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How to win with featured snippets | International SEO

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Izzi Smith, SEO Manager at Sixt, talks about featured snippets and how to make the most of them.

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(00:28) Why should businesses be thinking about featured snippets? Why are featured snippets so important for SEO?

(01:14) Some queries and some types of content are more suited to appearing in featured snippets than others. Where should you start when trying to determine which webpages or types of content to focus on optimising for featured snippets?

(02:56) One concern that some businesses have regarding featured snippets is that if they give people the answer in the search results, then these people are not going to visit the website. This is a problem because the purpose of websites is to get people to visit them and generate conversions. How can businesses use featured snippets without them stopping all their website traffic?

(04:02) What about the actual content itself that goes into the featured snippet? What do you need to be doing differently on your webpages to inform the search engines that this content could work well in a featured snippet?

(05:12) Position zero is a coveted spot! There is only one featured snippet for every keyword so it is quite competitive. What can people do to ensure they have an edge over their competitors and end up in position zero?

(06:44) What about if you’re doing this on an international scale, targeting different countries and different languages? Have you seen any differences in the way featured snippets work internationally?

(08:08) Sixt has seen good results with featured snippets. What kind of success rate have you seen and what impact has it had on your business and conversions?

(09:58) How can you track whether you are appearing in featured snippets?

(11:19) What are your top tips for businesses wanting to optimise for featured snippets?

Tips For Rolling Out An International Mobile Site | International SEO

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Liang Chen from RS Components joins us to discuss the SEO secrets behind launching a successful mobile site. We talk about the various SEO tactics that can be used to make sure that your site is visible in mobile results and the different ways in which a mobile presence can be achieved. Liang also talks about the different attributes from different search engines that have to be considered to be successful on a global level.

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(00:20) A global mobile website rollout is something you’ve done recently at RS Components. What was the reason for doing that?
(01:11) What criteria did you take into account when deciding how to structure your mobile website?
(02:18) Once you decided on your approach and are starting to build your mobile website, what are the main things to ensure you get right?
(03:18) You have to make sure that Google knows which version of your website is for desktop and which version is for mobile. How do you do that?
(04:16) When you are rolling a mobile website out globally, you need to take into considering more search engines than just Google. What extra things do you need to think about when you’re targeting other search engines like Baidu or Yandex?
(05:36) With any rollout, the key is to not cause any disruption to your website and your users. What steps can you put in place to make the rollout process as quick and efficient as possible?
(07:24) How quickly do you see results from a global mobile website rollout?
(08:25) On an ongoing basis, once you’ve rolled out your global website and it’s live, what do you need to keep on top of it and make sure that it continues to perform properly?

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