The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong! Learn What The Real “Rule To Success Is” And Why!

Malcom Gladwell popularized the idea that you need to apply 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to gain mastery of something… But this is false. The truth? This video reveals it all!!

In this video you will learn why this is wrong and what the real approach needs to be in order for you to create the success you desire.

In the video I mention a study I thought was from Harvard that proved scientifically that Malcom Gladwell’s theory is wrong. I was incorrect, it is from Princeton, not Harvard!

Here is the study that debunks the 10,000 hour rule, to quote my source:

Really, the key lies in experimentation, not just the amount of time invested.

If you are trying the same thing that doesn’t work and you simply apply ‘deliberate practice’ to a flawed approach… You will simply waste a ton of your time.

The key is to experiment with different approaches, ideas, niches, strategies, etc… Continued experimentation is how you pivot and evolve your approach to where you ultimately find your unique process to creating value in the lives of others.

Maybe you experiment with drop-shipping first… Realize it is a race to the bottom and over-saturated with rubbish products… Then you adapt.

You experiment with several of my top 10 online business models as shown here:

Then, you decided to build a list and start marketing information as an affiliate… This gets you to start content marketing where you experiment with writing blog posts on WordPress, creating YouTube videos and a podcast…

Turns out you love writing blog posts, so you keep at it… Then you start to experiment with your titles. Focusing on getting them more compelling and search engine friendly.

You experiment with your layout and adding keywords to make the posts more SEO optimized.

You experiment with adding pop ups over your blog posts like I show here:

Now you have a list growing!

So you start experimenting with different opt in give-aways through split testing like I show here:

From here you keep the content marketing machine going because it is giving you DATA that PROVES it is working… And you experiment with email marketing… You start experimenting with different email marketing approaches as explained here:

And so on and so forth, the path to success appears!

Now, the best part is that I’m able to share with you my results from my 10,000+ experiments that I’ve run in finding my path to success with my online business.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to experiment, too… Because your path to success will be unique from mine.

You are a unique person… You have a unique upbringing, unique family, unique education and professional experiences, unique hobbies, etc.

Through experimentation you will find how all of those unique aspects of YOU can be combined and applied with the marketing and entrepreneurial tactics I teach here to ultimately offer value and service to an audience who you can help.

You will eventually find your unique path to success… As long as you keep experimenting and keep pushing forward!

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  • Good rational argumentation. i was just wondering btw, when you do your experiments, do you note the results somewhere? Like an excel file etc?

  • I totally agree with this. Success comes way earlier if you love what you do, are motivated and do proper tactics and plan. I know lot of people " achieving " 10k hours of the same bullshit over and over and getting anywhere. You can't get anywhere doing that!

  • Thanks Miles!!! Totally needed to hear this today. I've been down the last couple weeks and this helped me realize that I am on the right path to success. Thanks again!!

  • I totally agree. It's strategic learning or mastering a skill. By modeling the right kind of people you can dramatically reduce getting from zero o success. (IMO)

  • 10,000 hour idea does stem from solid research, it’s just not what Gladwell made it out to be. Read Anders Ericsson, the originator of the idea. His point wasn’t that 10k hours will make you an expert, rather than masters of any discipline happen to have accumulated on average 10k hours of deliberate practice on their craft. To your point, it’s basically worthless information in that you can absolutely become proficient at a skill with hard work and the right approach in far less than 10k hours and you can also waste 10k hours and not be any better at the skill. Read ‘Peak’ by Anders Ericsson.

  • miles as always all real no sugar coated. I can only imagine how busy you are. ive been at it for a few months. when its just yourself going petal to the metal it is insane. learning how to tweek html and css to make what you want, dealing with multiple sites and cpanel . reading and watching your sermons, taking notes.signing up for afilliate programs , building sites seo it is a lot of work man.I would like to tell you followers to stick with one teacher who has proven himself to know to never squat with your spurs on. if you try to absorb all the info on youtube you will be confussed . keep it as simple and clean as possible, forget all the fancy website hoopla and focus on neat and seo correct websites or your wasteing your time . miles I am a fan brother . I wish you and your better half all the blessing you guys deserve . i will be happy as cowboy with a new horse when you are one of the bigest multi million doallar guru on the planet. I have no doubt you are going to get there sonner than you think.

  • When I read about the Rule, what I understand is that you have to spent 10,000 hours to master something, in another words, you have to practice, you have to learn, to try, to gain experience …
    If some "think" that he will achieve the success making a hole in the ground, and he spend 10,000 doing it, surely he going to be an excellent hole digger!! No a successful businessman.
    Therefore, I do not agree with you about The Rule is wrong. So,
    Is the 10,000 Rule in several times misused or misunderstood …? Absolutely yes!!!

  • Is this true with videos. I am on #9 and you have inspired me. Should the background change or just get more out first. I have tried every day but missed one or two.

  • Hi Miles, you have dozens of Facebook Ads videos on your channel, for which I admire you and thank you for. However, for someone like me who is on the verge of creating his very first FB Ad, which video do you recommend watching first? Thanks!

  • Miles, I appreciate how you take time to comment and even answer a question. I wanted to say one last word on this type of income. "We are a Blessed group of people Simply because we are not bound to one address or state or even Country." Our job is in our head and heart. One of the most valued benefits is Freedom to roam. no matter where we are we can make a living. Even with the 16 hour days ,I wouldnt do anything else. its like legal gambling only with the right tools and mindset, We are the house for once. We have great odds.

  • Miles- great lesson but just wanted to correct Edison theory, we all know Edison wasn't the one who invented the light bulb he stole ideas from Nikola Tesla and called them his own.. love your videos keep it up.

  • When making courses how do you prepare. Im in the process of doing my course but when it came to do I totally forgot. So how do you prepare? Its my first one.

  • I love This Topic Miles. Yesterday I read a part of the book One Thing and in this book the author talks also about 10 000 hours and I didin't agree with him. In the past, by reading outliers, i agreed with 10 000 hours. Before this reflection (yesterday) my goal is to do for exemple dropshipping or affiliate marketing (by "hustle" like everybody says) but the true it's very hard to do right thing in this area to make money online even if you are working hard. That's why I decided to make money "fast" by selling wordpress and marketing strategies to integrate as fast as possible a Good mastermind or hire a Coach to do right thing in business in general. The key is to be surronded by successful people to not execute in the wrong way and lose a lot of time.

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