WordPress SEO Series Part 1

Today we continue our affiliate SEO series!

Here they are:

Search Console CTR optimization

Cognitive SEO Content Analyzer

Buzzsumo Content

Download Competitor Links

Download Competitor Keywords

Get Citations

Create a survey and use Adwords to advertise it (basically buying expert content)

Create GMB and drive pleper reviews

User intent cross checking through search results and SEO tools like AHREFS

Repurposed Content Via slide commentary


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  • Hey, man congrats again on 10k sub. keep up the good work bro!

    A note about the home page dup content, As long as using a canonical link then Google will see it as a reference to another post and not dup content. it actually acts as a backlink for your post, just don't target the main keywords from the blog to the post otherwise this will confuse google robots. Seems like Google is dropping sites who use dup keywords on multiple pages and posts, it's just like another form of keyword stuffing.

    I feel for you working on your own site, I hate working on my own site

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