ReWriter, Backlinks Maker, Plagiarism Checker , Robots.txt generator, Meta Tags Analyzer and much more.
there are total 40 tools and you can have full view of how many page views you got. How many new visitors came and much more. Just dig into admin panel and you have a lot of customizations.

Main features are:
– User Management System
– Oauth Login System Included (Facebook and Google )
– Fully translatable to any language
– Track your visitors traffic and input queries
– Fully SEO-friendly URLs
– Captcha protection system for SEO Tools
– One-Click Ads integration
– Powerful admin control panel
– Easy Maintenance Mode
– Google analytics support
– Responsive design
– Inbuilt Sitemap Generator
– Advance Mailer for Account Activation, Password reset etc..
– Support both SMTP and Native PHP mail
– Contact page for visitors to contact you easily
– Create unlimited custom pages
– Add-ons Support
– Support Theme customization / Custom coded themes
– Two Simple Themes included on the Package!
– Inbuilt Easy Installer Panel

Complete list of tools:

Article Rewriter
Plagiarism Checker
Backlink Maker
Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tags Analyzer
Keyword Position Checker
Robots.txt Generator
XML Sitemap Generator
Backlink Checker
Alexa Rank Checker
Word Counter
Online Ping Website Tool
Link Analyzer
PageRank Checker
My IP Address
Keyword Density Checker
Google Malware Checker
Domain Age Checker
Whois Checker
Domain into IP
Dmoz Listing Checker
URL Rewriting Tool
www Redirect Checker
Mozrank Checker
URL Encoder / Decoder
Server Status Checker
Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator
Page Size Checker
Reverse IP Domain Checker
Blacklist Lookup
AVG Antivirus Checker
Link Price Calculator
Website Screenshot Generator
Domain Hosting Checker
Get Source Code of Webpage
Google Index Checker
Website Links Count Checker
Class C Ip Checker
Online Md5 Generator
Page Speed Checker
Code to Text Ratio Checker
Find DNS records
What is my Browser
Email Privacy
Google Cache Checker
Broken Links Finder
Search Engine Spider Simulator
Keywords Suggestion Tool
Domain Authority Checker
Page Authority Checker

Everything is explained in the video.
If you have any question, please comment below.

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7 Google Secret Tips | Now You Can Get Anything From Google | Urdu Hindi Tutorial

In this Urdu Hindi video tutorial, I will show you top best Google secret tips and trick that you can use whenever you want to search for something and believe me you will get anything using these tips.

Here is the website link:

1. Using the Asterisk (*)
If you don’t remember a movie name, you just remember one or two words so you can use * for other remaining words and Google will try to give you for what you looking for “The Dark *”

2. Between Any Range …
If you’re looking for a smartphone in the range between $100-$200 so you tell Google by this ranging method like:
“Smartphone $100…$200″
So Google will give you all website and sale pages that have a smartphone with min $100 and max $200 price.

3. AllinTitle
If you want to get details about some specific thing so you can use this Google search operator and Google will show those website’s posts which title must have your word like:
Allintitle: New 2017 Movies
So all post will be specific about this search.

4. Filetype:PDF
If you are looking for a particular file like PDF book, PNG image etc so you can use Google this awesome operator just type your book or anything name and then”Filetype: pdf” you can replace pdf to any other format.

5. Site:www.example.com
If you need anything from any website so you can use this operator like simply type in Google “Site:www.youtube.com new movie” and search for it, you will have only youtube result about new movies.

6. Get the only result from a specific date
If you want Google only shows past 24 hours updated result or past week or from any date to any date so you can do it by using Google built in feature called “Tool”.

7. Exclude from the search result
If you ant to exclude a keyword from your search result so you can just type “-” (minus) before the keyword.

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Top 10 Secret SEO Tools | Increase Website Ranking | Urdu Hindi Tutorial

In this Urdu / Hindi tutorial, I am going to show you top 10 best free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools which you can use to increase your website ranking and beat your competitors easily.

1. w3techs.com/sites
This website helps you to find the right CMS and all language that used to create a website, just visit it and type any site URL that you wanna know about and get the all important details about CMS and web languages.

2. whatwpthemeisthat.com
WhatWPThemeisThat helps you to find the right theme that used a website, for example, you want to know about a web www.anything.com that which theme uses this web, so you can get the theme name and all details.

3. gtmetrix.com
One of my favorite tool for checking website speed, it’s a 100% free tool, just type any site URL and get the site speed test and also this site tells how to increase the website speed that you have posted.

4. developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights
This is a Google official tool and it works same like Gtmetrix website; it tells us website speed, website opening score on a computer and mobile phone, you can check from here that your site is mobile friendly or not.

5. kwfinder.com
It’s the best tool for keyword research, it’s a premium tool, but we can use for the limited time for free.
This tool provides all important data, and monthly searches result about any keyword and tell us how much difficult your keyword is.
You can also get many ideas when you type your first keyword so that this tool will show other related keywords automatically.

6. wordcounttools.com
This tool counts our article or text words and character; you can use this for SEO purpose, like if you want to write 500 words article so you can use this tool for counting your words.

7. lsigraph.com
LSI stand for Latent Semantic Indexing, It means you have to find your main keyword related long words, LSI keywords are great for ranking and Google loves it.
Using LSIGraph.com, you can find many long tail LSI keywords for your article and make the seo optimized article.

8. seomofo.com/snippet-optimizer.html
If you want to live preview of your written article title and description thaw how it will show in Google search result so you can use this fantastic free online tool to get the live preview and edit your title and description according to Google policy by using this website.

9. similarweb.com
This site helps us to give the right report about any website’s total traffic, traffic source, and many other important things.
It’s the best tool for people who want to buy a new blog or want to check their competitor’s website.

10. moz.com/researchtools/ose/
It’s a Moz.com free tool for analysing the website and page authority and give us all inbound backlinks report for free.

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Off Page SEO Course: How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks | Part 1 | Urdu / Hindi Tutorial

Off Page SEO Course: How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks | Part 1 | Urdu/Hindi Tutorial for creating quality do follow backlinks with web 2.0 blogs which are very effective especially when your website/blog is new or Your Money Keyword is going down so you should use web 2.0 backlink strategy as I’m going to explain.
Watch Off Page (Link Building) SEO Complete Full course in Urdu/Hindi:

Download Dofollow Web 2.0 List:

Every Kind of Website SEO is important, whether on page or off page (link building) but in term of SEO is very necessary for a website, off page SEO is also called Link Building or Backlink SEO which mean you will get dofollow/nofollow backlinks from other relevant sites / blogs.
In this video series you will learn complete SEO include off Page and on page which is also called link building or backlinking SEO along with keyword research and many more SEO Tips and Tricks which will boost your SEO ranking, This complete video tutorials will be for beginners and Intermediate level learner and even some expert can watch too.
Let me explain what is SEO/search engine optimization?
Well, SEO Stand for search engine optimization which mean it’s all about Google algorithm and algorithm mean some rules which should be follow for every blog/website owner in order to get good ranking or at least in order to keep your website in Google for long term.

Little bit about my SEO Urdu Tutorials:
As you know there are lot of SEO tutorials but there are very less or even not useful seo tutorials in urdu/hindi language and many of new SEO learner are in trouble just because of they don’t understand english seo tutorials.
That’s the main and last reason why I create SEO Tutorial Series in Urdu/Hindi Language.

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