Why Don’t Old Games Work on New Computers?

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Why can it be such a challenge to get older games to work on new computers – even ones built for gaming?

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  • I say BS To this video, why cause I can run a load of old games on my computer without any hassle. I can play Dungeon Keeper, The sims and AOE easily.

  • linux + wine sometimes makes games run that won't on windows. hilarious to me. i think fallout 3 was more stable in wine than in windows 7

  • Here I am laughing my ass off since the goldsrc engine can still run on 64 bit PC's, even with mods like cry of fear (which have INSANE graphics for a engine made in 1998)

  • MicroSoft decided not to support SECDRV.SYS so MW4 won't read that CD to let the licenses load.

  • I had performance issues with Far Cry 1 while playing on my 4 core CPU while it didn't really hurt any graphics or frame rate it apparently has the AI processes EXTREMELY quickly on this CPU and allows the AI to shoot through walls while at the same time being 99% accurate. The only way I was about to fix it was either playing in a lower resolution (resolution change from 1080 to 360 even 720 has the AI shooting through walls) or limiting CPU cores down to 1.

    BUT for anyone who wants a challenge in Far Cry 1 play it with multiple cores even 2 is enough to allow the AI to shoot through walls with extreme accuracy.

    P.S. I was playing on the Steam version of Far Cry and highly doubt the uPlay version would be any better.

  • I play my old games on a XP PC that runs games up to 2005 and now i want to build a DOS PC. The Real Deal nothing else.

  • One of the reasons why I have a gaming pc is that I could be able to play my old games. And yet these games don't work. I bought a lot of old games on steam and have trouble runniing them. I wish I could buy a PS2 and play all my old games that way. I can't even play GTA san andreas without the game crashing every time.

  • i can play cs1.6, quake, gta 3, vice city, all those games from back then 2003 or older are still supported on my pc (windows 10 with latest updates, 7100 3.9ghz, gtx1050, 16gb ddr4 2600)

  • That's why if it's not on Steam or GOG I don't play it. Just about everything they have will play on anything from XP to W10 just fine since it's been recoded/re-released from the original CD/DVD version (though it sucks having to buy a game you already have the CD for again, even if it is only $2). Backward compatibility is a nice thing to build into your games and OS's, but it's also smart to keep that old 32-bit 98/XP rig as backup for multiple reasons, nostalgia when backward compatibility is broken or ignored being the most minor.

  • For reasons like that i prefer to search an open source alternative to play older games, beign Doom 1 and 2 the best example of that

  • this is why i have a dual boot pc with windows XP always on the back burner to play my older games.

  • i call bull on this generation of PC gaming…
    even if the native retail didn't work, if GOG gets an hand at those oldies it will work.
    Except if those games had SecuROM (THANKS EA!!!!) but even then a cracked SecuROM games WILL WORK.

    Also yes i remembered that time where the DOS games are doomed (heh, heh) thanks to the looming XP era. And then came DosBOX. And Source Ports.

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