The Video I Send To COLD Prospects To Get New SEO/SMMA Customers

In the previous videos, I explained a technique used by many SEO’s including Darryl Rosser – In this video I show you how I record these videos and exactly what I say in them to get a response from the client


The video mainstream marketers don’t want you to watch:

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  • Thanks, everyone for watching – I know videos can be hard. Please leave a "comment" below with your questions about the video so I can answer them individually 🙂 Happy Monday

  • Hi. When you mention URL structure ….. If I change a page name should I 301 redirect the original page name to the new one I create?

  • Hey Ruan! Quick Question! Do you ever work and send emails to potential clients outside of where you live? Do you try and work with businesses outside of your state/city?

  • Helo, ruan first of all i am entirely grateful for the video. But does this work? i mean even if i get 500$ a month i d more than happy

  • Thanks for the video Ruan very helpful. Recently a friend told a local cookie company that he works for about me. That I’m just starting out in the digital marketing business. So I was able to get the owners name and email from him he’s expecting me to contact him. I don’t know how to make a video like yours yet. What could I say? I was planning on offering google my business optimization, directory optimization and Facebook ads. I went with those cause I believe from looking at his site he needs. Should I just send something along those lines?

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