The Bold And The Beautiful Bill Sh00t Revealed Next Week Episodes Best Seo Company

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  • Wyatt loved steffy so much y isn't he going to her n asking her if what bill said is true! y is everyone just letting bill win? I'm fed up!

  • All this going back and forth is sickness. Y is Bill still trying to get his sons wife.its just sick.

  • I am to the point where I am going to quit watching until Steffy And Liam gets back together! I hate Bill's fucking guts right now! I hope that Taylor shoots Bill again and kills him dead!

  • I wonder wen Liam find out the truth way he going do smh he didn't even listen to his wife…… As far way I see he deserve hope both of dem just pretensive d same look wen u choose Sally ova steffy if it wasn't for him non of dis wouldn't have rite now I done with bold n it stupid storyline

  • Get rid of that nasty hope she needs to think about her nasty mother all the men she has slept with please help steffy get back together and i dont care who shoot follar bill but make sure that he is faving the person so they can get him real good

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