The Bold And The Beautiful Justin Has Been a Mistake Call Doctor Best Seo Company

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  • Justin just kissing bill butt what ever bill tell Justin to do something's he do it he act like he can't think for his self he works for him I Hope they find out

  • They gonna make me stop watching if they pull that switch baby mess and there was no need to bring irritating Taylor whining self

  • Come on people as rich as the Foresters are stephy.. have any secret paternity test she wants and Bill would never know. she can get the truth if some doctor called me and told me they fucked up I wouldn't ask them to test me again I go somewhere else and not tell crazy dollar bill…I hate the story line it sucks.. yeah yeah yeah I know it's a lame ass soap.

  • Well am done with B&B too much evil in the world and to watch something I enjoy and seeing the same thing sorry but I have enough of bill and hope. Stupid

  • Justin shouldn't! What people do for money! Plan could work for now. Few years down road or baby gets sick, real daddy willbsurface!!

  • Some people when they fall in love will do anything and everything to have it. In the end, it doesn't work out

  • Damn dollar bill has really lost it. Damn it's your son's wife , you are so evil. The truth will come out . Damn, I hope not a when the baby turn one.

  • So right I am pulling away from it, don't like it anymore,, watch extender it's a good one nothing like B&B

  • I want hope with liam so bad they belong together not him & steffy. But i dont want him with hope based on a lie; i always truly thought the baby would be bills hoped it would be but truly be his not justin getting the doctor to lie & say it's bills when baby really liams. Liam gonna miss out on bonding with his daughter & naming her . she's gonna think bill her father & liam her brother. Just wrong come on justin get a backbone i understand u & bill r close but he really just uses u to do his dirty work justin bill lap dog he doesn't have common sense to see it. / come on B&B get better writers; bill got wyatt believing he & steffy r still having sex ofcourse justin helped with that i mean stoop so low to get your sons wife come on just sick


  • All Steffy did to get the test done was bring two samples of hair from each potential father’s hair brush. It could have easily had been compromised

  • I totally agree . Hope is making me sick and so is messing with paternity results . In today’s day in age we need to make sure Dads are involved in their child’s life it’s not a joke ….children need to be honoured now matter how brief they are in this world …. so I just don’t like where the story is going with this . Stop this dumb love triangle stuff it’s ok for Liam to immediately turn on steffy and want to be with hope more yet everyone has to come begging to him to just take Liam he was not really helping her through her pregnancy which is quite in humane . Anyway, the reason Ron Moss left, it’s getting ridiculous and is not suitable with the times anymore to see this kind of manipulation and love triangles

  • This is getting so ridiculous!!! It's like the writers think we are so stupid! I'm getting to the point that I don't even want to watch anymore! If they let Bill get away with this crap I'm over it I'll stop watching! I used to couldn't wait to see the next one but it's getting to the point that it really doesn't matter anymore! I could do a better job writing this shit then the writers do! I just sick and tired of them letting Bill get away with EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Justin is a high paid RAT in a suit , he helps Bill do horrible things and then he tells him it's wrong

  • I'm like Joe ,I'm over B&B. They fall in and out of lust like ? Forever only lasts about 2 weeks at the most but the final straw is Bill sending his yesman to tell a Dr. to change a paternity test just because Bill wants it? I don't think so. Bye bye B&B

  • Bold and the beautiful is getting boring with the same story. Stephanie and Liam needs to have the baby and raise it together. Hope had her turn with Liam. The same pregnancy story when steffy lost the baby. Oh come on.. End the story with Bill and steffy already.

  • Justin is getting on my nerves to he is nothing but a lap dog a puppet and Bill is pulling his Strings as well I hope for everything that Bill and Justin gets what coming to them they both should be lock up in the Booney farm and throw away the key caused now u want to mess with an innocent child because Steffy don't want his sorry pathetic behind he is going way to far

  • And if that doctor go along with Bill scheme she need her license taken away and never work or practice medicine again if she is that easy to menniupulate I would not want her for my doctor

  • yes you're right I figured that one out a while ago that bill will do something with his ugly sneaky ways to make it look like Steffy baby is his baby. I'm tired of him he makes me sick. he's a evil evil evil man. I wish that Liam will snap out of it. Steffy did something very wrong to her husband but I do feel bad about her. we all make a mistake every now and then and life I'm hoping that everything works out with her and her husband. hope needs to go somewhere and sit down.

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