Top 10 On Page SEO Plays in 2018 (Backed by Data)

We studied 2 million random keyword searches and share the top on-page SEO strategies to boost your organic Google rankings (backed by data).

Have you ever wondered if the on page SEO techniques experts recommend work? Sam Oh breaks down key points from our research study and provides actionable takeaways so you can learn how to optimize your website for search.

You’ll also learn about some highly praised on page Google ranking factors that showed negative correlation in our study (and what you should do instead).

Here are 10 of the on page ranking factors we covered:

10. use short URLs for your pages.
9. Use your primary keyword in your URL
8. Use your keyword in the headline (H1 tag)
7. Add external links to authoritative websites
6. Add internal links to pages that you want to rank.
5. Re-optimize titles on underperforming page 1 rankings
4. Create in-depth articles
3. Use modifiers in your titles
2. Don’t have slow loading pages
1. Improve UX by enhancing UI.

You can see our full research study here:

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  • Sir, I have a Jokes, Whatsapp Status website. How can I manage my H2 Tags and How to Proper SEO of my website???? Please give some Ideas……
    I hope you will Suggest me….

    Thanks for this video

  • Sir I have a another question….
    I am thinking to made 40 different social media platforms Profile with my website URL and I am sharing my post regularly…..

    Question one:-
    My website is 3 moths old. This types of links can increase my website DR????

    Question two:-
    Can I rank fast on google???

    please answer… Or How can I make links to increase my DR and Ranking also…

  • Great stuff as always. These videos are night and day different from Ahrefs earlier content… keep going. I have a very similar post on my channel 15 Blogging Tips that mostly talk about on page SEO factors. I won't link out of respect, but thought it was funny that a lot of tips are exactly what you guys have pointed out. So at least I'm doing something right!

  • Honestly one of the best SEO videos I have ever watched, holy hot damn! I was hoping that the last one would be SSL, and while I know that Chrome is displaying warnings about that shortly, it’s more secure, blah blah, would love to see some data based feedback. Anything on that?

  • Отличная подборка! Молодцы!
    Для yandex тоже это всё работает.

  • Ещё надо бы добавить про переменные в тайтл и дескрипшен. Например, у вас интернет-магазин. Цена в тайтл должна быть всегда актуальной. Тогда тайтл должен быть динамическим.
    Пользуемся этим на проекте.

  • Sam Your Killing it! BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! Sam is a keeper. He does such an amazing job. He's entertaining, video editing is great, and expert knowledge!

  • Wonderful video as always, Sam!

    The only thing that sucks is that I'll have to wait for another week for the next one!

  • Thanks for an amazing post as usual. As a SEO specialist the only concern I have about getting the most out of these videos, is that I kinda have to purchase a subscription to AHREFS to get access to the tools in the video. $99/month is way too much for me as a freelancer, so does anyone know a way around this? Thanks

  • Hey! I love your software and often refer to it on my channel a ton! I would love to have you on for an interview 🙂 how can we go about this?

  • Please make stright forward video without making it lengthy….

    I mean so many animations like showing "YES" or "NO" is not making any sense

  • Not sure if anyone else bothered to reference your link, but your data was collected over two years ago. I’m no SEO expert, but doesn’t Google amend their SEO annually? For example, Google emphasized CTR will play a more prominent role this year. Tons of other experts cite this, yet your study mentions nothing about it. I just don’t understand why a two-year old study is utilized for something that gets modified so frequently.

  • There weren't any techniques I wasn't aware of and haven't used but I was surprised at the data behind some of these. It was an interesting video, thanks!

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