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Performance Tuning and Query Analysis in MS SQL Server 08

Using SQL Server 2008, we kick off this performance tuning series. Will use SQL Profiler in MS SQL 08 and Query Execution Plan. We look at tips like limiting column in the result set, using primary keys and focusing on the WHERE clause in SQL Statement. Go over items like table scan, index scan, index seek, logical reads, CPU, query cost, SQL Server management studio, buffer cache, set statistics and query analysis.

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San Diego Lawyers – Attorneys Search Engine Optimization

The San Diego lawyer directory used as an example in this video is one of the highest visited legal directories in San Diego. However, the information is basic to all websites & illustrates how to create a custom error page. Looking for a lawyer in California, Las Vegas, New Jersey or Texas? We have a directory for YOU! If you have a legal practice & want more Internet traffic we can help.

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