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How to Optimize Images for Web and SEO in Adobe Photoshop

How to Optimize Images for Web and SEO in Adobe Photoshop video tutorial shows best practices for image optimization for Web Viewing and better Google rankings.

More can be found about optimizing images through Web Fundamentals Image Optimization

Image publishing guidelines by Google

Here’s How to Optimize Your Images for SEO video tutorial which is part of FREE SEO Course by RankYa

Using original images on your website? If so let’s go beyond basics of image optimization and insert important Image EXIF Metadata here:
How to Optimize Images for SEO

For more useful videos visit:

How to do Free SEO with cPanel Web Hosting with YouStable.com

YouStable Technologies Pvt Ltd is first hosting company, which provides you free Search Engine Optimization service worth $100 in the cost of regular Web Hosting from other quality-hosting providers.

Its highly recommended by 99% of digital marketers to optimize your website according to Google algorithms and policies and that is why YouStable came up with unique hosting concept which called SEO Web Hosting.

Here you buy web hosting services or even website design services, you will get free search engine optimization services on your hosted website on YouStable servers worth $100.

Email: sales@youstable.com
Call: +91-9616892253

14 Best Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools for businesses and web professionals

14 Best Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools

A 20 odd minute video of best free SEO Tools for search engine optimization for business owners and web professionals with a quick overview how I use each one.

Here are the quick links to each tool

02:00 – Ahrefs.com toolbar.
04:08 – Screaming Frog
06:32 – Integrity
08:42 – Test Page Title and Meta Description
09:38 – Yoast
11:03 – Solid Meta Tags
12:08 – Google Analytics
14:14 – Seo-Hero
16:44 – Site Score Checker
18:28 – Moz Local
19:58 – Whitespark Review Link Generator
21:37 – Page Speed Insights
23:18 – Drop My Link
24:14 – Serps Redux

1. Ahrefs.com toolbar.

Look at your domain rating and look at your organic traffic.

You should also be able to do a quick competitive analysis by comparing the domain rating and backlinks.

If you register, for free, you get a couple of searches a day plus you can install their toolbar on Chrome or Firefox

2. Screaming Frog
I use Screaming Frog to find out the number of pages a website has, the page word count, page title and meta descriptions.

3. Integrity
I use Integrity to check broken links on a website and fix them.

4. Test Page Title and Meta Description

I have started to use this tool to how a before and after page title and description in my presentations.

If you have WordPress, you have Yoast.

5. On Page Optimisation For WordPress – Yoast.

Page Title
Word Count
Even helps with my grammar

6. On Page Optimisation for Business Catalyst – Solid Meta Tags

For those who use Muse and Business Catalyst, this is the closest free app to the Yoast Plugin.

7. Google Analytics – pages between position 1 and 20 with no clicks
This is a nice little tactic I use with Google Analytics to identify pages that are ranked in the top 20 and not getting any traffic.

8. For semantic content

When I have identified a page that’s ranking and not getting traffic, I need to do 1 of 2 times.

A. Improve the page content
B. Get backlinks

I’ve started using SEO Hero; this helps me learn the words and content that are appearing on the first 100 pages.

9. Site scoring

This free tools give a site score of all key metrics

10. Check Local Citations

Nice free tool to help local businesses to check local listings. You’ll see what citations you have and what ones you need to add or improve.

11. Boost Google Reviews

Reviews are a ranking factor.

So let’s say people use your business and you’re not in the top local results.

Send a email out to those customers with your local review page link and ask them to review you.

Do not overdo this one and I recommend you only send to those with a gmail or google address otherwise you’ll get a load of people asking how to sign up to google

12. Page Speed Insights

Sort out page speed issues; a very small ranking factor

For my next 2 tactics, you ned to change your Chrome browser settings

Google – Settings – Search Settings – Turn Off Safe Search – display 100 results

13. Drop My Link

Let’s say I want to find potential backlink resources for my travel insurance client.

I could use a tool like this to identify ‘resource pages”

Now because I set my browser to show 100 results and I quickly collect these urls to start my link building campaign efforts

14. SERPS – Redux
With SERPS Redux, I add to my toolbar and I can scrap these 100 urls.

How to do SEO for a website || Get backlinks from web directories to rank high in google

How to do SEO for a website || Get backlinks from web directories to rank high in google
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Website design enhancement (Search Engine Optimization) instructional exercise for amateurs. In this video, you will take in all the important SEO methods to rank your sites high in Google web search tool. All the preparation is given in a well ordered beginner cordial way.
A perfect guide for any individual who is new to the web and wouldn’t like to spend incalculable hours hopping starting with one site then onto the next attempting to locate the privilege SEO data!
I will clarify all the fundamental nuts and bolts by enhancing my site, and through instructive slides so you can likewise do same at home.
What Is SEO?
Site improvement comprises on the way toward advancing your sites pages so they can better rank on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the catchphrases you’re focusing on.
Why Should You SEO?
In case you’re hoping to get free, profoundly intrigued guests to your site from the web search tools then you should figure out how to SEO. In addition, in the event that you cherish the possess an aroma similar to cash in the morning then there’s no better way!
What Is a Keyword?
A catchphrase or search query is anything you write in Google’s pursuit box so you can discover more data about a particular point in the posting of important sites they give.
How to Rank High On Google?
Throughout the years, a considerable measure of components have changed with regards to SEO. Google is significantly more strict in the substance they rank high in their web search tool. Also, you can no longer accomplish great outcomes in a matter of couple of months with another site. Therefore, SEO is a long haul interest in the movement you get to your site.
However, there are a couple key components that will make you succeed on the web, and have a site, which will stand the trial of times these are:
– Always give high caliber and significant substance
– Constantly consider client encounter
– Initially, fabricate your image in online networking systems
On the off chance that you construct your site around these thoughts, you will assuredly make Google love your site and get their radiant gift of positioning admirably on their web crawler and accepting tones of movement.
Web optimization is likewise isolated in two sections and I’ll give you tips so you can perform well on both. This incorporates:
On-Page SEO?
All that you should do inner parts your site so you can enhance its visility in the web crawlers, for example,
– Optimizing Meta Titles, URL augmentation, Image Alt, and so forth.
Off-Page SEO?
All that you should do outside your site so you can accomplish better outcomes in Google, including:
– Marketing your site in web-based social networking systems, gatherings, websites and a great deal more…

Miami Beach SEO Services Company | Results-Based Internet Marketing & Web Search Engine Optimization

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We are the Best Miami Beach SEO Services Company Founded in the City of Miami, Florida.

As one of the leading Miami Beach SEO services company experts in the region we are well equipped to produce SEO and internet marketing results to your business with accommodation to work with you at any budget!

We help local businesses in Miami Beach stand out with web design and by getting them on the 1st page of Google for specific keywords that will generate you free buyer traffic which is the most targeted traffic, day in and day out.

Our top Miami SEO services are benefiting companies with search engine optimization throughout the area including: Brickell, Aventura, Kendall, South Beach, Sunny Isles along with many other locations.

Consider using our Miami Beach SEO services and years of experience to get your website organically ranked on the first page of the major search engines like Google Youtube Yahoo and Bing.

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Franky Surroca
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Off Page SEO Course: How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks | Part 1 | Urdu / Hindi Tutorial

Off Page SEO Course: How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks | Part 1 | Urdu/Hindi Tutorial for creating quality do follow backlinks with web 2.0 blogs which are very effective especially when your website/blog is new or Your Money Keyword is going down so you should use web 2.0 backlink strategy as I’m going to explain.
Watch Off Page (Link Building) SEO Complete Full course in Urdu/Hindi:

Download Dofollow Web 2.0 List:

Every Kind of Website SEO is important, whether on page or off page (link building) but in term of SEO is very necessary for a website, off page SEO is also called Link Building or Backlink SEO which mean you will get dofollow/nofollow backlinks from other relevant sites / blogs.
In this video series you will learn complete SEO include off Page and on page which is also called link building or backlinking SEO along with keyword research and many more SEO Tips and Tricks which will boost your SEO ranking, This complete video tutorials will be for beginners and Intermediate level learner and even some expert can watch too.
Let me explain what is SEO/search engine optimization?
Well, SEO Stand for search engine optimization which mean it’s all about Google algorithm and algorithm mean some rules which should be follow for every blog/website owner in order to get good ranking or at least in order to keep your website in Google for long term.

Little bit about my SEO Urdu Tutorials:
As you know there are lot of SEO tutorials but there are very less or even not useful seo tutorials in urdu/hindi language and many of new SEO learner are in trouble just because of they don’t understand english seo tutorials.
That’s the main and last reason why I create SEO Tutorial Series in Urdu/Hindi Language.

Please subscribe on “Urdu/Hindi Tutorials” Channel for more update tutorials:

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►”Urdu/Hindi Tutorials” Best Courses List.!
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Domain Research Course:

On Page SEO Complete Course:

Most Useful Tips Tutorials:

Web Designers Austin | Search Engine Optimization | ATX Web Designs Marketing Agency TX

Corespeed Gym is an athletic and adult fitness training center based in Round Rock, Texas. They train athletes at every high school in Williamson County, and many in Travis County. They are an ATX Web Designs client.

We are some of the leading Austin web design companies with expert web designers, developers & digital marketing specialists. When we design our client’s website we focus on all aspects of web design as well as search engine optimization & other digital marketing factors to help increase leads, create conversions and put more profit in your pocket.