Top Free SEO Tools Part 2

SEO is king and it is the perfect strategy that not only increases traffic but also leads to the optimizations that bring in organic traffic. There are varied tools available that can deliver on SEO management but their workability depends on what a marketer is targeting.
Google Trends

Maximizing on the potential of SEO requires understanding market trends while checking changes in search volume and search terms and this is exactly what Google Trends offers.

Google Search Console

This is an amazing tool to target in 2017 mainly because it makes it possible to point out crawling errors and also influence appearance.


Marketers targeting a collective SEO performance where it is possible to structure on-page metrics and measure responsiveness should focus on SEOptimizer as the choice tool.


A high-ranking SEO tool to utilize in 2017 is LinkMiner as it structures link building at an advanced setting as well as facilitating a sequence for checking links.


2017 must see marketers utilize Moonsy as a choice tool for SEO since with it, it is possible to track Blog keywords and at the same time check rankings which provides a wholesome SEO management platform.

Google Analytics

This tool is vigilant when it gets to providing data on SEO elements and monitoring overall interaction that the select elements have with the site.


Checking page load speeds, managing and diagnosing the website while making it user friendly has never been easy as it is when using GTMetrics and it therefore stands as the tool to target in 2017.

Google Alerts

A simple yet effective tool in SEO, Google Alerts stands to be a powerful element in 2017 when it comes to tracking and identifying every mention of a brand or the select keywords.

Google Optimize

When it comes to testing variations and the structuring of a system for the improvement of a site, Google Optimize is the best SEO tool to utilize with its ease of use and utility feature.

SEO Powersuite

This tool is very effective when it comes to tracking rank and auditing websites to identify the elements that are working seamlessly and those that are not delivering the desired traffic.

SEO Site Checkup

One of the standout tools that experienced and beginners can use effectively, SEO Sire Checkup offers usability checks including capturing security measures and revealing speed optimizations to maximize upon.

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