The Bold And The Beautiful Bill Has Threatened Wyatt’s Future Best Seo Company

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  • Like i say Liam always goes back to seffy but if i was him i would not because look what seffy did to Liam sleep with hes dad she didn't have to Run to Bill if she loved Liam so i say go for it Hope

  • You think Brooke and Taylor sparing over their daughters is going to impress advertisers? Naw..I don't think so. MORE feuding between Hope and Steffy over " Lame" Liam? (Yawn). Steffy signed annulment papers and she and Liam BOTH need to move on…(as do the producers). Wishy washy Wyatt needs to decide what is most important to him. Playing this game of Russian Roulette.. around with Katie and still feeling a need to be Bill's lap dog in order to gain power and control of Spencer is a dangerous game he's playing. He may just end up losing Katie AND his position as Heir Apparent. B&B runs the risk of losing their audience AND sponsors during the May sweeps if they continue to drag down this dull/ boring over travelled path

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