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[Series tutorial] 12 ways to make money online – Difficult choices when MMO – PhanTuan Channel

[Series tutorial] 12 ways to make money online – Difficult choices when MMO – bocuahus Channel

+ Make money online (MMO) by the way:
– Product Launch
– Accesstrade Network
– Niche site Amazon
– Authority site affiliate
– Clickbank network
– T-Shirt platform
– T-Shirt shopify store
– Merch by Amazon
– Youtube partner
– Google adsense
– Fulfillment by Amazon
– Dropshipping

Hope you’ll choose a right way to make money online for yourself.
Next video, i’ll talk about the topic: “Make money online with Google and why did you choose Google”

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YouTube Backlinks SEO – Easy Ways to Build Backlinks For YouTube Video

YouTube Backlinks SEO – Easy Ways to Build Backlinks For YouTube Video

YouTube Backlinks SEO – youtube backlinks SEO.

How To Get On The First Page Of Youtube – Youtube SEO 2017 How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

youtube see how to build backlinks for youtube videos automatically.

How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast in 3 Simple Steps

How to Get High PR Backlinks From PR9, PR8, PR7 websites
It’s all about How to rank youtube video fast explains how to achieve top youtube ranking results for your videos quickly
Tutorial 1 – Lesson-2: How to Rank Videos High on YouTube and Google -YouTube SEO 2015 Guide 3

An internet site will consist of a link to a youtube video related to my channel. Does my website also get SEO credit, despite the fact that that website isn’t linking at once to my website online, but as an alternative to a video on my youtube channel? The youtube video is likewise uploaded to my website, but this website wants to hyperlink to the video directly on youtube.

due to the fact as ways as I realize if the website isn’t always presenting you direct link on your internet site ie: anchor textual content or sub-hyperlink within the body of the page this is displaying the video, then you wont really get any link credit consistent with say besides human beings looking your video at the youtube web page and linking in your website.

As Brad stated the greater your video is shared the higher search engine optimization price it creates ( FOR THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE now not to your website ! that is what I used to be seeking to deliver with the message I wrote. Your website will no longer gain SEO fee because the hyperlinks as Brad said aren’t any-follows. however, you gain SEO price through your embedding your Url so human beings go to your web page. additionally, you benefit social indicators as more people comment and percentage.

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YouTube Backlinks SEO – youtube seo-how to build backlinks for youtube videos automatically

Ways to get more organic traffic | Best way to get more organic traffic fast

Ways to Get more organic traffic – learn the best way to get more orgaqnic traffic to your website.

This affordable SEO Tool is the Best way to get more organic Traffic using Quality Backlinks to your website , blog or any affiliate link. Practically Free, this link building tool will Generate 25 quality backlinks to your website per day.

Fast and best way to Get more organic traffic to your website and the best way increase your online view and sales.

This Website Ranking Tool will automatically spin multiple title and descriptions for daily backlinks submission for your website or blog. This is the Best way to increase organic traffic to your website

Fastest way to Get more organic traffic to your website and increase your online views and sales .

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We know backlinks are fundamental to the success of any website therefor building 750 quality backlinks pointing to your website will skyrocket your search engine rankings immediately.

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Fastest way to Get more organic traffic fast to your website increase your online view and sales.

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4 Proven Ways to Get More High Quality Backlinks and Boost Your SEO Rankings

One of the best ways to grow your search engine rankings is to get more high quality backlinks. But, if your website isn’t linkable, no one’s gonna link to it, which means you’re not gonna rank. Here’s are 3 ways to make your site more linkable.

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The first thing you need to do is add a blog. This is definitely one of the best seo link building strategies that works today. People love linking to content and information, especially ones that educate or that are humorous or that tell jokes or anything that entertains. If you don’t have a blog, then you’ll never get any backlinks! Who wants to link to a contact page?

The second thing I have for you, and this works extremely well to produce a ton of high quality backlinks if you’re a B to B company, is to have case studies. When you have a case study, the company that you’re featuring usually will link back to it and promote it. So, if you’re a B to B company, head up all your customers and try to create case studies.

The third thing that you need to do is create detailed guides and content, like ebooks, white papers, advanced guides. This will boost your SEO because people love to link to them.

When you do this, people are like, “Oh my God, this information’s so amazing, “it could be a book. “I woulda spent 50 bucks buying it on Amazon, “but I can get it from your site for free now.” That’s what causes a lot of backlinks.

And, last but not least, create infographics. I know infographics have been out for a long time, but people have stopped doing them. I don’t know why. They still go viral, people love linking to ’em more than any other content type out there, but for some weird reason, people have gotten lazy and they’re like, “Eh, let’s not “create as many infographics.”

So, you know what, go to dribbble.com and you can find infographic designers.

SEO Training Course Lecture 10: Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks to Your Site Easily

Some best ways to get backlinks include:
• Social bookmarking sites
• Business listing and directory submission
• Ad posting and profile linking
• Blog posting and guest blogging
• Blog comments and review posting
• Social media marketing

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AAM Consultants
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5 Ways to Make Google AdWords More Profitable (Improve Your CTR!)

A simple way to reduce you Google AdWords cost is by improving your click through rate.
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The way Google AdWords works is that if you ad gets 10 times more clicks than your competitor, even if you are paying less, they are more likely to show your ad at the top because in total Google will make more money from you.

So if you want to improve your CTR you need to:

1. Use SEMrush – put in keywords and competitors in SEMrush. This will show you the ad text your competitors are using.

If your competitors are constantly using a specific ad text, it usually means it converts well for them.

2. Create better copy than your competitors – look at what they use and try to come up with better variations.

3. Use keywords within your copy – if you include the keyword people are searching for in your ad copy you are more likely to get clicks.

The copy needs to sound good, just adding a keyword isn’t enough.

4. Start day parting – if you are in the B2B space people are more likely to become customers during normal business hours. So only show your ads when your ideal customers are online.

For the B2C space, you can consider running your ads during all hours of the day.

5. Geo target – if you are only doing business in a certain region, then show ads only within those regions. This will help increase your overall CTR, which will reduce your ad costs.

4 Ways to Build Links for Local Businesses to Boost Your SEO Ranking

If you want your local business to get more foot traffic, you have to build local links.
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Link building is one of the most important factors of improving your search engine rankings.

If you want to rank higher locally you need to first check out Moz Local. This will help you get placed within the localized directories. Not only will this help with driving business, but it will also help with rankings.

Second, you need to check out your local chamber of commerce. Why not ask them for a link. It can drive you free localized traffic.

Third, you need to network with other localized businesses. You can cross promote and drive business to each other. For example, if you have a hair salon, you could partner up with a nail salon. As you both have similar clients.

Last but not least, go to Ahrefs and put in your competitor’s URL. See who links to them and then ask them for a link. It’s a great way to boost your position on Google.

3 Ways to Rewrite Articles in Your Own Words (Step By Step Guide) Free, Easy & Unique Articles

3 Ways to Rewrite Articles in Your Own Words (Step By Step Guide) 100% Free and Easy Rewriter Tools & Get Unique Articles

This video also covers:
how to rewrite articles
how to rewrite articles in your own words
how to rewrite articles quickly
how to rewrite articles manually
how to rewrite articles fast
how to rewrite an article
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